War of the sexes in official team

BOFTHESFor quite some time the official team is in “internal war” for power and positions. In this war, the sex of the person behind the avatar plays a great part. The diverse nature of internal wars has frustrated efforts to develop an overall means of settling them. This war started after VGM[Bella] was promoted to team leader. Many of the VGMs didn’t agree with this decision and didn’t want to have a 19 years old girl to be their boss ( I understand this…when you have over 25 +, work, have a family, have studies, it is hard to accept this kind of compromise ). I receive lots of mails with many complains about VGM[Bella] behavior after she was install on the ‘throne’ of team leader.

She was promoted because of her forum activities, not because of her work as VGM.

She was in probation period shorter than any VGM around here, like her friend VGM [Serena]. VGM[Serena] aka Shadowcat, the one you wrote about, stayed in probation period only 1-2 weeks, most of us made 1, 2 months. They both have GMs support.

I feel I am not treat equal, some gets all GM support, some none. Those bimbos (girls – they are not woman) have GMs support because they suck to them big time, fill their heads with stupid stuffs.

VGM[Bella] start to order us around and told us with irony: “if you don’t like it, leave it or retreat”. I can’t stand this anymore. Who is she ? Nobody in VGM team heard about her or what she did before becoming the head of the team. In 2 weeks she was promoted to Bardo VGM lead than team leader of VGMs. She didn’t do nothing for VGM team, just moderate the forum, before she was promoted. Since when a moderator can be a VGM?

And because we didn’t have enough, now 2 new (old) stars arrived : VGM[Ivy] aka mystwyze, who came after 1 year and start bossing  us ( her period was over 1 year ago, wth wants now? ) and VGM[Shadow] aka Gambit.


Oh yes, this is very interesting . Now we deal with 3 polls of power, 3 camps :

– the old VGMs, who don’t want to accept VGM[Bella] as their leader for various reasons, one of them being the lack of experience as leader, no major projects, just quarrels because of GMs back-ups;

– VGM[Bella] with VGM[Serena], controlled by drakenfyre75 and the weak ones with no ideas, projects, debates, point of view, the ones that accepts what they are order around;

– mystwyze, the new poll of power, used to command the things when she was the head of moderators , the one that will fight a lot over the leadership.

So, VGM[Bella] I suggest you to stop what are you doing now and to try focus on players, try focus on how others will accept you, because till now you failed as leader. I didn’t want to write about you on this blog, I wanted to give you a chance to prove yourself, but from all the mails,  I see that you are not on the right track. mystwyze in the end will try to reclaim her lost power and the last fight will be with VGM[Bella]. Yes, there is no woman solidarity as you can see, just a power struggle…

I will be here to have fun and watch it till the end. Who wants to bet ?  VGM[Bella] , VGM[Ivy] or another leader that will overcome both ?


25 responses to “War of the sexes in official team

  1. Well Bella is just a kid that thinks she has power, well Bellla newsflash for you:


    Like i said to Bella earlier, get some experience in real life before you try to fill this position.

  2. mystwyze is back on VGM character ? why moderators are VGMs ?VGM Bella is moderator? they are bored of the forum ? loz, these people have no limits.

  3. Bella will never be accepted , her only quality is to suck up. mystwyze must understand that her ages of power are domed, it is over for her.

  4. i bet on another leader. Bella and mystwyze need to be exterminated from official team. all VGM team must be exterminated.

  5. Well Chick ur actually right for this one.

    All those VGM’s think they can makew a difference, but one thing you need when you become a GM is ignorance.

  6. I know of one coalition of old Vgms against the unwanted elements like Bella, Ivy, Serena. they make bad image for Vgm team.they will not accept Bella and they show it so Bella now tries to make them quit. It is lame, I know.

  7. Some of the moderators post their applications for VGM team, I sow it. Some were accepted, some no. A hate between them was created. moderators and VGMs have to be separated.a moderator is a moderator and a VGM si a VGM why to make 2 jobs bad when you can make one good. All reduces to power, as you guys mention on this blog many times. They fight for power.

  8. you are older than Verse, i see you know them well.
    what about VGM Tears ? he could fill it.his name is better above Bella.

  9. Most of this article is based on leeches so what you see is what you get and it is real. A virtual battle is not like a real one but gets similar in some points as goals, measures, strategy and manipulation. All in, we will have some new order after this will be finished.

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