[VGM]Raxion: 3xp the lack of communication between GM’s

Oh yea, he said it :



dantes-inferno-detailsFor quite some time, to show us how busy VGM team is, they start to answer the players questions. But , in their quest for publicity and fame they answer foolish. VGM[Raxion] said : failed events are GMs fault because of communications problems between them. Raxion you know what you just said ? You just said that GMs don’t do their job properly. You guys don’t cover up ? I think this one was a miss.

For example a while back on bardo lucky cricket, event started 30 minute’s later then usual, during the event was a switch between GM’s. The GM on duty when the event started didn’t tell the GM who came in the office after him, that the event started 30 minute’s later. So it shut down on the regular time, instead of 30 minute’s later like it should have been because normally the event is 2hours instead of 1h30m that they have gotten that day.

So, because GMs didn’t talk over coffee about a delay of the events, we get screw events.There is a lot of space for improvements, however a part of GM job is planning and  improvisation. How you do events without a plan ? What you said Raxion means you do events just to do it, without standards, without a plan to follow and that is bad.

And here we have the Superman of technical, VGM[Inferno]:

I am getting this map issue resolved. We are sorry for the incovenience caused.

How you solve a technical problem when you don’t have access to the server mainframe? VGMs don’t have that access, but they talk about it to show they work on it. Your answer should be :’ I am talking to the technical team or to a GM to resolve this problem. Please have more patience. We are sorry for the incovenience caused.’

And in the same rubric,coincidence or no we have what Legend call ‘Stupid, stupid people’ : deader1985.


Thank you for prooving once more that 90% of the people complaining arround here dont give a &#!@ about reading all the posts or are the worst kind of n00bs. Do you even know what a lucky cricket event is? Check it out and then complain you got 2x instead of 3x at lucky cricket event. Oh and you complain that zz went down bla bla bla… what should i say with bardo liaodong beeing down??? Try lvl-ing up a fc char in ld during events then complain about rc lvls.

Instead of making others noobs, why don’t you make yourself first. I tell you why .You said to check up the rubric about lucky cricket event (2x, 3x), but you didn’t read what princesse22, the OP said in her rubric :

you guys make an announcement saying “The event tonigh will be a 3xp”

Yes, ‘noob’ was an announcement about 3x. So what if he or she complains about zz map? Because he or she was on zz map at 2x you think the character must be RL level ? I went many time on zz map at 2x to buff players and I am hermit level. You guys never learn that we can complain even you make 100 false avatars and post 100 bad words to stop it. deader1985 check your signature :

HI ! I am ******** and i am an ALCOHOLIC
Girl: “Polly wants a cracker?”
Parrot: “Polly wants your mommas’ sweet a s s!!!”
My Second Coming May 2009

You break the rules. See, I complain also.


41 responses to “[VGM]Raxion: 3xp the lack of communication between GM’s

  1. Because VGM don’t communicate better we suffer or that was made up to make us feel better. Blame the GMs.

    “And here we have the Superman of technical, VGM[Inferno]”

  2. if something is not right we have all the right to complain.VgmS before answering must take some training hours.

  3. Hmm if i read raxion his post he only give’s a reason why THAT event failed and not why the other events failed …. to be honest i like your blog i always having fun reading it but you get all your info from EX vgm’s with hard feelings and yourself . to be honest i dont think that info isnt based on facts .

    for example : if i have a figth with some i will always talk negative things about that person and mayb make the story worser then it is.

    greet only reading!

    • My informations are not base on one source of informations. Many people mail me with different informations. Acclaim can’t be a source of informations when comes to VGM team because in reality VGM team does not exist. If you have others you should start mail me too.

      Raxion gave an example and we can generalize or minimize. This time, I have to thanks Raxion for sharing a reason why some of events fails. I just show him that he made a mistake from Acclaim point of view and maybe that will cost him.

  4. Let’s appreciate [VGM]Raxion sincerity. Even he didn’t want to sound like it, he said something : lack of communication. Lack of communication is the way to live in acclaim and official team. They like to gossip more than helping players.

    I like the new look of the blog. Wonderful job.

    • It’s not a mistake from Raxion. It might be a mistake in the eyes off Acclaim. But to be honest i think they can see what he is doing. With that little bit of info he posted he communicated to you all and all accepted it without flaming or anything. Raxion doesnt really care what acclaim thinks as i can see from his posts, but still stays professional and doing his job. If you look at another post off him, you can clearly see he even tells what GM are doing all day in the hope people might understand things better.

      This way the community knows what is going on and can accept it. Maybe in the future we will see more communication between the official staff, the VGM’s and the players. If it does i think this can become a really great game with a great community like it used to be.

      • Enforcer you said what Buddha said in short terms. Because of what Raxion said a GM can loose his place where he works ( he looks irresponsible and not able to do his job right) but VGMs don’t loose nothing if they are out of official team. I agree on the thought that the communication must be improve, but not passing the guild from one to another.

  5. As far as I remember from my English lessons, “I’m getting something done” is very close to “I’m having something done”, only a bit more forward, aggressive. It does not however imply who will actually do the “something” as we are more interested in the result. Without further context, we can assume that it either means “I’m doing it” or “I’m making sure somebody else does it”. But since we do have the context – VGM not being able to actually fix anything, I’m sure Inferno meant “I’m having a GM look into it and solve it”.

    Appart from that, I found the article quite entertaining. OMG, I wish my English teacher could see me now 😀

    • myste don\’t you think we already pass the english teaching phase ? I already finish university so please don\’t make me return again to high school. The reality is that VGM Inferno should have choose better words to communicate with players. Remember some players are still 13, they don\’t know \’metaphores\’ and \’epithets\’. You said right : VGM could meant… but in his phase it is written : \”I am getting this map issue resolved\”. \” I am\” = ME.

    • myste don\’t you think we already pass the english teaching phase ? I already finished university so please don\’t make me return again to high school. The reality is that VGM Inferno should have choose better words to communicate with players. Remember some players are still 13, they don\’t know \’metaphores\’ and \’epithets\’. You said right : VGM could meant… but in his phase it is written : \”I am getting this map issue resolved\”. \” I am\” = ME.

      • http://www.edufind.com/ENGLISH/GRAMMAR/Pass3.cfm

        If you goolge I am getting something done, you will come across more explanations. If I say “I am having my hair cut tomorrow”, does that mean I’m cutting in myself, just because I used “I am”? One of the requerments for a VGM is advanced knowledge in English, so I don’t think it’s Inferno’s fault that his English is better than that of some players.

  6. myste don’t make me laugh more and don’t make your english teacher laugh.I think you study english with urban dictionary :

    Wrong: I am having a lovely family.

    This type of error is easy to hear in India. We use the present continuous tense in place of the present simple tense.

    Correct: I have a lovely family.

    hair cut = haircut
    Correct : Im getting my hair cut tomorrow.

    • I’m not Indian, so I’m not familiar with your grammar mistakes and I really don’t understand how does this have anything to do with the current argument. Hair cut is not the same as haircut. And…your point again?!

  7. Words can have different meanings and interpretations. vennus9d showed that. In communication we have barriers, but working to improve that is what counts.

  8. Thanks, Blur, now I got it. But in English we still say “I’m having my hair cut” – “cut” being a verb, and not “I’m having my haircut”. At least now I understand who he meant when he said “some players are still 13, they don\’t know \’metaphores\’ and \’epithets\’.”

  9. Exactly. I am not going to debate further something without sense. Even you search on google you will know what I talk about.

  10. You dont say, maybe his post about him having a LM 4 slot saber gave it away on the forum. Or the part that he is only on Asura and Nirvana because you cant be a VGM on the server your main is. Unless they are short handed during events.

    Come with some info people cant get from the forum before posting stuff like that.

    I’ll give you something you dont know. His main is Black Clan HD Warrior, but he also has white chars and is neutral when it comes to black and white clans. Think the author of this blog already know who his main is, because ex-vgm zion has send info about the entire nirvana team to sedbona. Atleast i think he send all info because info on Manic is already posted and zion said that he would give the data on manic, raxion and phoenix.

    • Dear VGM, didn’t they tell you you should never uncover VGMs? If Manic had any chance of convincing people that the info here is wrong and she is not Kitty, you just ruined that… Well done is all I can say!

  11. Enforcer even you are a VGM, you still don’t know who you speak with. I know that Destiny has some VGMs in official team even I am not Zion. You think only Zion can give informations on VGM team ? I know Raxion character, the HD, starts with K.

  12. Every VGM and ex-VGM can give information about the others. But most of them simply wont. Only people who have a grudge against acclaim staff or 1 person in the acclaim staff wil do it. I am also a VGM yes, but still i dont betray my friends.

    Most probably already know which VGM i am, but i dont care. I am just here doing my job. I dont even care if my Main char gets exposed, i wont even do a name change or anything. Already talked to Nath about what would happen if i get exposed. Answer is nothing, i can simply continue my work as a VGM as long as i do it correct. Same goes for all the other VGM’s who will get exposed. So there isnt really a reason why a person would deny who that person is. It wont have any concequenses for them. I will still do my job, i applied with it for a reason so even when exposed i will do it. Not just to simply enjoy a power trip. Not all VGM are here for the status, and if you are a VGM yourself you know that yourself.

    Also as far as i know ony 2 people are left who know which char is raxion’s main who could betray him, so if you arent zion you are the other one. There are only a few who know this, and most of them wont betray him.

    • I know all VGMs characters not only from what Zion shared indirectly, I have another source who is active in the system. I got pleads everyday to don’t write about K< L< M< B< J.

      Consequences ? There are many. Players will know and you will always get treat different. You know better than me that the consequence will be the guilt for many things. Are you ready for that ? I am sure you are not.

    • Well i just think its funny Kurotiora or Enforcerer or shall i call u [VGM]Raxion.

      Anyways, like i said yes i had a grudge against acclaim, i wont deny it. Because they spreading lies about me too, saying that ive been kicked from the team? Instead of beeing kicked i left out of free will. And ofc shaking money out of ppl’s pockets for such a shitty game.

      But my grudge is gone. It helps when you tell the truth about acclaim. Like the truth that this probably gonna cost your VGM position, i can remember the post from Nathan that we werent allowed to post here.

      The biggest laugh i ahd when i just quitted as a VGM and Kane asked me on msn if i could pls make some screens of the japanese item mall. Thats just pathetic, even the kids in the team can do that or is that too hard for them.

      Well i have one thing to say about acclaim: THEY SUCK!!!

  13. yours reasons are not mine. i want to destroy the VGM system and i will do what i can to see it come true. reason ? it is a disgrace.

  14. I agree with you that the current VGM system is indeed a disgrace. But that doesnt mean i wont try to fix it if possible. If not i can always say in the end, i tried. Same goes for some of the problems within the staff and game. I am talking to kane and historian about ways for better communication. But you also should know some of the other problems at the moment within the offical GM team.

    Beside’s the good thing at the moment now about the VGM team is that if we werent here at the moment, nobody would have gotten answers. Because the GM at the moment are to busy with other stuff to adress the players on a regular base. VGM team wouldnt be needed if acclaim invests a little more into some more staff to have people for each function. But at the moment almost all are multi tasking.

    @Vennus9D, guilt for what? I can only feel guilt if i accually did something to feel guilty about. At this moment i have none that i know off, could change in the future but for now nothing. I do know that people will threat me differently, but in my eyes they dont have to. But that probably wont happen, some will threat me the same others wont. I just have to deal with that myself. Also if you have a plead not to write about me, i say go right ahead. I rather have that you dont. But then again who am i to save my own ass in this situation. Just know i am here to help, if you want to thank me, thrash me, bash me, abuse me, reveal me, help me its all up to you.

  15. vennus just said you will be trash with Acclaim, guilt for everything what is bad, you will become a puppet and you will take the blaim for many bad things.

    Enforcer you think that others didn’t try and failed ? i admire you want to change something but you have any concrete facts on what you did till now to change the VGM system ?

  16. I am not aiming to better the VGM system for just now. It’s impossible for 1 person alone. Problem with the VGM recruitment is that players arent properly screened. Also the Head VGM and Team Leaders have a big vote in who joins and who not. So there is always a big chance of friends helping friends to get into the VGM position. So as long as i am not a Team Leader i cant do much about the current VGM system. All i can do for now is pass on idea’s to the higher ups and hope they take them into concideration.

    If people want to blame me for things i didnt do, so be it. Tells more about them then about me. I already knew the moment i applied for the VGM position that there are gonna be people who are gonna thrash and bash me and even lie. I already had some flaming thrown at me just because the answer i gave a person wasnt what he wanted to hear. Those things happen, not much i can do about that but just try to stay calm and help him in any way possible. But to be honest if i person doesnt try to understand what i say and keeps raging on, i will simply round it up and let it be for what it is after a while. Then i accually dont care about it no more and try to help somebody who also needs it and accepts it. Doesnt mean i wont help that person in the future. Even the people i dont like i’ll help, it comes with the job discription. I try to keep my job as a vgm and me as a normal player as far appart as possible.

    So for now i will keep on trying, if i will fail in the end like the others who tried so be it. Nothing more that i can do after that. Wouldnt that just be a waste of time? Maybe, but then again you also gain experience for training and maybe you can use it in the future for something else.

  17. Yeah Bella is the biggest suck up thats on the team. Thats the way she made a nice career for herself. Or what they see as nice position ^^

    Manic too btw, when the GM’s say jump she jumps. All those women in the VGM team are trying to suckup. Only VGM that didnt do it and told her own opinion was Enishi. Now we know how they screwed her over and hang out to dry. That VGM-team and also the GM’s are just a bunch of amateurs and think they have a nice game. Well guess none of them took a look at Aion. If they would they would see a nice game there.

  18. Yeah well if you take a good look at it, they TL’s and the head VGM arent a very good role model for the rest.

    [VGM]X-Ray shares accounts, his private accounts (one VGM got kicked for that and he isnt)

    [VGM]Serena threatens other ex-VGM’s like me, while she even doesnt have anything on me.

    [VGM]Olix tells other ppl to lie on their signup for the program

    [VGM]Bella is a hothead, that accuses first and ask details later. And you Rax can confirm that.

    So that are the role models they have. Nice bunch of lying, threatening, accountsharing and hotheaded kids.

  19. Zion if you gonna say somebody’s name on here atleast spell it right.

    Also around 80% of all VGM post on this blog. If they are gonna kick VGM who post in here, then they wouldnt have a VGM team no more to work with.

  20. Well im not Zion anymore.

    Btw who’s idea was it to ban my personal account from the forum? Historian didnt liked my remark about his Indian friends? Go ask your master little doggie…

    While your at it go and suck some of his private parts.

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