Demonstration against Acclaim was a fail

The demonstration against Acclaim… It was a fail. Take a look into these screenshots with the serverstatus:

05. November 2009 – 15:26 GMT

06. November 2009 – 15:21 GMT

06. November 2009 – 18:04 GMT

07. November 2009 – 22:06 GMT

And this, dear playmates, was the reason why I said, I will give up if it will fail.
So many people complain about Acclaim, but just a few got the courage to do something. Big mouths… All hat and no cattle…

You choosed this. I gave you all the chance to show Acclaim, what you really want. But you seems to like Acclaim. All greedy and stupid, like Acclaim themself.

Enjoy the kindergarten of Acclaim, how you seems to wish. Enjoy it, but I am out. I got enough of trying to be the voice of the 9Dragons community, while just a few follow me.

From now on, I will not help the community anymore. If somebody want a change, you have to find your own voice. Search it well, cause I am not here for you anymore.

Remember, you wanted it.

Thanks anyway to those who tried to participate it.
I will leave this blog soon. Maybe I will come back one day. Maybe… But now other people need my help. People, which really want my help, and which do not complain just because they are bored. People, which desire a real change.

Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


27 responses to “Demonstration against Acclaim was a fail

  1. That was so clear that this will fail.
    Reason is, that only very few players read this blog, and those who do
    are not enough that we could see a difference in the serverstatus.

    • I don’t think it is about traffic, look at blog stats and you know why I said that, it is about what Legend said : action. People just talk but don’t nothing to improve. You have to try again Legend in another form.

  2. The servers are not what were they used to be before. 68% in wekeend day at event is low for Bardo. After AION release servers are not the same. Good luck for you Legend, I hope you will write on this blog because me as many others read it.

    • Yes, AION took a lot from 9dragons players. Servers were 89 % before AION came up. Legend you could ask for some months monitoring the servers, not only some days so you will know the difference.

  3. I agree with Chris on this one. From the comments I see only about 20 people, who read this blog often, let’s say there are 100 more who read but never write. In my opinion, you didn’t advertise it well. Maybe if you had put the link in your sig with “Best 9D macro” or “New bug exploit” and then spammed the forum more, it would have worked out better. A few roars during event, as 95% of the players don’t visit the forum… What you did was try to organise a national protest in Russia by printing a notice in local newspaper in Sibiria and then be surprised that barely anybody supported it.

  4. myste don’t presume what you don’t know… the blog is visited more than 250 IPs per day. I took an example from this week :

    We deal here with a real power to do something, not just talk. If we just talk we don’t solve all the problems. Legend wanted to do something for players and hoped for a better 9Dragons. Anyway it is not a ‘country hole’, so we have to move on, to another stage.

    • I appologise for the wrong assumtion. However even 500 visitors a day are not a big enough part of the 9D community, don’t you agree? I’m 29, I’ve been working in PR my whole life, so to speak. In my opinion this demostration was a PR failure. You have to advertise it better, draw the attention of people to it and you have to know the people, how to appeal to them. Get the real community leaders to support you, the ones that have the respect of many – League Masters, Band Masters, popular people, loved people. Think of your target groups and the best ways to approach them. Think about the protest itself, organise it right. The very first mistake I spotted was the lack of a time zone. The second was how long it was supposed to be. 9D community is not Green Peace, they(we) won’t spend 1 week chained to a tree so it doesn’t get cut. Most of the people are no-lifers, whose favourite place is this game. If you decide to hold another protest, I’ll be more than happy to give you some ideas about how to make it more successful.

  5. myste if you take 500 visitors a day who read the 9dragons forum I would say it is a big deal. Working in PR you should know that forum, blog and game are different things. Having in count the time I started the blog and till now… I found the visitors number a great deal from my point of view. I started this alone and from the start till now the number increased a lot. We had weeks over 500 and I am pleased with that. Anyway thanks for the helping. I will add this :

    think – hit – group – result.

  6. Well myste, to tell me some advices AFTER it happen is poor.

    I had it on my signature (Acclaim’s 9D forum), I posted it 3 times on the general discussions (deleted 3 times) and I wrote lions roars on bardo to inform the players. We also posted it on many mmo websites and on hero leagues forums.

    You see, the people WERE informed. But they just don’t care. They just think “cool, more mobs for me”

    How I said… Everyone can complain, but just a few got the courage to do something.

    • I gave you an advice as soon as you posted it for the first time. It was well ignored, so I figured you knew what you were doing. Why would I waste my time writing a big post with tips on how to make a successful protest, just to have it ignored?

  7. Oh sissy. But I quote, no better sing Justin Timberlake: Cry me a river.

    As the first kid said, it was clear it will fail. Nerds, mofos, no-lifers don’t have anything better to do than playing games. And as you could tell them “hey noob, don’t play today”. What were you expecting? A “yes Sir”?
    Nah nah, they laughed their ass off.

    So I do currently too. *lol*

  8. ShockedFellow you just made chrispower a kid, but you accept what he said as something you agree too. this makes you a kid . am I wrong?

  9. ShockedFello isn’t just a kid. I could list here what he is, but everyone knows already the truth.

    ShockedFellow, I told you already once: Burn in hell.
    Stop to annoy the people here, since you also dont like annoying people in your lovely 9Dragons forum or in the wikia.

  10. I supported the demonstration as well as many people did and I didn’t log because I wanted a change. I regret it ended like this. we can think on others events.

    my respect Legend.

  11. Vagabond Legend keep your path and keep writing, you doing a agood job. Take care friend and clap hands for what you tried to do. If others don’t appreciate, their lost.

  12. In my opinion was not a fail. This action gather many people. In my guild on Asura 98 % from players didn’t log. 68 %, 48 % for Bardo said something : it is not what was before. The others severs, Asura and Nirvana are screw up : 12%, 19%. What is that ?

  13. Then show off the cards, dear Vagabond “Legend”.
    But hey, to satisfy you, I didn’t log either, but due to other reasons.

    • Which cards? I have so many. I will always have more cards in my hands than Acclaim and you Acclaim followers. You should be happy about it, that I stop to care about Acclaim. Ask Historian, he is happy.

      I did already more for the 9Dragons players than Acclaim ever did. And you? What did you for the 9Dragons players, except for annoy the people with your moderator powers in the forum and in the wiki?

      People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

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