“Then don’t play anymore”

It is a fact that non-paying players of 9Dragons get shitty answers, from the 9Dragons staff and from other players. Also not new is that paying players also get those. Like this one:


Don__t_Play_by_he1zIt makes me sick how some people answer to paying players. It’s like… You go buy a new television and at home you can see, it does not work. You go complain and the answer is “Then stop to watch television”.

Such people, which give such answers, are always the first ones which complain in the real life, without to have any patience or to excuse the sellers. These people are those, who complain as hardest in the stores.

Stupid, stupid people!

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


12 responses to ““Then don’t play anymore”

  1. Look at how many characters novickiseds has.He gave that advice. Look who is talking! Something like that means for me. Many just post their opinions to become stars in 9dragons or just to get some importance. If we have pay support why don’t have a pay forum section access too…

  2. Only few people have standards, only few businesses respects their standards. You shouldn’t continually ignore sorry service, because it actually enables a business to keep on in the same pathetic way.

  3. they try to make me quit after I was out from official team. i quarreled with few people from there and got message : “quit the game if you don’t like it.” i didn’t quit, i stay and fight.

  4. When comes to customer relations they are novices. I don’t explain why they let children in official team and on top of that they deal with customers in game. It is inexplicable.

  5. I play a game for fun and nobody will make me quit. If I spend money on a game I want in return good services and customer care. Acclaim has hard time to understand it.

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