VGM[Manic] a deviant kitty

hello-kitty-lady-gaga-plush-dress-400x508It’s that time of the weekend again, when those revealing stuffs and meditations are for induced torture for those who decide for some unfathomable reason that you must put up with. The scariest part is that it seems no matter how many of these I have in ‘my hands’, more still arrive. The last one is : ‘Hello Deviant Kitty’…

What is it with so many ‘cats’ in official team? Seriously, it’s one of the most disturbing trends for the simple fact that someone with absolutely nothing to do with players problems would be caught dead in something like that.

VGM[Manic] from Nirvana is [Kitti] from Bardo. If you ask the players about her character you will get answers like this : ‘ a lil love spammer‘, a ‘position climber using her pictures to play around with  guys’, ‘ a more carved virtual emo babe’ than Shakira.This girl, because I don’t know if she is a girl,  is in a constant search of a leader positions in some of most powerful alliances from Bardo server (whites). Those positions tried to get it through virtual ’emo love chat’. Leagues like Vanguard Fighters, Storm Riders are well know to her, because she search some virtual boyfriends in there. One of her friend wrote to me :

from the book of secrets Acclaim affairs i tell you this – VGM [Manic] is the Bardorians second ‘virtual lover’ after Shakira. First, she grab you with her emo pictures and before you know she caught a hold on you with her stories and love emotions.You may do stupids things as donating items, premium items even coins. This girl wanted to be in official team because she wanted to have an advantage with her league master. Few know this, but she develop a serious ill love for him and for a certain GM.You are smart so you know who I talk about. You already write on your blog about one side love, this is one of them. A girl with two virtual passion, but nothing in return.She told me she flirts with that GM and try a lot to impress him.

That is a deviant behavior.So VGM[Manic] instead of doing something for players you flirt with GMs? I didn’t read something like that in the VGM job description. Didn’t know that official team of VGMs are recruiting girls to become flirt objects. More and more, day by day love in official team resemble to official ‘harem’.

My support to Legend demonstration :


22 responses to “VGM[Manic] a deviant kitty

  1. i know that girl well, she is bad and a pain. she always wanted what she can’t get. her pictures are hanging on many leagues forums from Bardo. i dislike her way to behave.

    “day by day love in official team resemble to official ‘harem’.”
    can’t stop from laughing loud.

  2. Kitty went to far to have her purpose reality. She seems bad influence for players. Her moral conduct is not for someone in the official team.They must kick her out.

  3. This blog is a great victory for players. I will always support it. vennus9d thanks for this post, so many things are going on and we don’t know. Official team makes me sick and I wander how long they will fool us all.VGM system is a big failure.

  4. I bet is frustrating for official team and fun for us, the players.I agree with Blur words : VGM system is a big failure. It is.It is personal flirt ground and personal war ground.

  5. between girls, she is all that i dislike.i dislike what is going on in official team, i dislike the fact they don’t nothing for the players, just get personal things done.i hope you guys can do something.

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