Remember, remember, the 5th of november

avatars (1)It’s almost time. The demonstration against Acclaim will start in a few hours, on some places it started already.

When the 5th november begins, the people which participate it will not go online on 9Dragons, until sunday, the 8th november, is over.

I have to admit, it is not the best time for the demonstration. Many people like it, how some people from Acclaim try to make the things better. But still we have to remember, the highest are those who give the orders. And not even the good people in the Acclaim staff can do something against that.

How I wrote on one of my blog posts, I will give up to try to make 9Dragons a better game and to try to get a better acting from Acclaim, if this demonstration fails. I am already too long trying it, and sometimes I am tired from the bad comments about me.

Calling me a lier is easy for some people. I did admit that I was once in the Acclaim staff, not as VGM or moderator. Some people need to read between the lines, cause the most already thought I worked for real for them.

I don’t think I can call that “worked for Acclaim”. I did not get any money, if you think so. But I am sure, there where I live now, I could not do what I did then.

Even by such words, the people still call me a lier. Unable to read between my lines and to think further. But think about it…

I already told a lot things, which will be ingame one day, which were not even on the korean version yet, and which came really later.

My very first post on my ID themystery on Acclaim’s 9Dragons forum was a suggestion… about Vagabonds.

Weirdly, my few words are long time ago, but they predict what Vagabonds will get soon now. I always said “The path of a clanless Vagabond were already planed from the beginning of this game”. Many did not believed my words. Many even claimed that there shall never be something for Vagabonds. Now, such discussions are over, and the people had to admit, that my words were all the time right.

And last but not least: I am the only one who got a 9Dragons Vagabond, and 9Dragons Iron Fist Trailer online.

You can search as long you want… You will not find these Trailers anywhere else. So… how can a guy like me get such material?

And still…
Legend, the Vagabond, will always be a lier for some people. A 9Dragons nerd which just had luck that his words were right.

And still…
Other people will always ask themselfes, who I am.

Follow me on the right way. Join this demonstration against Acclaim. The highest have to see that their handling can’t work for the very long future. The japanese 9Dragons closed already. And many predict, Acclaim’s 9Dragons version will be the next. If I take a look into how the highest handle their things… How they just think on money, how they just want support the paying players, how not even paying players get help, how Historian wants to ban people without real reason, how they just want more and more money, how the poor good guys in the staff, like The Hermit and other GMs, give their passion and heart blood to make the things better but the highest makes it worse again… Then I can see, that also Acclaim’s 9Dragons will close one day, in not so long time.

The highest have to face the fact, that their interest for money will bring them down. Acclaim fear the currently economy crisis, but they still can’t see that they have to make their customers happy – and not angry.

Join the demonstration for these few days. Maybe we can get what we want then – together.

If it will success, I will stay here on your side. On the side of the community.
If it will fail, I will give up, leave this blog and stop to complain on Acclaim’s forum.

That’s my decision, and I will adhere to my words.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


EDIT: I added one more point; about the Vagabond and Iron Fist trailers.


13 responses to “Remember, remember, the 5th of november

  1. I will adhere to protest. I heard a rumor that “pay support” will be removed. I don’t know if it is true, but we worth to fight for that. Legend, don’t give up, we all know Acclaim well.

  2. count me in. last time i said i will support this. Legend hang in there, don’t give up easy. the monkeys will love if you give them satisfaction. if they call you nerd, they do it because they can’t think. their brain is stuck to suck up phase.

  3. I will support the demonstration. Oh, Legend, don’t put to your heart what they say. We all sow how they behave and how they act. They are children.

  4. Historian and lil ‘sis’ Acclaim are gonna be pissed. I bet he will try ban you again.He only know that. Solve the problem : ban. See you all in here, not in game.

    • I think Vaga was one of the good guys from Acclaim team. SW said something I like : take the road you choose.

  5. I am not good with motivational words, but don’t give satisfaction. Keep your good work in here and don’t disappoint your readers by quitting. I will not log in 9dragons on this period of time.

  6. Historian is baning people against any democratic freedom of speech. He use his invented rules. Lucky for him on 9dragons forum we don’t have premium accounts. Maybe you guys should start a freedom of speech movement also. -Legend- I don’t see a solution if you give up.You start something, means you care. They want what is best for them, you want what is best for the community.

    Count me in too.

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