Japanese 9Dragons closing

I will quote the post of this topic:

Thank you for playing 9d until now.

We have an important message -we’re closing on Nov 30th.

9d started on April 3rd 2008 and we tried to bring you the world of martial arts thru online network games and we hope you liked it.

However we were not very successful and we’ve decided to talk about our upcoming services with the developer.

As a result, we have come up with a conclusion saying it it is difficult to keep on maintaining the service of the game.We are very sorry to announce that we have decided to terminate our service as of Nov 30th 2009.

We would like to thank all of the players who have enjoyed and supported our game even for the short period of 2 years.Thank you for your understanding.

We’re ending soon but we hope you have fun until the very end.


2009年10月29日 九龍争覇運営チーム
Oct 29 2009 Nine Dragons Team

SetupThe place, where tired people went, when they had enough of Acclaim but still wanted to play 9Dragons, will be gone.

Some people are searching now for a new place, where they can play 9Dragons, but where they don’t need to rejoin Acclaim’s kindergarten.

If you find any 9Dragons version, where US and EU people can play, let me know. If you also find a possiblity to create a private server, let me know too.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


17 responses to “Japanese 9Dragons closing

  1. I too have been looking for the server files for 9Ds…. unfortunately they haven’t been leaked/created… I wanted to make a new EU version of 9Ds with perma 5x ^^

    But alas… it isn’t meant to be

      • Because you need the server files to upload to a server and there haven’t been any leaked… so the only way would be to partner with Indy and do it the legal way ^^ Which means they take money….. And I’d have to hire a GM team ect…. too much work hehe

    • You should start think about a players partnership when comes to that idea. Acclaim it is in USA, but you can start one in Europe. Some of the players have a good financial status and can help. I am curious how much Indy21 would ask for something like this. A team of GMs ? You can hire them at the start with 2 hours, because the server will develop in time.

      Think about what I said. Many of us work in IT industry and can help a lot.

  2. This is not a good news from the development perspective point of view. Any product needs to evolve, to be profitable and to satisfy customers needs.

    All the others versions are here :

    The language will be a large barrier if you want to start in a non USA & EU server.

    I am against private servers. Why ? Many of them starts as fans servers but ends up in a pay-servers. Also most of the private servers deal with reverse engineer, infringe copyright & so on. You will never get the original code/s, so more bugs will come along (on 9d USA & EU we have enough of those even with original code/s). If you will start make money from that server (you need money- servers maintenance costs ) for sure you will be sue.

  3. I think one of the reason of closing 9d Japan is that not many players are buying from mall. Private server ? Many private servers of others games have failed to keep their stable economy because all of their players complained and left. People don’t want to play a second 9d which is far less stable and is almost as hard. You have to know well Java to make a private server.

    I think the purpose of private servers is to give less rich people an opportunity to experience what they’re missing. I see it like that.

  4. I only can say I am sorry for the players who went from 9D USA & EU to Japanese to find something better. Our only chance is to make a players partnership for a European licence.

  5. “As a result, we have come up with a conclusion saying it it is difficult to keep on maintaining the service of the game.We are very sorry to announce that we have decided to terminate our service as of Nov 30th 2009.”

    What difficulty they speak of ? Money ? Communication with Indy21?

  6. Their accounts will be transfer to another version of game ? Closed ? I am curious to know why they took this decision.

    • no…beacause Nirvana & Bardo(mostly Bardo) have rich players…they with 30 %off spend like more 100€!!!

      Japan version have very low population always have 1% online people or 0% most time..and other’s servers 22%(asura) 40%~70%..Mm and events like x4 Bardo 100%XDDD.

      Korean server, u know they are most addictive of MMO games, so most people Pay and play lot time 😉

  7. well players now need move for better 9dragons publisher of world

    Korean^^. Korean version is best..problem is Mm u only ill find Korean people and Korean leagues and if u get KoS is like asura-PK in US 9dragons is KoS till u quit game.

    also other day i found private server..but Mm is on patch 34 (roll eyes) so no 2nd role..and no NSIP i think…but if u want ill try find link again

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