Item mall “misinformation”

dreamstimefree1234399-main_FullReal money trade (RMT) of virtual goods for real-life currency is a future of 9Dragons. We trade RMT for COINS. Because virtual worlds are design like mirrors of real world many of the same issues of real life we found them out, in here. The coins are used to buy items from mall. Items from mall are so called ” products” in real life. It is well know in real life that every “product” comes with a description ( how to use it and terms : what is made of, ingredients, informations about the product).

The mall items, in 9Dragons, needs to have the same description like a real life product. If the description is not correct that means in normal terms that the customer is cheated. Surfing the mall for buying a female [eternity] costume I found 2 items that can not meet the legal requirements for a sale. Not all specifications are written on the product description. It is about : “Gold Dragon Patterned Top” and “Gold Fish Patterned Top“. All the others clothes have in the title (M) and (F), except these ones. For the others I could see the pictures, but for these no. Neither in the “More Info” rubric we don’t find which one is for male and which one for female. Dragon and fish ? F, M ?  I bought the first one and surprise : it was male. My character is female and I can’t use it.

I check up the “TERMS OF SALE ” :

REFUND POLICY All Item sales are final.

I tried to find out where is written what happens when they make mistakes and they don’t provide the right informations about the products. Guess what…nothing. I engaged my RMT in this transaction, I was a good-faith customer, but because of the bad informations provided I could not get what I wanted. If the item can’t be refund, what about change it for the right one (female) ? There is no specifications about this in Terms of Sale.

Acclaim reserves the right to change virtual items, the pricing and availability inside our games without notice. Acclaim also reserves the right to discontinue any game at anytime for any reason.

Some point out the paragraph above. That one refers to items from games availability point of view. Acclaim said they can add or withdraw items, that is the meaning of “change” in that paragraph. I send a mail to Acclaim support, now I wait to see how they will fix this.

Conclusion : I paid money for something I can’t use due a “misinformation” ( I like to believe it is like that) of a product description from provider part. I hope Acclaim will deal with this very soon and will correct the informations from virtual shop.


29 responses to “Item mall “misinformation”

  1. Sedbona question about refunding what they mess up I think is a real one and needs some of Acclaim attention and answer. If they screw up, we still need to pay ?

  2. virtual objects aren’t really objects – they’re services, create real value for people. you pay for that service so if the service is bad you can ask to fix it or to get your money back.

    ‘REFUND POLICY All Item sales are final.’

    it is false.

  3. here is Acclaim fault. they must inform us correctly about each mall item. they have to change your mall deco, write on that mall items M and F and put pictures.

  4. Touche. You touch a sensitive part of Acclaim Terms of Sale. This situation can be exploited from many parts. They must change your item, the guilt it is on their side.

    HAPPY Halloween ! Trick or treat !

  5. Happy Halloween to all. Even we talk about giving our money Acclaim is like we are used to : second hand game company. I love this game because my friends play, I give money because I want to see improvements.

  6. When you say “ACCLAME” you say all. I don’t know who come up with that name, but is perfect. Historian instead of counting signature inches and baning when you say the truth should check the mall ‘gasps’. He gets his money from there.

  7. Its a conspiracy I tell you. They are working against sedbona.

    I suggest looking twice before making a statement.

    PS: If you send them an email to support (since you are a coins user) they will change it to a female one.

    • I wrote this since yesterday.They didn’t work and don’t work in game.

      PS : look at the ending of the post : I already send mail to support yesterday. They had time to fix it…

      “While replying, please make sure to include the Ticket ID in subject line so that your replies are tracked correctly.

      Ticket ID: JUC-716594
      Subject: Deco problem
      Department: 9Dragons Support
      Priority: High
      Status: Open”

      This is “in game mall” window, not the website link to the mall items. Please provide your in game mall ss.

      In your ss the order is other.

    • We can access mall from 2 different locations : web and in game. You access it from web, sedbona from game. I notice the order of mall tops are different in each screen.

  8. mine is same as sedbona one. Sebastian refrain your stupid words, you have no idea what you talk about. don’t give us an expired mall screen.

  9. I hope it doesn’t get fixed so you can complain more about it. :)) and my item mall works fine. Depends of country maybe

    • Sebastian don’t say that. Before having something personal with sedbona, think about the other players who have same problem. Acclaim must fix it.

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