Acclaim secret base : India

TruthWinsOutlogo-709749Few knows where Acclaim conduct their real business. It is a sacred place call “India”. Everything related to technique part is in India. GMs are from India. Acclaim forced them to take American names for not being recognized and to hide the truth.

70 persons less or + are in there.Acclaim opened a company call ” Acclaim Software”. Why India ? Because it is cheap for labor hands. In the time, Historian makes 48,000$ to over 50,000 $ ( Historian post his gain in MySpace profile for few time, than erase it) in 1 year a GM gain less than 5,000 $ in 1 year. 5,000 $ is a regular month wage in some of European countries. Yes, a ex GM send me a mail and start to talk about what is going on inside Acclaim. I wanted to cry when I heard how much  a GM earns in 1 year and what work they are doing ( almost everything): technical repairs, game fixing, customers relations. They work in ships, day and night for few money. It is a  exploitation. I have in mind a slave-master relation now.

These guys who have studies earns few than Historian who has no education and make less than anyone of them. But, one is American and one is India.


Still in there :

And the list can continue, but I will rest it for now.

As long as we are dealing with a class-divided society — regardless of the historical era — human labor-power is exploited; the only difference is the form this has taken.Acclaim choose a country with low payment for labor force. We give so much money in coins to Acclaim and they give so few in return to the people who works most.

Historian, I told you in many lines to stop with your personal vendetta against the authors of this site, but you choose to ignore it. Because of you, many will suffer.


22 responses to “Acclaim secret base : India

  1. This is big and have potential. Omg, poor GMs, I didn’t knew it. Acclaim is just… no words to say.

    What is wrong with Historian ? He got nuts ?

    • Historian didn’t listen to what I told him in many of the blog lines. He ignored all. I asked him to stop with his personal revenge on 9dragons boards on some of the community players. It is not only about the authors of this blog in the end. What he did is not professional and is against game master code.

  2. News travel fast. Already got this link in my MSN. No comment to Acclaim. I am so sorry for the Gms. That is why so many left.

    Like Chick666, now I find Historian pathetic. I hope Gms conditions will change soon.

  3. So now it’s out… I thought it would take longer until somebody tell that. But seems like Historian just wanted it.

    No offence, but Historian is really stupid… Even if the people tell him “Stop that, or you will regret it” he just don’t listen and stay stubborn…

    With his 40 years he should have more in his head. But well, I think he will learn from his mistakes (hopefully for him).

  4. Dam you do your research very well. Even without my help.

    But you are right. Its pretty un-american from acclaim. Economical crisis in their own country, and they are too greedy to hire some americans.

    Anyways this is in my eyes the biggest lie from acclaim.

    • Mercie. Yes, this is the biggest lie of all. They try to cover up making GMs take American names for us to don’t know.

  5. i can’t believe how much they lie to us. Someone has right, this is the biggest lie of all. i thought Gms are from America and all work together like a team. thanks for this.

  6. one truth is out. i pity the GMs so much. they are always nice to us and Historian is always a jerk with lots of faces.

  7. Truth always prevail against a lie. Hat down for vennus who show it. Gw said something good : let’s show the world what is inside. Community has suffer enough. Historian have frustrations and will not let it go on the easy way.

  8. Now, a part of the big puzzle is solved. What will be the next move ? It is very easy to guess. People will found out more because the wave can’t be stopped. We have to thank Historian for all of this. He wanted to have a open war with the authors of this site ( from the way he behave), so he will have it. For the better of the community I hope he will learn something. O.f.c. he will learn from people 15 years younger than him.

    • 15-12 years younger :p . It is time for him to stop acting like a child and don’t treat as like some spoiled kids.

  9. GUys guys guys,

    TRuth is damn too hard to digest.By the way how did this truth got discovered.It seems like a Bermuda Triangle, ppl r researching so much.
    India is a place where you get skilled labor and of course economy is much cheaper than the rest Eu or American Countries.
    There’s nothing wrong in outsourcing job as most of the american companies have done that in the past and recently also though Prez Obama has promised betterment of American ppl.

    So the bottomline is if an American co. has outsourced job it should be well organised by the counterparts.
    Ppl never feel pity for anyone.JUst voice your opinion to do something better for the organisation. Who knows if the Acclaim Indian management is not doing anything for the team and thats why the US counterpart is still in B triangle….

    Now lets watch and see What Lies Beneath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The authors of this site knew for long time about this, we didn’t let it out for lots of reasons. People research when they have reasons to do it. I don’t contest economic reasons, but GMs are pay inhuman : less than 500 $ for 30 days. They work in the night, which in European countries is pay double.

    • from my point of view the players behind this blog have many resources to find out a lot of stuffs and this is how this get out.truth is hard to accept when you live in lie for so long.

  10. So many twists in this story. This truth is hard to deal with. GMs earn so few money and do all the game related things. My heart is with them. I hope their condition will improve.

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