TheHistorian community reintegration

Shout_Out_Out_Out_Out_Reintegration_Time_Nrmls_Wlcm_RecordsAfter coming back from meditation phase, Historian needs reintegration in the community. Frankly speaking I do not know what kind of reintegration he talks about. He  never left the community of 9dragons ( being all the time the manager of Acclaim games)… or feels that we reject him ?

Over the past year, I stepped back from 9Dragons at the request of the Game Manager. He wanted to be your main contact for all things 9D and to that end a lot of the tasks that I normally would have been involved with were handled by him.

He step back from 9dragons ? His position was game manager of all Acclaim games. Like some of the people who day by day read this blog and give us replies posting comments, we anticipated that Historian will throw the blame for everything that was wrong with 9dragons to BluFlash.

I am slowly reintegrating myself in to these forums and this community. I have a reputation of being a bit single minded, and at times aggravating, but my goal will always be to work towards a better community for 9Dragons. I only ask that you have a little patience with me as I get settled back in.

Historian now ask the community to believe that he is a disoriented baby who wants to find the road home after he lost it. Historian never left, he was here all the time, even when BluFlash become 9Dragons community manager. I am glad Historian goal is to work for the better of community, but how he can do that when the first thing he did was to shut down the voices of the community and the critics. Baning and threaten to ban the community leaders was good for the community ? He did this constantly, before BluFlash was the game manager, aided by some moderators. His words now turns 360 degrees. That was in the past… sorry Historian but after almost 3 years of 9dragons you need more than words to convince me.

Please know that whatever comes of our interactions, I rarely take them in a personal way, and my focus will always be toward the Community, 9Dragons and Acclaim. Also know that I am stubborn (especially if you break the rules in the forum or in-game), but not unreasonable.

In interaction with his words we found out something ” I rarely take them in a personal way”, “rarely” means he takes some of community people acts and critics personal. If he would say “never” would be good from game manager point of view. If you have something personal with players how can you be objective ? Humans makes mistakes, but they can learn from mistakes and don’t repeat them. Stubborn ? Yes, you are stubborn “to ban” when come to the authors of this blog. sedbona already show how far Historian goes when comes to “personal ” word.

If you truly believe I’m wrong about something, then present a good argument. I will listen and respond. We ALWAYS welcome constructive criticism, saying “you suck” is creative(sort of…), not constructive. So try to explain why we “suck”.

I was lost on this words. Constructive criticism means ban for the players. After they lived in constant denial of freedom of speech and were subjected to a reign of terror being hunted constantly, the  players who wrote constructive criticism on the 9dragons boards said you are joking. I spoke to few and all think the same. Historian unless you prove it with facts, what happened till now shows the opposite.

I know there are game issues you want to take up with me. Some I can help with, others will require assistance from the Developer. In those cases we (The Hermit and I) will communicate them to Indy21 but that does not always mean that changes will come quickly.

You can ALWAYS email me at I read every email I get there (I won the lottery 5 times today alone, and 3 people need my help to move money out of their country because someone died), but I can’t always respond… though I will try. PMing me here doesn’t always get to me, email will.

Words, words and again words. I like to believe it, but you have to show to us. In your speech you exercise the listen function. Even you wrote words, from time to time you still need to transform them in actions. How much time will take from listen function to action function ? You listen us for few years and nothing was done.

Thanks for your time and thanks for being amazing players.

For reading what I wrote,  consider yourself one. [joke].

Where is 9d ? Still in reintegration phase…


19 responses to “TheHistorian community reintegration

  1. you forgot something vennus. sucking to Historian will never get you a ban. he likes the praises but not the critics.

    • Like in politics… speak and speak, but you need to make something for the people also because they have the vote. Many of them make the mistake to give some electoral “bribe” before the election. What I mean is the fact that Historian should have done this a long time ago.

  2. many managers in the game field have mostly (or only) poor examples of management as behavior models. Histo was a role model for BluFlash ?Blu failure was also a part of Acclaim games manager fault.

  3. Dust in community eyes. I hope he try to change the things and change himself when he speaks to us or try to communicate us something. The community blow up and now he tries to cool it down. Only to listen is not much. He should try play the game first.

    • Posting in forum is not enough, game has the largest community of players, so I think in the same direction : he must log in game.

  4. i expected something not common from Historian part…
    finally he realize he needs a open communication with community.

  5. It has been a while since this has been bugging me nd I dont know where to put it, so here.

    The title is not “more stranger.” There is no such thing as MORE STRANGER. There is “stranger” please change it so my mind can be at peace instead of cringing each time I read your motto.

      • You don’t understand the meaning… it is not to be correct grammatically but counts the power that emanate. The one who used it, is allow to do grammar mistakes for the power of the meaning… I don’t know if you understand.

      • The original form came from Mark Twain and the scholar one used in white poetry form is : “Truth is more stranger than fiction.” I guess sounds urban powerful.

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