Education or “autodidact”?

“Logic is the art and science of reasoning which seeks to identify and understand the principles of valid demonstration and inference. …”. I will proove what logic is in some of the arguments.

The post violated the Rules of Conduct and was removed from the forum.

Asking for player personal details or providing personal details…You cannot ask for, give or provide anyone’s personal details (including full real name, phone number, address, age, etc.) Acclaim allows you to post IM and email information in your forum profile for players to see, however, you cannot and should not provide additional information to anyone.

Let’s start . I opened a rubric call “survey the community” and after 10 hours disappear from forum. I opened another rubric call ” topic disappear” to ask why my post disappear ( I didn’t get any pm also ) which evaporated fast. After vanishing the second rubric with questions, I opened another ” 2 topics disappear without an answer”.

Let’s analyse logic. First of all, I didn’t receive any PM what was wrong with my topic, maybe I could have just review it and correct it, then, second topic disappear without a trace and the last one,  the same. After few minutes, the first and second one was post on the board from ‘trash bin’. Historian trash the first one to ‘ trash bin’ without a explanation, than trash the second one, again without any explanation, than the 3th one. After baning me, I guess because of redundant topics, which was not the case because he trash it one after another and on the board were not visible ( as you can see from the ss)… than put back on the board the second topic with a explanation:

Asking for player personal details or providing personal details You cannot ask for, give or provide anyone’s personal details (including full real name, phone number, address, age, etc.) Acclaim allows you to post IM and email information in your forum profile for players to see, however, you cannot and should not provide additional information to anyone.

I didn’t ask directly on 9dragons boards any account informations or personal informations to any of the players. The rule apply to 9dragons board, I didn’t ask nothing on 9d boards. In my post was a link to a survey which ask  for gender and age, but the survey was anonymous without providing your account or personal informations. For someone who calls himself  “AUTODIDACT”, should understand that gender and age is part of any survey as statistical dates. The age and gender was not form as personal informations as long as the survey was anonymous.

Historian search for a lousy pretext to ban me. He did it like this :

– trash my survey topic to  bin ( he knew that I would want an explanation, no PM was send…made another topic) ;

– trash my second topic to bin ( he knew that I would ask again for explanations and made another topic since the 2 of them were in the bin );

– he put back my second topic to the forum from trash bin ( to said it is redundant, lucky I made ss how they disappear and appear ) ;

– 2 topic were back on the board ( was redundant );

– he trash the last topic to bin;

– ban me  .

It is clear he didn’t have from the start a “presumption” of “good faith”, but he just search a reason to ban me, that reason being a failure from logic point of view. Historian speaks of rules of conduct, but he fails to understand them or to apply them how it should be :

What Historian quote was not list above, in rules of conduct.

The sanctions for :

Are not listed.

Also, I didn’t have any of the below to ban me from forum :

I didn’t understand one thing : do I have permanent ban and temporary ban and what it is the difference if it is not list in the rules of conduct. The explanations of notions is no where to be found on 9dragons boards. Now, if I will send a petition team, I am sure Historian will be the one to answer me…and the story will go on.But, I will try and come back with the answer.

As long as in the rules of conduct is not listed the rules and sanctions below each rule, we have interpretations. From both sides it is a winner or a loser. But Acclaim have the last word and they can interpret in their favor which is very dangerous for the other parts, the gamers.


16 responses to “Education or “autodidact”?

    • Some of the above are details, still a detail can set a rule or law. I am sure he will come up with a explanation. Last time when we change opinions on petition team, they said to me I discover a technical detail. A rule can’t be technical.When they used that term I knew how they understand and apply the rules of conduct.

      • Technical details are limited, have boundaries and you can’t see all the picture if you stick to it.

  1. a question : why Historian complicated so much the things ? he complicated and try to hide it for one reason : personal motifs for the ban. he try to find something, but I see he got nothing and still bann you.

  2. Before autodidact came education. I hope Historian will learn from his mistakes and don’t take it as something personal with others players. He did many times, I hope he regrets and change it. Not everyone has the chance to expose their story as the authors of the blog. I hope this will remain for others to see. Historian is the game manager, yet he acts childish.

  3. some things never change inside Acclaim.sed, you were ban because of this blog. keep the good work going. don’t give up.

  4. Histo admitted on 9d boards he “rarely” have something personal with players. You was among them. I think he should unbann you, because what he did… here is the rubric, no it is not, take in, take out, take in again it is not fit for a community manager.

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