Hello dragons!


I do not know a greater fall for a dragon than, the one which occurs when it takes refuge in its own heart. Some said that a dragon falls because fly too high, I say … I don’t know other ‘fall’, than the one resulting from your own will. You sow dragons falling? They fall… following their own will. Nothing is more dangerous than this.

After 3 years of 9Dragons I decided to open the long forgotten books of dragons and share my stories with you all.


10 responses to “Hello dragons!

  1. Welcome among us Story Teller. I look forward to your stories and what news you bring from the kingdom of 9dragons.

  2. I like how you think. Nice to have you here StoryTeller. I am a Modern Spiritualist of the dragons myself. Again welcome!

  3. My friend welcome. You will find your journey in here “special”. Thank-you, for writing in here and thank-you everyone, for helping make this blog what has become.

  4. Story Teller welcome in the world of avatars, debates, masks-off, stories, wars. When you have time come to my inn and I give you to drink while you telling stories.

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