boredUntil our author vennus9d writes more about our lovely publisher Acclaim, I thought I will bring up a little post in this blog. This post is due to Historian.

Yes, Historian is under attack at the moment. Secrets are getting revealed, players are getting tired and leave Acclaim’s 9Dragons, and last but not least, the demonstration against Acclaim, which I started. Some rumors arrive me these days, that The Historian wants to ban me. I expected that already, but it almost seems like he don’t wait for the perfect time. To ban someone without real reason could bring some complications…

However; These things, which are around The Historian these days, seems not to be very important for him. It seems like he is bored and search something to do. For example:

Locking whole threads, just because they are redundant.
[sarcasm=ON]Redundant threads are against Acclaim’s rules![sarcasm=OFF]

Original thread:

Or trying to be sarcastic by telling they can’t ban a person, even if they have a screenshot where this person admit a banable reason… And of corse the thread have to be locked after his reply:

Original thread:

Weird, I had once a chatban without any informations. When I asked the support they said, because I had a bad language. And the only “bad language” I had then was on a party, on a discussion with another person. Ergo: Yes, they do ban people just by looking at a screenshot from another person.

I think, every 9Dragons player knows, that I was not the only one with a ban (chat-ban or another one) withour real “proves”.

And – the best one from Historian in my opinion – the try to answer something on german. On the german 9Dragons forum somebody wanted a guide and made the title of the topic all in caps. This wasn’t naturally acceptable for Historian. He had to tell him, not to post everything in caps. And he failed:

Original thread:

How chrispower already wrote on this thread:
Google Translation for the win? Well, at least he did not locked this topic too… Probably because there are anyway not so many people.

Well, how I wrote last time, it seems like The Historian is a bit confused. But now he’s bored too. I hope, our dear vennus9d will banish his boredom with her posts about him this week.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


24 responses to “Bored

  1. My ban also have no justification. I will demonstrate why and it is logic. He use the rules that he does not understand or know how to interpret. A rule can be interpret but how to explain that to someone that was a small ” web-master” ? He fails to understand some aspects of the rules and fails to understand the community.

    He bans people who are not easy to “deal” with. I believe it is true that he wants to ban you Legend, because he can’t understand the principle of a democracy. His rule for Acclaim forum is simple : tyranny, nobody says something against Acclaim or it is ban. He believes it is bad publicity. It is not if you know how to deal with. But he doesn’t know.

  2. i move in here because 9d forum is bored, i will share my picture of the events.

    Historian with the phone he rated on amazon went to toilet having a ‘secretion’. in the time he waits he is getting bored and browse the forum : ban-not ban, ban-not ban, ban-not ban.the ‘secretion’ is coming and he can’t control his body…press random…it is ban…the next it is not ban…next ban…ban… these secretions are dense because he is in his middle ages.after you pass some age, you can’t control it…

  3. Rolf Chick666. He should try do things better for players, he makes it worst. “German google translator”. If you think about it, his name DeWald is german. I would be ashame to be on the origins german and don’t know the language.

  4. TheHistorian has a moral ban from my part. He will have some “wild” entertainment. I love this post picture. Awesome.

  5. Histo ‘took care’ of BluFlash so now he is alone and bored. BluFlash was not my favorite but these days a rumor pass through : Histo was the one who make Blu ‘wind’. he contribute to that. i hope Histo will wake up and not end like BluFlash. when you are not the chief, above you is always someone else.

  6. Historian presence on forum wants to show us something : he is doing a show off of image. ‘LOOK AT ME, I AM HERE’. He tries to get our attention but on wrong way. I will skip the fact that he is copying TheHermit lately.

    Historian had a thing for the players who voiced the reality and ban them using some fabricated rules. I found this redundant. Somebody…. give him a MIRROR.

  7. I follow for long this blog from the shadow and I didn’t want to post, but wtf… Historian is using ban as a measure of fight to protect Acclaim.

    He thinks so. I think he is doing a bad thing.

    Many chatbans are on because of personal revenge. Many VGMs reports their enemies and people get chat ban out of nowhere.

    Where we drag the line?

  8. [[Historian presence on forum wants to show us something : he is doing a show off of image. ‘LOOK AT ME, I AM HERE’.]]

    exactly, or u want Historian just like BluFlash never reply anything, never do anything and just giving spender event or discounts?

    and about the 1st one about redundant threads, the OP is just pure jealous of those, why don’t he mentioned TGW event is just for high level players? but mentioning that events.

    And locking that topic is just about right in their eyes since it’s not beneficial to leave it open, isn’t it?

  9. May Lee, read this :

    Historian was behind BluFlash leave because BluFlash surpass him in many things. he guide wrong Blu.

    Historian is redundant in making same mistakes again, baning people because he can’t get to their level of knowledge and status. why ? because he don’t even have minimum education in public relation. i can do better what Historian want to say that Historian is doing community manager job ? he is doing moderators job.

    what is wrong and what is right ? from your point is right what Acclaim did, for my point it is not.

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