Historian opens Pandora box

pandoralargeHistorian aka David DeWald has decided to open Pandora box banning the authors of this blog. Starting tomorrow I will write Acclaim people history. Want to know why you can’t find out informations on Acclaim company and the people inside ? Because it is divided in many small companies around the glob with different names. It is a cover up. No secret now.

Who is behind Historian ? A lonely divorced person with kids to grow up and a virtual relations expose on the websites. You wonder how much he gains from Acclaim ? I check it out for you. And there is more.

Who are the GMs from 9dragons? You think they live in America ? Think again. Who are the shadows ?

What you pay with your coins ? Where are the servers ?

Stay tune for tomorrow headline. Everything will be reveal with time…

And “nooby”… don’t bring alternative characters in here (Road Runner we meet again) :



9 responses to “Historian opens Pandora box

  1. i can’t wait to see the bombs falling. Histo asked for it, i guess. he will hurt all the people surrounding him now. wrong move.

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