Survey the community

pabloAcclaim has a good handy tool to find out what community wants, what should be improved, on what points they should work. Unfortunately the survey is used in Acclaim just to talk about money and our needs for mall products.

Community is always on second place. Their needs are not so important as coins are. Some of the main issues that concern the community are known for several years : bugs, new content, pvp imbalance, svs bugs, low profile in communication with players… (was) the ad bar, now the premium users support, new events for players, new contests & so on.  These issues should be the symbolic content of everything that Acclaim does. But it is not.

Acclaim should worship the community of gamers as leaders do, to maintain their functions and privileges. Community survey is not confined to an intention, but to trust. Community survey should determine the strengths, weaknesses,the  knowledge rate of issues, community ‘agenda’, the right message,  what is the most effective strategy in addressing to the community.

The great secret of online communities are focus groups. Even your image is bad and the issues are hard to deal with, you can change it, if you know what are the problems. Experience has shown that you can get exceptional results by working tenaciously.

I made a surgery for community. If you have time, answer the questions. I will post the result and interpretation after 1 week.

PS : my topic on 9dragons survey was deleted from 9dragons boards. Want to guess why?

And they set -up VGM[Olix] on this :

And the final…”banned”:

Someone pretends she/he is Historian :


48 responses to “Survey the community

  1. You had a good idea with this survey. I like the post on survey claims and how all of this can help us in communication problem with Acclaim.

  2. sabersix is the only inferior poster on sedbona post on 9d boards about this survey. he has an inferiority complex. for his first post he just attack her, not to mention he is off-topic every time he posts. vennus I am with you on what you said “naab”.

    done with survey. I hope Acclaim will look on it.

  3. Blur, he believes he is interesting.

    sedbona :
    “sabersix I see in you someone who is frustrated because he can’t get to the expectation. Also you are not qualify as a leader who represent something. Are you a frustrated mod, VGM who was debated on my blog? I guess you are. Further debating with you is consider useless and I will ignore it.”

    “It won’t change a thing except to give Bones one more reason to complain that Acclaim won’t listen to her when she claims to speak for the community, but then who would listen to a stuck record?

    And no Bones I don’t work for Acclaim in any way, nor have I have ever, nor have I ever applied for any position. I would just like to disabuse you of the notion that you speak for the community, because you certainly don’t. I speak for me, and when I do Acclaim tends to listen because I speak politely. What I don’t do is rave on about the topics that neither I nor Acclaim have any control over.”

    i read jealousy in his words and inferiority. man, this guy needs to understand sedbona never said she speaks in the name of the community. she like vennus, Legend are leaders who wants to do something.this guy pretends he is Messiah and Acclaim listen to him. loz, what a lost cause. i can’t stop from laughing.

    • Chick666, breaking news : sabersix is stalking the rubric to see on what he can get on. Pathetic. Guys this what you get if you try to show the truth and fight for players. Lucky for me they didn’t know my main account :p

  4. Ok done with this survery aswell. It’s a good one, but some questions could be better.

    The way you wrote them was a little off.

    • I am sorry sed. For me this will be the beginning for a new era of writing. You want to know all about Acclaim, who are they, who they employee with, who are the GMs, how much Acclaim employee earns, stay tune… starting tomorrow.

      And for Historian… you are a NOOB even you are 40+.

  5. That’s how we know Acclaim.

    Everytime there is a thread about something they don’t like or is against them, it get’s deleted. Nothing new, just another poor move.

    (I got the feeling they ban “sedbona3” as soon as you create it…)

    • Well, we will see about that chris. Anyway first they have to answer me why I got banned on sedbona2. And I am sure they banned my IP also. That can be change. After all I pay the provider and will change it. I will not give up so easy. These days people gets banned because they post something that is opposite to Historian personal believe: 6thbanned, taw and others more.

      • I wonder about taw-ban.
        That must be because he said
        “Be ready for LD Crash” or something, that was his last post AFAIR.

        Well, he was right ofc…

        Look at that thread on 9D forum:

        Why is TheHistorian posting there? He is bored?
        (Translation of his words” Please don’t write the title in caps”)
        Since when is he doing that? That post made me laugh.
        PS: You like my comment?

  6. Because most people will see this comment instead of posting anywhere else::
    Zion: You say other vgms are childish. Have you thought of your actions? What you do is not childish? Get revenge by giving information about vgm team? Lowest of the low. Its good you arent on team anymore. You know why? Because a guy like you-with only selfish thots of revenge-would be terrible for community. You dont represent any players. And why still bashing on Acclaim? Go play Aion like you say you do. Obtw, Raxion isn’t as good as you think he is: Dont believe me? Check:
    & just so u dont go bashing yunashadow for being here, I’m not him/her 😉

    Matrix: You were bashed here before, and now you help them? Nice.

    And someone answer, dont make me look through all the other useless comments. Sum it up: what does bella have to protect serena from??

    O & AI, how do you know that is really Olix? I can impersonate VGMs, too. No GM here to ban me. What if I really am GM? Or just another player who disagrees with your “blog”-I can say I am drakenfyre75 ( your most hated enemy), ocelot190 ( aka “drakens alt” ), Acclaim Acid, GM _Ravnclaw_, [VGM]Manic, [VGM]Hunter, [VGM]Inferno, [VGM]Raxion, GM Nevermore, [VGM]Iron, [VGM]Bella, [VGM]Aster….So… how do you know who is who? What is the saying?? ‘dont judge a book by its cover’

    • Read what I said : it was a set-up for Olix. That IP is from Brasil. It is “undercover”. Take a look at the adress too. I wrote even on forum that I don’t buy that.

    • Ill spill it all about the GM’s the VGM’s ill blow all their covers i dont care…..

      You just crawl back in your 9dragons no-life game that lost all potential it got.

  7. Yes, Historian gets bored because instead of actually doing something for the community he just “count” my inches. I think my post on this blog about the “inches” make him stress and today was a pay-back for that. Yes, it is true, he takes all personal. On my bann a lot of others factors enter in collapse and most of them are on this blog.

    I can’t see what you post, I am banned xD.

  8. Strange reason for closing the topics though. I did the survey and it doesn’t ask for any personal information appart from gender and you can choose not to answer that. Strange, strange, strange… Or did I miss something?

  9. Gender and sex is a request to any sociological poll. It is for the sample. The poll was anonymous nobody knew what player is X, Y, Z . Even they complete the gender and age, the poll didn’t ask if for example “sedbona” name as account detail of gender or sex. I think Historian could not find any better reason. Anyway the bann does not justify that.

    Now we have 2 people who pretend to be Historian :

    They should check the IP on 9dragons boards. Both are proxy ones. Now you see who you deal with. These kind of guys or girls represent us.
    A message for those : even the “bitch” was banned, she will go…

  10. lame pretexts from Historian show what is inside Acclaim and that is why you got banned. i know for sure.
    keep going girl, i am here to support you.

  11. the one who post from the proxy was someone from the staff. Historian you speak about account details ? look on what hand you give Acclaim players informations. sedbona ban shows a reality : you will be baned no matter what if you will not praise Acclaim and show their mistakes. what a band of kids and stupids.

    • That don’t impress me much. I am used on the way they act and are doing the things. Important is not to give up and go on no matter how many obstacle will have in your way to the top. A fighter will always remain a fighter.

  12. (Obtw, Raxion isn’t as good as you think he is: Dont believe me? Check:
    & just so u dont go bashing yunashadow for being here, I’m not him/her)

    Thats just one comment from one person against one of my collegue’s. As you can see the words are pretty much empty. There is no reason posted what so ever. And no signs of people sharing that opinion so far.

    That person probably did something in game that pissed Raxion off. And because of that got pissed off himself. But still i wonder what it was.

    But i am accually getting sick of people bashing the whole VGM team. We do have good members among them. Just because a few dont do what they are supposed to do. Doesnt mean we all do. So stop with the stereo type image you have of the VGM. Also to all who talk trash to VGM ingame and think VGM’s can be pushed around. Dont expect a nice threatment towards you when you are an ass yourself 😉 . Threat people how you want to be threated is what i say.

    Also a notice to the person pretending to be a VGM/Staff member. Do you think they would be stupid enough to use there own names with fake email adresses to post on this blog? Do yourself a favor and stop trying to destroy people’s reputations. You arent helping nobody with this.

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