We are all Acclaim-Haters

6a00d83451b4dd69e2010537154a31970b-800wiThis is an Acclaim-hater blog. We got just Acclaim-haters authors and Acclaim-haters readers. All we want is to hate Acclaim all the time, as would we not have better things to do. That’s at least, what some people think.

3 years, dear playmates. 3 years I am already on 9Dragons. And all I saw were a lot interest for money, and the players were just like… pardon… a piece of shit for Acclaim. I was in the Acclaim staff. Not as VGM or moderator. But I saw a lot wrong things.

I just had a conversation with an actually good friend – about Acclaim. He seems to be the typical Acclaim follower. He tried to tell me, Acclaim is sorting out the “bad guys” in the Acclaim staff. But I’m still asking myself… Why is drakenfyre still in the staff? Sorry drakenfyre… It’s nothing personal. But I see how you don’t follow your own rules and handle the forum community with arrogance. But, she seems to be a good guy then, if she is still in the staff. Furthermore my friend told me, this blog is not honest. He told me, “we guys” are all Acclaim-haters. And we would tell here wrong facts. EVEN if that would be so… Isn’t Acclaim doing that too? To try to put in my head that Acclaim is a soooo good company, isn’t a good idea. Not, because I “heard” something. And I also don’t have any “sources”. I don’t need “sources”. I saw it all by myself.

I started to fight against Acclaim, because I saw many wrong things. I thought, I have to become The Voice of the Players, to help the whole community for a better game. Yes, I get a lot good feedbacks. But I get also a lot bad. I even don’t fight for myself. I am fighting for the people who don’t have the power to speak loud to Acclaim. I am a coin user, so I will get always my support. So why should I actually fight against the new change of services of Acclaim? the answer is very easy: I can get support, but not other people.

To be honest, I am tired of fighting for other people and get a bad feedback, or people who tell me how wrong I am.

I gave to the 9Dragons players the chance to show what they want. I started a demonstration.

Now, it is in the hands of the players. If many people hear about this demonstration, then just because the players want it. If many people participate it, then just because they feel bad on this game and want something better. If it will be a success, then I will be further here for you, on your side.

But, if this demonstration will fail, I will give it up. If this fails, I will stop to try to help the community, I will stop to complain on Acclaim’s 9Dragons forum, and I will stop to post here in this blog.

Remember, remember, the 5th of november…

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


35 responses to “We are all Acclaim-Haters

  1. Your friend is by no means an “acclaim follower” – and he doesn’t appreciate you posting what he has to say.

  2. this blog became a voice that is hurting them. in fact the truth hurts. the freedom in here and everything what was written is the truth behind the close doors.

  3. When you become a leader you have a responsibility. You have to go on with your own strength. People will always judge even if you do nothing. Legend, go on, without looking back or listening some brain washers of Acclaim. Our job is not to hate Acclaim, but to make them do good things for the players.

    drakenfyre is a mummy who must go.

  4. some people like drakenfyre and others who destroy the 9d community loved to be without this site. i am not her or any other who can follow something, someone without questions, freedom of speech.

    so many lies were discover in here, so many stuffs that i didn’t know. you guys are not stupid and that is why Acclaim and the puppets are afraid. keep the good work.

  5. https://projectai.wordpress.com/ become a brand, a first class blog not some cheap second hand community full with alternative characters where you can’t say what you think. Acclaim must look around and try to understand why they end up like that. They have to look at players who they work with, represent them in front of 9d players, new players, veterans.

    Acclaim haters ? Who said it? Some second hand player like ocelot190 aka Serena who came in here talking big and try show us a lesson of her ‘intelligence’ but end up giving her real identity : VGM Serena. After that she go cry at GMs and her team of VGMs from Bardo that Zion said the truth.

    drakenfyre ? A psycho ? chris who lied in his application ? Olix who copy others events ? Historian who measure the inches of a signature instead of ruling the community?

    You guys did all the hard work and show us who they really are. I know it is not easy on you, but please go on. Legend, don’t quit after the first try.

    Acclaim is afraid because you can gather people around you and start some change.

  6. That guy or girl don’t know what hate is. Constructive critic ? True? Secrets to be discover? Virtual life ? Real Community I enjoy all in here. I love it.

  7. …embarressment , feeling inferior, showing their true face, digging up deep in their secrets, expose them…You all rock !
    I am in this game for 3 years now and I sow for myself how things works for Acclaim. This blog is just saying what many of us thinks and feel. We can’t do it on 9dragons forum because we are lock, deleted, call spammers, haters of Acclaim. I tried in many times but was a not happy ending. For me, this is a better place than 9d official board.

    • Cora, I have some quotes from 9d boards :

      leninl :
      “STOP BUY coins = Make pression to Acclaim = They must see why the ppl dont buy coins.”

      sely16 :
      “ust think of how acclaim blinded by greed is tryng to make things worse
      so all that we want is unification of players to open acclaim eyes
      YES WE CAN!
      WE MUST ACT!
      only then the change will arrive
      a lot of players left including me
      and acclaim still dont see ther own mistakes
      mods and mods locking topic which call players to do somthing
      so acclaim saw own errors but they dont want to fix their mistakes
      their greed will bring them to ruin ther games for sure

      greezy08 :
      “Dude,let me tell u what u gonna do after u hit PS1,
      You will try PvP n get annoyed bcos of nukers,
      You will ask for New map,but it wont be here even on christmas,
      Other things,ull also get annoyed bcos 70% of the game is full of bugs.
      So one day,u will realise that actually throwed allot of $ over the balcony..
      Every f$#king event u and whole LD Grinders are gettin’ annoyed and Acclaim doesnt even fix their cr4p Server/Map.
      Somehow TheHermit released 6xp Event/30 TGWs,did u ever ask urself why he did it ?
      Bcos hes trying to keep the players in this and make them waste money. ”

      “Well, greezy08 just pretty much wrote the scriptures of prophecy for you, and quite accurate in detail too. ”

      “Im sure we like ti play our chars, in which we invest alot of money, stop compensate us with more downtime, we all know that wont help us. Star to compensate us with coins or with money back to our bank accounts.
      do i’m clear ?”

      “or quit game..and forget games with publisher acclaim”
      on begin i loved game coz had nice events lot 50% off on item mall boss spawm on BP!! , etc..but after u get high lvl is almost imposible lvl without premium…griding and receive 00.01~00.02 wt.f is this??! also events now suck..i dont see anymore TGW spawm on BP, and others boss spawm…now event’s consist on grind like staurday ill get x4 XP ok is good.. but at 1 point is boring coz no new quet’s, no adv clans… u dont have purpose to grind..what is point grind till Hermit ?..Mm maybe for nukers is can go all villages and PK all, also on safe zone…but for healer/hybrid u can’t go kill nukers coz u will die….hermit CK build healer/hybrid vs nuker GL u still die

      so i quit…ok if i get jackpot on real life i back coz ill buy like 50 XP card’s or more a day and ill grind always with x2 XP..most rich people now make that..but poor people or people can’t buy anytime items from item mall can’t grind good coz XP rate -.-

      strifecloud2 :

      As I can see more and more ppl are writing about “stuffs” (errors, bugs, >new< support mail etc.)

      So, my message is simple, watch out what are you writing, and do not write anything about acclaim (or what they do) with bad words (so just do not write truth).
      All of us know that truth hurts (sometimes :q), and acclaim kinda hate players which write truth about them and you might end like me – with ban :p

      So at the end …
      Better DO NOT write truth if you want to play/write on forum ; )

      You can lie, you can flame, just leave truth for yourselves ;]


      "Fast history for you coz I gtg on SotNW :d

      Week ago I wrote truth about Support mail only for ppl which buy coins and I got ban…
      So better (if you don't want ban) don't write truth about acclaim and what they do ;]"

      ultamatephil :
      "OK, basically here is what he is saying…
      don't post stuff about how acclaim screws its players over, cause they will get mad and ban u…
      and don't u profanity…cause most of u r under 13 any ways….. "

      … SAY THE TRUTH AND YOU WILL BE BANNED… We hate Acclaim or Acclaim hates the players?

  8. You say “I was in the Acclaim staff. Not as VGM or moderator. But I saw a lot wrong things.”

    Could you please enlighting me on what part of the staff you where?

    Only staff job you can get at acclaim if you dont live near the head office building is “moderator” and “VGM” as far as i know.

      • Then you can tell me what function you had there right? And if you still have contact with your collegue’s on the inside.

      • Really, if I would want to tell it, I would do it already since long time. Believe it or not, I don’t mind.

        It’s anyway not important what I was. What I am now is more important. I am a player like everyone else. I just try to help.

        The only thing I wanted to say, is that I saw some things by myself, and not heard some “facts” from somewhere. And that’s the reason why I don’t let other people change my opinion about Acclaim.

  9. not all players are the same, they have different goals in this game. don’t consider yourself Acclaim hater if you fight for something you believe in. more, this blog was a revelation and Acclaim staff don’t like it because you kick their @ or KO them.i consider all the authors in here did a good job. please continue to do it in the future.

  10. I will only add some words as a metaphor : ” It’s not personal, it’s business.” Nothing is personal about the rules of the game. Don’t get worked up. If you do, you might be taking it the wrong way.

  11. You are all pathetic. First lets talk about the ever misundertanding of a poor english teh sedbona spits out.

    Honestly I’m not sure you understand enough english to really compleain about things. Every post you make looks like google translater chocked on it. Half the time you are bitch about stuff you misunderstood, and it clear byt your rampling posts that you have no clue as to what Freedom of Speach is in America. I mean I get it, Romain’s Free Speach is a bit of a joke and popping out to an america site to spout of your gibberish without the fear of your government coming down on you must make you feel really good.

    As for this demonstration, it will be a sad sad event. Even if you have 100 people who read and follow this little “blog” that won’t even dent the server population.

    Oh and if you stop buying coins for 3 days I’m sure Acclaim will really be curious about the loss of the money, right up until you idiots start buy coins again after the “demonstration”.

    I see what you are trying to do, but frankly there are to any people who are perfectly fine with things the way there are at acclaim. I’d even go so far as to say there are about 8 to 9 hundred people for ever 1 on you here.

    To the follower of this site. Your leadership is making you look like fools to the rest of the community. Between Vagabinds lies about “working” for acclaim and sedbona’s bizzare usage of what she thinks is correct english grammar, your “message” is diluted to fanatical rants.

    It’s just sad, for all the “help” they think they are offering they are just making things worse.

    -Legend- your stupid ass got caught advertising this site in game, so kiss that account goodbye.


    • Freedom of speech it is a universal right, no matter that I stay in Romania or America. Google translator ? Do you think to correct english grammar mistake I use a non-pay soft? Think again. English it is not my first language, but that does not mean I don’t fight to improve it.

      And if you want to see my traffic, search it, it is over 380/day. And check the blog stats : almost 10.000.

      What is your problem in the end ? I understand that you love Acclaim and you make money from coins. I got your message and we all got it, but get your spamm IP out of this blog.

    • you want Legend to be banned ? you think you can? sedbona is using in her signature of 9dragons forum the link to this site. she fought once for that.

      yes, we know how Acclaim operates. harassing players with the stupid small detail, that is why the veterans who left in this game will fight it. bring down the opportunists !

    • When you speak romanian as good as sedbona, french as good as me, german as good as Legend come back and have a talk. If I am not born in America and I am not born with english surrounding me, means that I can’t post ? Language barrier is nothing for me. I am twice smarter than any english born speaker, or you, I speak 3 languages, because I study it and I am proud of it.

    • Be cool mate. You know, even if you call me a lier, I can stay cool and not offend you. You do it just because you use a proxy. Anyway, try to be a bit more smart.

      However, why are you scared? How I said, if this demonstration will fail, I will give up and never complain again. If you are so sure about it, that just 100 people will participate it, then you can just feel happy. But you don’t, somehow.

      You know, such demonstrations start every day and everywhere. It is normal. It is a way, to show, the people are unsatisfied. And it is not illegal. Even if I think too, that my account will get probably banned, so I am waiting for a REAL reason, where they can catch me. If Acclaim catch me too early, it could cause some problems.

      However… Just take a bath, drink some coffee or tea, relax a bit, and just take a look how the demonstration will going. If you are right, I will leave you Acclaim guys alone. If you are wrong, I will be further here for the community. Ergo, no point to talk about the whole thing, until the demonstration is over.

      To be honest, I hope somehow this demonstration will fail. So I don’t have to listen anymore to such time wasting words.

    • I don’t think so, but you know your IP adress it is in spamm base of date and was in spamm junk. Why? I tell you, it is a proxy and was blocked on forum spamm. I usually don’t approve spamm comments, but I did with yours just to give you the proof you are a spammer and a set-up.

      Yes, Akismet put your comments in spamm directory :

      Why? Look for yourself :

    • A little spammer comes to give us ethical lessons ? I live the day to see this one coming. China proxy ? You play 9dragons Acclaim version from a chinese proxy ? May I ask why ? You play the game illegally. chinesse IP’s are banned because of the spammers in Acclaim version.

  12. is he the one who has the money making site, the one with the coins ? now he gets upset that her connections will be out of official team and can’t make no more money ? Losers you are the looser.

    China proxy, what a looser.

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