Steven-Elliot Altman, The Killswitch

When it is about a good book, I like to promote it. You gain something with every book you read. Today I decided to promote 9dragons writer,  Steven-Elliot Altman, book,  The Killswitch.

1Warriors of The Land,

Many have asked me just what I was doing whilst I was gone. The answer as many have guessed… was of course, writing.

I am humbled that Acclaim has offered me the chance to introduce you to some of my work that is not 9D Lore-related, and also make a special Hermit’s Offer to all 9D Players. Only the pre-ordered books will ship as the first printing. The complimentary gift; however, will arrive as stated below. Thank you all for your warm wishes! I hope those of you who share a love of Science-Fiction with me, will enjoy the book and… The Hermit is happy to be back home in The land!

Acclaim congratulates our own best-selling author and 9Dragon’s LoreMaster Steven-Elliot Altman (AKA The Hermit) for publishing his new novel The Killswitch Review!

The Killswitch Review is a mind-blowing futuristic science-fiction adventure written in the tradition of Blade Runner. So, if you like the Lore and in-game story of 9Dragons than you already enjoy Steve’s writing! Go visit and you can see the cover and even download a free PDF of the first two chapters to see if you like it before you buy it.

The Hermit’s Offer to 9Dragons Players: Not many know this, but The Hermit is also a master weapons refiner. Purchase an advanced copy of The Killswitch Review from the website and he will refine any weapon you own to +7 as a complimentary gift. Simply go the website and click to the Acclaim Offer. Enter Your Character’s Name, Server Location, and the exact name of the weapon you wish to have refined to +7 in the form, and it shall be done within 24 hours of purchase confirmation! (example: TheHermit, Nirvana, Superior Lightning Spade.) Questions or inquiries regarding the offer must be sent to: Hope you enjoy the book and May The Seeds Of The Dragon Within You Thrive!


13 responses to “Steven-Elliot Altman, The Killswitch

  1. it is science-fiction and it is cheap, i will give a try. i sow we will get +7 if we buy it. nice method to promote it 🙂

  2. I sow the review and is pro. I read few pages and I can say I like it. I oder it. I will come with a complete review on my own after I will read it all.

  3. I like science fiction genre because it opens the doors of the future. In my opinion, science-fiction authors are visionaries. I will buy this book, I think it is a good one to read and put it in my science-fiction collection.

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