Demonstration against Acclaim

Dear players and customers of Acclaim

demonstrationMany, many people are not happy about the curently situation on 9Dragons. Either Acclaim just think about money, or there are corrupt VGMs, or arrogant forum moderators which do not follow their own rules, or the game which is full of bugs and not enjoyable yet, or just some Acclaim staff member who just want to close the mouths of their players. But the best thing is their new gag: Since Oct 8th 2009, Acclaim do not support their players anymore, which never bought any Acclaim coin. As player, who never bought any Acclaim coin, you will not even get an answer from the 9Dragons support.

9Dragons, for example, is a 13+ game. Especially the youngest players do not got the knowledge to get any free Acclaim coins from events (for example through those Acclaim surveys), or just do not have the chance to buy any Acclaim coins, for example because their parents just do not want it. Also many older players never bought any Acclaim coin, so they will never get any support again, until they buy some.

This is not the way how business should work. A company should be always there for their customers and potential customers, at least as long the potential customers can play the company’s games for free.

Many people say, players just can’t change anything. But I say: Yes, we can!

This is a call to all of you! If you are not happy about anything on an Acclaim game, then you must participate this demonstration!

If you want to participante the demonstration, then follow the following:

– On november the 5th 2009, thursday from 00:00 o’clock on, do not go online into 9Dragons. Not even with your hefei seller!
– Do not go online until sunday, november the 8th 2009, 24:00 o’clock.

No matter where you life, what’s the time in your country. Just do not log in between the 5th 00:00 and the 8th november 24:00. If all people will participate, which also complain about Acclaim, then it will work very well. And Acclaim have to see that their players and customers are really not happy.

The topics on Acclaim’s forum will get deleted really soon, definitely, so here you can see the same topic on two places, where it will not get deleted:

If YOU are one of them which are not happy about the currently situation of 9Dragons and want to participate this demonstration, then you can help!
Copy this whole text and send it as PM to many other players. Tell it also to many players ingame, to people in your friendslist or in your party.

But if YOU are happy about the whole game, if it is pure fun for you and everything is perfect, then just do nothing.

Our voices shall arrive Acclaim:

Dear people, it’s time for a revolution…
Remember, remember, the 5th of November!

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


40 responses to “Demonstration against Acclaim

  1. I think it will work better if you give a time zone. Like 00:00 GMT or 00:00 PST. This way it has more chances of becoming a real mass protest…

  2. You want to hold a demonstration against acclaim but you picked the weirdest weekend. Why the weekend of november 5th? You secretly dont want to miss a event or something? If you are going to do this, do it when it hurts them the most. During one of there big events where players usually spend alot of Exp cards and stuff.

    You have that new VGM buff event this weekend, and halloween is coming up soon aswell. If they repeat what they did the other years we will have a halloween event again. Hit them during one of those.

    Its acclaim you are dealing with. Hit them in the money flow, not on some random weekend that doesnt really bring in that much cash flow. Unless you know before hand whats gonna be 30% off in the Item Mall that weekend.

    Btw i was one of the members who accually saw your thread on the forum before it got removed. Good thing i already read this blog since a little while daily to check for updates. But this is accually my first time making a comment here.

    But i am guessing the following will happen, and its something you see all around the world and not just in here. You will get alot of support by people who are considert as whiners. But in the end 90% really is what they call them, whiners. They only complain and never take any action. While the people who want to take action accually embarass themselfs because the whiners where all talk again and no action.

    So i suggest from the stereo type group people call whiners you find the people first who arent whiners, but people who complain with legit reason and take action. Get some idea’s together and put that plan into action so you know for sure that it’s gonna work. But that doesnt give a 100% guarantee that the group that is accually taken action will still be small in the end.

    But keep in mind even a small sincere group can make a difference.

  3. I posted this text on some of the hero leagues forums and I think it is a good idea to post the text on HL forums, because people read and check for updates of 9dragons life. I will roar in game also and send mail with this text to all my 9dragons list. I think it is a good form of protest and I support you in this Legend.

  4. Legend it is a great idea. I will copy/paste yours message in my alliance board. I will try to pm on 9dragons boards the persons I know. I hope they will get it. You all know how Acclaim works. I will join the demonstration and I will not log in 9dragons.

    Our voices shall arrive Acclaim:

    They will be heard.

  5. I don’t understand why Acclaim erase the post. It is a democratic form of protest. In many countrys people protests for stuffs.

    • I also don’t understand why my comment here was erased, when it was in no way opposing to the protest or insulting. Guess we’ll both be wondering

    • you comment the first one.

      I think it will work better if you give a time zone. Like 00:00 GMT or 00:00 PST. This way it has more chances of becoming a real mass protest…”

      that one? i had a bug before and i posted in a topic and the comment went to other topic.

  6. Good luck with that. Will never happend. How many will attent your strike? The same players that post here? 10 -15? That wont afffect Acclaim bussiness, unless you gather 1000+ players to do so. You are wasting your time for nothing. I also stopped playing 9d, it got to expensive.

      • As i said. 15 ppl dont even make the difference in what acclaim earns. Gather 1000+ on all servers then you can make your point, and im sure most will say that they wont log, and at the time will log.

      • in the big leagues it is a rule – solidarity with BM. why you are the BM if the others don’t follow you. majority will decide and the minority will obey. that is life in a big league. most of the time the others follow what BM said.

      • ok, 5 BMs… and if the players from those band will log… then what throw them out from the bands that they breaked their BM rule now to log? You canot force them to
        do not log.

  7. Sebastian i don’t think it is a waste of time. people will come . many already posted this demonstration on leagues forums. in the end it is their choice. and it is a start.

  8. Legend, you should post this in others gaming sites. Acclaim will panic if it is bad publicity. Write reviews, post about this protest on mmo forums.

  9. The only protest that will really hurt them is not buying coins anymore. My protest, that was started a while ago, was indeed noticed by Acclame as they were quick to move it and some time later lock it, as it was becoming a problem. Even Steven Altman tried to persuade me to renounce my protest, giving only lame motivations. The problem here is that many of 9D’s players are minors that play with their parents money and they lack the mental capacity to fully understand what a protest like this is all about and dont have the stenght to carry it out…

  10. Get big enough to grab your own company that works out like Acclaim does. Try to get stuck in their shoes, and stray away from that player-only Mind frame. Then you’ll start to get it.

    • I wonder why Acclaim is the worst publisher then, if it is “so normal”.

      I bet I could make a better work than Historian as Game Manager of 9Dragons.

      Historian can contact me anytime to make a bet.

      • I highly doubt it. You’re speaking from blind anger, no doubt, to make an insidious bet like that.

      • So what if Acclaim isn’t normal? It shouldn’t be perfect either (a bit of a naive statement, sorry about that, but it is true).

      • lol Wonderous, Historian don’t even have studies in PR to be a community manager, he is a web administrator and that lacking of him it is sow at every step he made.

      • You should not speak like that about somebody you don’t know, Wonderous.

        I’m serious with the bet. Talk with Historian, maybe he would try it. But I doubt that.

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