Breaking news- VGM[Zion] : Shadowcat is VGM[Serena]

shadowcat1Thanks to VGM [Zion] another VGM got busted. Let’s review the events. Shadowcat try to spy for drakenfyre75 to see from where we got the source of informations about her, who si behind all of this, but instead she is desconspire being a VGM. Shadowcat is ocelot190 on 9dragons boards, aka VGM[Selena] from Bardo. All of this happen live on this blog.

Shadowcat :

and how do I know that? you are no the only person with “contacts”.

She show off she has “contacts”. Big mistakes, because more questions followed. She try to say it is from Mirc, but when you make such an affirmation sure you have something behind.


Bella was reacting to a topic in the VGM section about Raxion getting his TGW epi. I replied that he was just having some fun. She made it worse and i kept my cool all the way only those 2 girls, cause they arent women yet, do everything together, the shit, they and they work together.

So we have 2 womans, “girls” of 18-19 years old, sorry, who are closed to each other. Bella and Serena ? Serena has a typo. If you notice she was always a pair with the head of VGM on the server. Before Bella, who was it?… I think you know it.


So idk who you are….maybe Strider, that i took care of or Serena aka ocelot190 that threatend me on MSN. I dont really care, bring proof.

So ocelot190 aka Shadowcat, threatend a VGM in MSN. From where she had the MSN of a Bardo player when she plays on Nirvana ? It is logic we deal with VGMs MSN group. Also her threat was about another VGM.


Shadowcat is ocelot190 aka Serena.

A confirmation.


Jup you are right thats Serena……welcome [VGM]Serena……

Coz sahe posted a pic in the real players photo thread under her own account ocelot190 and thats the same pic she sended me.

So VGM[Serena] send to VGM[Zion] a picture who looks like the one that ocelot190 posted on 9dragons forum :

Last hour news : VGMSerena removed her picture and we have a poor explanation  :

:S – removed due a personal stalker … Confused


Lol forgot to put in that her own charname in her sig is Shadowcat….busted Serena

Shadowcat :

I only knew zions msn cuz someone gave it to me ._.

Why VGM[Zion] needs to lie? Who gave you Zion MSN and why? Secret no ? Need more evidences ? It looks logic to me. Now Acclaim will change VGM[Serena] name and the circus will continue.


68 responses to “Breaking news- VGM[Zion] : Shadowcat is VGM[Serena]

  1. Oh man, it is like a story in here. When I come back after few hours I see more and want more. I will become addicted to this blog soon.

    “Why VGM[Zion] needs to lie? Who gave you Zion MSN and why?”

    Good questions.

  2. Shadowcat got what she wanted in the end : evidence. She remove the picture. I have a question : Acclaim give ocelot190 the first place in signature contest because she was a VGM ? This it is discrimination against the others players. We have no chance to win a contest without being in the official team.

  3. What a twist of fate. That is why Shadowcat keep digging and redigging in mud and always in contradiction on 9d forum when a player hit the VGM subject, moderators subjects. sedbona was right : many alternative characters on 9dragons boards who clap hands when Acclaim told them because they were in a big dirt.

    Contest. Prizes are reserve for official team that is why they vote each others, only official team can vote. Acclaim told us a beautiful lie.

  4. So am VGM serena because Zion said I gave him my pic? the one he has not shown and was in 9d forum and I actually removed because I didnt think freaks were gonna take it to call me VGM? oh yeah and the biggest detail I dont have zion in my msn. <—

    Erm.. contacts? Umm yeah not everyone likes sedbona so their is like a gropie like this one. Which "sends" you information.

    But Im not so stupid to feed you more 🙂

    I would like to see the evidence on this one =)

    lol poor serena, wonder how she'll react when she sees this. xD or someone tells her idk, dont know her. Im not much into bardo.
    Oh well into 9d since a whileeeeeeee ago 😉

    • Another VGM told the true, because he couldn’t get his placde in the VGM team. So words from a VGM is trusty and correct. For me, this is just another rumor. Like the time they spread the rumor that I was VGM Thunder ;D.

    • So what if Zion just took her picture from 9D, and said it was the picture that she sent to him. Is there anyway to prove this right or wrong? .. I guess not. But since he is an ex-VGM, whatever he says should be true right 🙂 …

  5. Shadowcat why you keep embarrassing yourself ? why so much time to give an answer. you were in here when this topic was wrote and you run away to think to a solution. what a poor solution… give us a MSN address ? i have 2, one with the people of 9d, one for my friends.

    Shadowcat rewind your words, there is your evidence.

    yeah not everyone likes sedbona, but on 9dragons forum she got harassed by the alternative characters of some from the official team and you was one of them, isn’t?

    Shadowcat, after this i am sure Acclaim will change Serena name. you got busted and OWN so live with it.

  6. ”VGM[Zion]

    Lol forgot to put in that her own charname in her sig is Shadowcat….busted Serena”

    Umm why would I change my sig? I have never said that I wasnt ocelot190, uff I have always said thats my forum acc.

    My forum acc : ocelot190
    My mIRC name: Cate
    My ign: Shadowcat

    and as im telling you, I removed them just for the same reason that sed did. I do get her point in not want to post her pic. Other ppl take it to lie. Which is what you are doing.

  7. Pardon me chick but im not you. I only have that msn acc, for msn which is where zion say he got the pic from?

    And as you can see, the evidence you took was “WORDS” of a ex VGM, who is very obvious he has problems with serena and bella.

    And why do you want me to run away? because Im making myself clear from your lies? I mean draken doesnt do that but guess what Im not her. As I told ya I was waiting for the story now im here watching it. And making clear whats true and what is not. 🙂

  8. your case and sedbona is different. someone else post sedbona picture in 9dragons forum, but you posted yours, from ocelot account. nobody force you to do it, than after Zion wrote that on blog, you remove it.

    and let’s not forget in how many times you asked sedbona to post her picture on forum, making her names for refusing and talk like crazy and now you suddenly, after Zion post think the same? who you want to kidding?

  9. how makes that different? tell me this. You post your picture in a X forum. But you dont think in the future somebody is going to claim that other person gave him your picture. So you just act like nothing happened and leave the picture there? so other freaks can get it and keep doing the same?

    In this case zion claims serena gave him my picture? or more logical that im her? How can I be someone that I dont even know? How can I be a VGM when I havent had a freaking post in the vgm recluting section?? pls check all my post in ocelot190 and tell me if there is a post in that section. I dont really know how that work to give more details.

    And you think if i was serena I would help you?? I checked her posts, now pls you tell me. DO you really think I’d be so idiot to help “players” with all the crap that VGMs get?? or Better still play 9d?? oh god and why would I be a VGM in bardo ? where sedbona is from?

    Keep talking im just laughing at the crap you are making now xD

    • Sedbona isnt only on Bardo.

      You just do what most of the team does. Lying…..

      So Serena, better stop you only makin it worse for yourself.

  10. who is laughing more, you and me?

    Shadowcat you change your view after Zion post the link till then you were against sedbona opinion posting your picture on a forum. you keep quarrel for that : she has something to hide, she is a man and god knows what you said, I can’t remember all. now you agree with sedbona that you don’t like about this.

    Zion said that ocelot in msn aka Serena gave him his picture. you posted in “Because” Zion address… to show off. the questions you didn’t answer :

    “Why VGM[Zion] needs to lie? Who gave you Zion MSN and why?”

    ask yourself why you would be a VGM on Bardo.

  11. ocelot your attitude is not different from draken. you both are a lost cause. are you afraid that Acclaim will not change your VGM name ? now on Bardo all will scream after Serena : here is ocelot, the puppy of draken.

  12. chick read my post again, I said


    you are the one saying things that i’ve never said :p

    and angelita do you think I care if serena gets that? LOL
    I feel sorry for serena beacuse she is the that is gonna pay for all this. You can say to serena w/e you want she’s the one thats gonna get it XD not me LOL

    Zion why coulnt I be VGM eva? before this thread I said that when the crappy story was about me I wanted to be Eva 😦 or a GM but I guess there are no female GMs?

  13. Umm GW how can you be sure that the email I posted is the real zion’s msn? I mean how can you be sure I wasnt liying?

    Sedbona never confirmed that it was. Did she?

    She said her msn contacts are private. And we have to respect that.We cant make ppl give us thing tat they dont want to. That would be a violaion of privacy imo.

    Do you see how is this synergy working? Even though we dont want it, I think its going by its own o_o

    I understand sed’s picture thing point and now you get my point of where does the information come from, I mean the proof. Since you are asking me where did I get all this 🙂

    But sed never gave me prooves beacuse their sources dont want to be revealed.

    And as I said about serena, you can do whatever you want with her, Idc since its not me.

    But you wont believe me so you can go on. Since there is nothing to hide 🙂 At least from my side 😉

  14. It is VGM[Zion] e-mail. I have it in my MSN. sedbona didn’t confirm it but I can. Even you turn the table, you are not so smart Shadowcat to do it in the right direction. A 18-19 year old mind is still young and don’t have the capacity to generate an assembly.

    -your picture mysterious got removed after Zion post
    – you said : ‘i have contacts’
    – you contact Zion on msn to argue with him about Bella
    – you got his msn because you are a VGM
    – you are VGM Serena
    – your words of hiding which starts in a force become limpest in the end show it

    sedbona start the game, but you can’t end it because you don’t know how and is out of your league girl.

  15. Blur you are the one that is saying all that, not me.

    And im no going to repeat again why I removed my pics for a 3rd time.

    If you want to take the time check the above posts.

    Umm no I dont have zion in my msn.

    and why would I care about bella now? So Im bella too?

    Contacts? So we go o back again huh. Seds has contacts, you have contacts as it seems since you are the one with the ex-vgm in ur msn? As I said you can say all you want about Serena, and I guess bella too?

    since its not me, but nah. Sure keep going you dont understand what I say, at the end the one that is paying for this is Serena xD and bella too?

    lolz 🙂

  16. Shadowcat you become awkward. Try to learn arguments and read what I said carefully. A smart person understand.

    – I never said you are Bella, you contact Zion because of Bella, why you keep craping about Bella ? Try to get her in this ?
    – I never said sedbona has contacts, as she said, her and vennus9d receive mails from different players about some facts, persons from 9dragons official team
    – I never said I am not from the official team so stop the craping. If I have Zion in my msn means something.
    – You can’t prove that you don’t have Zion in your msn, unless you make a print-screen with all your MSN list. But in meantime you can erase it. I don’t think you will do a print-screen with all your MSN list because you are afraid. You will say it is confidential as sedbona said it. You will repeat after sedbona, because as I see it she became your guru. Now everything she said and does is right. How come ?…LOL

    • Lolz … ask people to send their MSN contact list to strangers in the Internet!!! … Wow, how do you expect people will do that. That is the stupidest thing to ask one to do it.

      Also, so whoever has Zion MSN contact is automatic in VGM team?. What if Zion liked and was after Shadowcat, and he actually gave her his MSN contact? Then now, ‘cuz of personal thing between him and her. He made all this crap to just de-flame her. Who is telling the true here. Nobody can prove it. It’s not ‘cuz Zion is an ex-VGM, then he would tell the true.

  17. I answered your question, I didnt mean to bring bella, you are the one saying that i had a convo with zion about bella. Then I asked you, what do I care about bella? Like what do I care about Serena.

    “-your picture mysterious got removed after Zion post
    – you said : ‘i have contacts’
    – you contact Zion on msn to argue with him about Bella
    – you got his msn because you are a VGM
    – you are VGM Serena”
    I answered your question, about removing my picture. Its posted like 2 times.

    Yes, I said I have contacts, Umm How do you interpret that Is your problem not mine. In my case I’ll give you the definition of contacts that I’m talking about, so don’t get confused .. contacts: “persons or sources where you get information from”
    Which you made clear at with this post

    “..- I never said sedbona has contacts, as she said, her and vennus9d receive mails from different players about some facts, persons from 9dragons official team”
    Thats contacts, and a thing you missed was saying “persons from the 9dragons official team”
    And “…I never said I am not from the official team so stop the craping. If I have Zion in my msn means something.”
    Umm Sed has Zion in her msn, does it mean that she is from the 9dragon teams too? Umm no.

    But you made yourself clear saying that you are from the VGM team and send her info.
    It’s fine with me since I don’t actually care about it.
    So.. If I have Zion in my msn I have to make a print of
    all my contacts to prove it?
    Umm… Wouldn’t be the same if Zions proves that I have him in my msn, if I have him he should have me right?
    I mean that says Shadowcat somewhere or cate maybe.
    “..- you got his msn because you are a VGM
    – you are VGM Serena..”

    Simple question, where is the proof of that? Since you are so sure.

    Ermm no you’re right Im not going to SS all my msn contacts to show them to you, someone that I dont know. Lol you are asking someone to SS all her msn contacts. Lmao.
    But Idk All this you should go tell serena, not me.

    Oh and Sed didn’t start this story, was vennus9d. Dont give the credit to somebody else 🙂
    But end a story? Sure I guess, I think I have made Serena get more crap that any other VGM.

    And I apologize for that. So yeah I guess it’s my time to go back to the real life 🙂 Was fun debating with you guys.
    And as you can see, I did manipulate you 😛 told ya you were gonna end up with a story and here it is. Told ya about the synergy and there it was 😉

    And again sry serena >.< even that I dont know you, I know you’ll hate me to the bones ..
    Anyways. Bye :p

    • lies, lies, more lies, nobody will believe you now. i have you in my MSN ocelot190 and i think Blur too 🙂

      who end up to be manipulate now?

    • I remind you Shadowcat you was the one who wanted to play this game, started in the topic “Because…” If Serena will be hurt or will end up kick up from Acclaim team it is your own fault. In the end if she is valuable to the team, Acclaim can change her name. It is not the first time.

      Manipulation ? You start the course in the first semester of Political Science or 3th semester of Law or last year in Communication and if you want to study on your own are over 500 books. But I guess you didn’t go so far. I doubt you have the minimum notions what manipulation is. I suggest you to start with Niccolò Machiavelli and we can talk about it.

      Hint : after Bella promotion, Serena is Bardo new VGM lead so many are in stake here.

  18. Its not really my problem, but digging up someones life to your please, its not really right. As sedbona got upset when that someone posted her pic on 9d forum, saying it was done without her approval, and could be punished by law, you also dont have the right to post pics of draken and dig up into her life. Yeah was ok going on with the avatar thing, but you got way to personal. Right seb? If someone will dig up your life style and post it on a blog, i bet hell with come on earth …

    • guys don’t you think you are so ‘loud’ ? you know what i want to say. they just dig in Shadowcat virtual life when was discover she is Serena. you mix up the post. this is not about draken. drakenfyre75 post that picture by herself, on 9dragons forum another person post sedbona picture. for drakenfyre this should be a signal : she does not think before she acts.

      it is very amuse how you guys came up to at sedbona word. now everything she say is cool and you must follow.

      sedbona took care of her real life and she keep a low profile, a thing that draken didn’t do it.

      draken has on her hands all our IPs, mail addresses and others stuffs. she is a public danger.

    • drakenfyre75 had the possibility to put an avatar in her picture place on vampire forum, but she posted her picture. Was her choice. I didn’t start to dig in her personal life, everything what I wrote was about her virtual life : the clubs she is in, the sites where she moderates, her virtual love. Why you bring sedbona in what I wrote ? You don’t know my real avatar in 9dragons ? You will never know it.

      I know you try to discover who is behind vennus9d, but no chance.

  19. … 2 more things…
    1st… Zion how old are you? 30 something? You acuse others for being childish… then what you say abt your crying not ending up team leader in bardo? or was it nirvana in the Strider’s place, the one you took down as you said in one of the posts above? That was your aim ? to be team leader? And you talk abt lying and personal aims… childish

    2nd… Sedbona, why dont you uncover your really good friend tran1234? Or you protect your close friends? Hes not the only player on bardo that tell others who he is and stuff… If you post abt him, Hat off to you, but i know for sure you wont.

    Yours Trully Sebastian
    Bardo player, retired 8 months ago, played 9d since open beta.

    • i see that you are from the team Sebastian or what is your real name,i don’t care. since we are both in the same team, what about tran1234? he was a VGM for few time, but no more.

      Zion did his job good and now you can’t stand him because he is bringing you down one by one. it is not only him.

      maybe this sounds childish to you, but i want to be TL of all VGM and i will do it, i will give all VGMs informations till all of you would be expose. so what you will do about it ? you have no idea who i am.

      • Only see Zion praising Raxion now so how you think you will be TL? And you expose all? All but yurself so then we will all know who is really “powerhungry”
        I think yur friend Zion wuld love to call you that then since is his favorite word to call others

      • what is wrong to fight with all you have in a fight which i want to win ? your see all childish not me.

      • childish… now everyone that dosnt agree with what you say, must be from “the team”. why dont you accept others freedom of speach? not everyone must agree with what you say. Its debating, there are always pros and cons in that.

      • Your opinion, i fucking dont care abt your opinion, take it or leave it.
        You can not please everyone. Yeah i agree with some posts and comments,
        but i don’t agree with others. And you cant force me to believe everything you say.

        Was my last post.

        (even if some of you think abt yourselves that you know everything, and are adults and the others are just kids, you still play a childish game or whatever this is)

        The End.

      • in the big leagues it is a rule – solidarity with BM. why you are the BM if the others don’t follow you. majority will decide and the minority will obey. that is life in a big league. most of the time the others follow what BM said.

    • So you are a VGM else you wouldnt know about my friends and also ofc Sed’s friends.

      Well i dun care bout you mate wanna put that up front.

      2nd i wasnt chasing after Striders place. I actually putted Manic forward because shes a very good VGM.

      3rd yep Raxion is a very good VGM. He does his work properly.

      Or maybe you are [VGM]Olix, that told Matrix to lie is his application???

  20. chick666 is

    IGN: Eva_Jane. Server: Bardo
    Ex-VGM char: VGM Enishi. (who got kicked for sharing acc, same as magymay banned for 3 days only)

  21. Seriously, why everyone applauses at what Zion does? So you work for any office. At one point, you leave that office, because of disagreement with their management system. Then you go out and brag to everyone about all things inside that office. Do you really want this type of people to work for you? For me, I call it backstabber type, and I will not even want to be friend with that person. You never know when you break the friendship with him/her; he/she will do the same thing, going out and brag about secret stuffs to tell him/her. That’s why it is so funny to see everyone is cheering after him, like he is a hero of something. Lolz …

    • I dont think you know the whole story why i quitted. Maybe if u knew that you would have some more understanding.

      Alot of players and VGM’s arent happy with the policy Acclaim has on their games. Thats a fact. Alot of players arent happy with the way they run 9dragons, thats one of the reasons i quitted. I dont like the fact when i quit somekind of little girl like Serena contacts me on my msn and goes threatening my family, as if she ever pulls through with that threats.

      Mosai dont think you know everything what happend mate, because you simply dont know whats going on. And who said i wanna be friends with anyone here, like i said i only tell my part of the story.

      You can call me a backstabber whatever u want but the real backstabbers, towards the players, are the VGM and GM-team, with all their lies.

      • the only thing that Serena aka ocelot190 did was to haress players on 9dragons boards when drakenfyre75 asked her. she was rewarded.

        Zion has right, not all VGMs are the same, some just don’t want to step in front and lie the players, they want to do something for the players. Serena is not in that category. She does not deserve to be a TL, she is a 18 years old noob who wants to show she is a supernoob.

    • He is not a hero, but a honest person unlike Serena. She talk big words : manipulation, contacts, evidence, proof, but in the end she was the one who lied all along. All was too much for her and end it in a truth reveal. She could not take it and start crying to VGM team, GMs, who know who. She follow draken role. In life even you screw up, tell the truth.

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