drakenfyre75, love, anime & vampires

Several days ago I received an interesting text by email :

58789064drakenfyre75 is obsessed with virtual life, she is psychotic. I spent quite a lot time with her and I tell you some things : at 33 years old she is otaku and believes she is a vampire. She moderate an anime forum. She is in love with Historian, one side love and she is afraid that someone will take her place. That is why she acts like that. When sedbona start to write in blog about her, she crash nervous and start to cry to all GMs and Acclaim staff. She is obsess with this blog, every time it is an article about her she sends the links to all  virtual friends and starts to become the victim.She pretends. She must be stoped. Day after day she become more and more ill. She writes an imaginary diary on web about her love…

This text caught my curiosity and I began to do some digging. Here’s what I found :


She is a moderator of Hudson Valley Anime Club. She even use margeman2k3 hammer. What she wants to do with it ? To break the imaginary characters from anime? The administrator of that club, another otaku ( is a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly anime, manga, and video games, from wiki ), after draken “cry me a river” complain, he  posted on his blog some words worth for a person without culture :


He is attacking sedbona and this blog, because we attack his otaku friends from 9Dragons boards :

I know what I may have said could of been mean. But When you make fun of my friends. It is on like Donkey Kong. You don’t mess with me or my friends.

Well, otaku get a real life if you can really get one and take a look in the mirror and see that all was stated in this blog is true. From the position of otaku he is trying to make a psychological logic and grammar analysis of the posts. But fails miserably, because his job is to be an otaku.

What about vampires ? Take a look :



Sex: female
Age: 34
Location: Saugerties, New York, United States

Member since: May 06, 2009
Account: Free Account
Orientation: Straight
Status: In a relationship
Occupation: forums moderator

Her occupation is forums moderators…Oh yes, we know that, you stay 24/24 to moderate forums. I always told you are a non-life person, but now all this shows that I was right.

One side love for Historian ?

She is in love with Historian, but imaginary. When Historian put on the web (myspace, twitter, blog, facebook) that he is in a relationship, draken imagined the same and her status become : in a relationship. All I can say is that when someone tries to approach TheHistorian, especially female, draken becomes jealous and tries to sabotage that person.

Stay tune for more. If you have others informations you can send me at : vennus9d@yahoo.com

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68 responses to “drakenfyre75, love, anime & vampires

  1. i am under shock. don’t tell me that flaming troll Naota is another 9dragons moderator. otaku are persons without a real life, it is a bad term. at 33 years old draken is otaku…

      • Are you Naota? I am not surprise if others people from that anime forum are moderators on 9dragons forum. Many of them are otaku. I was wandering if they were recruit from that forum. Maybe that is the way drakenfyre75 recruit them.

  2. more , more, more is coming out.

    “at 33 years old she is otaku and believes she is a vampire”

    lol, lol, lol

  3. And I am Buffy the slayer… and drakenfyre75 is otaku mate with my 10 years old nephew at Hudson Valley Anime Club. They have same hobby.

    Poor Historian. She may suck his blood.

  4. \’I know what I may have said could of been mean. But When you make fun of my friends. It is on like Donkey Kong. You don’t mess with me or my friends.\’

    You were not mean, you were uneducated. Donkey King? Joking? That is why your intellect stays at 10 years old. Your friends mess up for themselves. I laugh about them, so you will write there about me? Do it… Look at your friend drakenfyre75, she think she is a vampire and live in a cartoon world. Get over yourself, you just woke up in a bad American dream : otaku kids world. Well, welcome to real world.

    Great occupation you have drakenfyre75 at 33+.

  5. lol So now ppl cant like anime because is a freak?
    OR cant like vampires and video games?

    OR !! cant do anything because you think is wrong?

    This is quite interesting, watching a club of actually lifeless persons dedicating ALL their time to make fun of somebody else.

    I don’t know if you see the irony in it.

    oh man I wonder how would be a blog about just 2 or 3 of u guys. That would be so funny.

    aff To bad that I actually have a life and can’t do that with my free time.

    • Why supprise Shadowcat!!!. It’s the blog where they can cry out loud in their own world 🙂 …

      They make the blog to personal attack on others to make themselves feeling good.

      • It is a blog where everybody can say what is in their minds. And it is not locked, deleted or edited. Here is freedom of speech… I know some don’t like it, but many love it and the traffic show it.

      • In here we have a case of “good selling”. You have to know how to sell and how to do it to be sold. Because of some high IQ people what it is in here is sold good. Acclaim should look at this and try to apply it on 9Dragons forum, in their interest. But, I am afraid because of the low quality material of the people who try to lead the community and the encouragement of opportunism this will take a long time to happen.

      • How it is a good ‘product’, since majority of these blogs are personal attacks?. If Acclaim applies this to 9D forum, all you can see are people attacking each others … 😉

      • MoSai you are another troll?

        Acclaim should look at this and try to apply it on 9Dragons forum, in their interest.

        Sounds right from my point of view.

      • It is about a product which you can sell it good. But you have to have some professional people to do it. Don’t try to say that are attacks, it is about saying the things on their name also speaking about some things you can’t speak on 9dragons boards. And it is something that nobody did it before.

  6. that is why you post it too. what an irony Shadowcat. you see, out there are people more intelligent than you. people who can think and can be amuse by others stupidity.

    what a life i have…i laugh. that is good.

  7. lol o_o you dont know how to read in english? ok I’ll repeat it for ur small “brain”.

    Sorry I cant go making blogs and talking trash about other ppl to make myself feel better, I dont have time for that :S

    Oh and yeah has been fun “debating” with you guys, had a good couple of laugh.

    And yeah you will se the Irony sooner or later :p

    for how all this as come im guessing will be latter LOL

  8. Quite a story you have there vennus9d : head of moderators who think she is a vampire, having a unique anime heart and a love who can’t share with the rest of the virtual world.She is a tragic heroine.She has a great quantity of ‘online hobbies & life’.

  9. No1 is bye-bye! drakenfyre75 does not understand it is not personal. However you wrote with ‘fire’ and I like it. Notice that this blog is observed. A generous “source” for ‘team’.

    Donkey Kong sucks!

  10. aww c’mon MoSai, Dont kill the fun 😦

    yeah I know they are autistics but its interesting see how they make up stories from simple comments that they dont even read well lol

    Like watching a bad movie with dump actors, but you make fun of all the bad acting and everyone can see they are actually doing it wrong lolz

    But im thinking if a Synergy can be done O.o to clear the true and the lies 🙂

    • MoSai didn’t kill nothing, he is also a part of this fun. You have to point out the ones that can allow us to make storys, because they really know how to live in virtual life.

      Shadowcat your mask will be soon down, no worry, some people already took care of it. You can do what you want Shadowcat as sedbona said in many lines, ‘your truth it is not my truth’.

    • Synergy ? You would like to know who put you in a small corner ? It is a virtual world. Your power is too low at this moment and will not raise because you will never be a leader of opinion. I don’t see any lies in the post above. They are in your mind and will stay there till you will see the big picture. A person who stood all her/his life in darkness even she/he will see the light will never recognised it.

  11. So who had first the hammer ? margeman2k3 or drakenfyre75 ? I think it is not important. Important it is what you do with him.

  12. 😮 My true? Now THAT’s gonna be interesting.

    Ohhh let me guess!

    Now am I going to be a …. Umm.. cant be a mod because you already acussed of been draken. Umm let’s see a VGM? OH OH pls make me GM they look more powerfull 🙂

    Oh wait I cant be any of that because I QUIT 9d 5 months ago zzzz and give a crap about it because I mean look it yourself, Its going down more and more everyday.why waste the time in something useless?

    Oh well As GW said, Should I cry or star laughing “pity”? who cares about it?

    Oh and a leader of opinion? No need for that.

    Synergy (from the Greek syn-ergos, συνεργός meaning working together) is the term used to describe a situation where different entities cooperate advantageously for a final outcome. Simply defined, it means that the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts.

    Meaning Each parts apports their opinions, the parts that disagree try to understand the other ppl’s opinion. Working as some kind of team to get a simple porpuse, understand both sides and get a final and better idea so both side win. But I guess that cant be applied because there will be never an effor to make both sides get in the same idea.

    And sed pls dont put word that I never said like in this thread had lies, even though the historian crap is a lie lolz

    that draken is a vampire freak (I mean she like vamps a lot) yeah I believe that, cuz there is the proof , her profile 🙂

    And sure I can believe some of the craps you guys write when you actually have proof of it.

    But if there is no proof it never happened. I guess Im not so easy to convince like other ppl that believes every crap you guys post about draken 🙂

    Oh and Im so glad this is not like 9d forum, here you actually have freedom of speach *thumbs up on that*

    Umm I guess that would be the only positivy thing so far. :p

    • I told… you jump to conclusion without seeing the big picture.
      Synergy can have others meaning,search in a dictionary.

      You can have same ideas as others, as many heads…as many ideas. But with all ideas you can work to a common “good”, if that good is define in the best interest of the community.

      As for Historian, I don’t know really, but can be true, a part of drakenfyre75 behavior makes me believe it.

      Proofs ? You know how to define those ? Can be material, an intention, a thought, a conversation. We have all of that. So that crap is for some people and for some no. That crap is what can change some things and behaviors.

      After 5 month seems you are not over 9Dragons xD

  13. Erm… I gave you the definition I was talking about in my last post.. btw..

    So..to you a proof can be a thought? an intention? or a conversation with the person you’re acusing? ( I believe about conversation might be a proof since this a virtual world, all the chatlogs are saved so there is a proof 🙂 )

    And ofc it is a material.

    So as a lawyer sed, when you are in the court (if you ever have been there, no offencce not all the cases that lawyers have need go o the court) and ask you for a proof or most likely the evidence, do you tell the judge that you got it from a tought?

    “Oh good day ur honor, my client is innocent because I think so”

    judge : “Lawyer… where is the evidence that proves that your client is innocent?”

    “umm.. well.. I dont have it BUT I think he is ennocent.. doesnt my tought count as a proof?”


    So yeah.. I dont think a thought can be a proof :S

    let’s better call this prooves , Evidence. Sounds better imo.

    • There is a difference. It is the accusation and the defence line. I think I am not in the position of the defence line right now.

      About a though, seems you don’t know many things Shadowcat, I can debate the ‘preterintentia’. This ‘preterintentia’ is actually an evidence in a court of law, especially in romanian ones.

      ” … is a mental attitude that results from the act of its forecast and tracking… ”

      Yes Shadowcat a though counts, from that though came the intention. You can be sue even you intent to ‘do something’, if you have the intention, the thought.

  14. Ermm.. the thought would be in the “victims” case. If i didnt get you wrong, like someone with the “intention of murder”
    “he was thinking in kill someone” there is the intention.

    But this case you are accusing someone of something because YOU think he did something, and since you did the accusation already its because YOU have/had a proof right?

    I dont think you just go like posting crap cuz you felt like it, you’re not that stupid at least you got the idea from somewhere.

    right? please correct me if I got you wrong. 🙂

    • Shadowcat I told you to try see all the big picture in here. It is not only the intention of murder… we have different intentions for different crimes and acts. I didn’t post this, vennus9d posted and ofc some of the drakenfyre75 behavior indulge that. Also the text from the mail with MSN conversation, maybe other more.

      And it is true, a lots of people sends information on my mail but I try to check it from 3 sources.

    • drakenfyre75 it is not a very nice person. Because of her behavior she has enemys. What is wrong if I explore that and I use some of the materials they send to me ? You said ‘it is freedom of speech’. I use it very well and the sources keep giving good material.

      I invite drakenfyre75 to send me too.

  15. you guys know that getting information from random ppl, or not so random. and if the information is or it is not true and then posting it is a double-edged sword.

    So when someone that actually bothered to asked you to back up the information you cant really prove it because its like fictionary, as you guys say this is a virtual world. Almost all the ppl on virtual world are fake. Only a few have the guts to show their real me in this online world.

    And Im still surprise why didnt the actual draken post to clear whats true and what is not.

    But since you guys said you were/are making an art about me. I’ll be here to make you clear what can be or not true. Im kinda interested in what kind of story are you gonna make up xP oh yeah and ofc pls dont forget the evidence. dont worry I wont make such a big deal of the person or person making things up about me 🙂

    So in conclusion… you guys will keep posting things with no proof?

    at least if you are gonna post do it like with the vampirefreak thing. The proof with the thing you are saying.

    Oh and sorry for confusing sed as the OP of this thread.

    • The people who send us are from official team or were ex from official team. You have Zion as example, many others will have a post and the things will for the web. Yes, it is virtual web and in the end you ask who is who.

      Shadowcat don’t make me laugh about your proofs, you can’t even proof your own words…

      You said drakenfyre75 was not around forum for 30 days… where are the logs? Ask the admin of 9dragons site to give ?

      You said you have connections but you just show a lamentably Mirc Channel which makes me laugh more.

      You take what I give you, if you want more, give something in return. As I said I am not in the defence line in here, I have all I need to go on.

    • a fact : they protect the players who gave informations. Shadowcat take your non evolve brain and get out of here. ask yourself : maybe Acclaim wants to get rid of your draken and skip some infos. think about it.

  16. Umm so you think you are the only one that has msn convos? where is Zion? why doesnt he come here and say something at least?

    Imo when you are gonna talk shit about someone, you should actually talk to that someone and ask him/her if what other ppl said is true 🙂

    Umm.. share something with you? Sure why not. When I get my proof of draken’s thread I’ll give you my stuffs.

    If you like it in that way ofc.

    • you would be under shock to know who I am. Shadowcat take your spy instinct and the names from official team on 9dragons boards.

      you will say that you are not from there? got you.

    • Wow only VGM’s, GM’s and Sedbona has this hotmail adress.

      So your only confirming what we all said. Who has the small brain now.

      And i dont know who Ledwin is? My name is Ludwig.

      • Hey Zion,

        Who will prove that you only give out that address to VGM’s, GM’s and Sedbona? Or is it only from your words. Why you only can be the trusty one, and not her? ….

      • Why would she remove her pic from the forum. Probably because i recognized her. So she just lying.

        The only non-acclaim that was in my msn was sedbona.

      • And Mosai you dont have to trust me or believe me. Im just telling my side of the story thats all.

        And no one is forcing you to read this all.

        Ive discussed the fact that Serena is throwing my msn on the net with a GM. To be continued….

  17. ofc they are, I just added there if someone else want’s zion msn. Cuz you cant give it. So I did it for ya 🙂

  18. ooo chick666 now you are acusing me of been in the official team? xD See the irony huh

    I said in oneof my previous post if you were gonna do so I’d like to be a GM because I cant be a mod, u already acussed me of that and VGMs are boring zzz

  19. lol so owned

    Hmm.. so according to you Im a VGM?

    Can I pick which one? Cuz I dont want you to pick it for me or maybe I should let you. Plus is your fictionary story o_o Im just the actress in it 🙂

    here is the list, which one should I look for?

  20. Accually i dont really interfere with all the comments here on this blog. But since i started with my first comment today, i might aswell make a 2nd one.

    You accually requested that your photo would be removed from the 9Dragons forum because it was posted against your will and because its against the privacy law right?

    You do know that you are doing exactly the same right here. You posted another persons photo and personal information without the other persons concent. So you are pretty much doing the same here what somebody else did to you.

    Also if you are gonna say that person shouldnt have added a photo to her profile or anywhere else. The same goes for you aswell. Dont post a picture in a public forum/profile or a place where alot of people from a community post in a closest section. If you dont want other people to use it behind your back.

    The internet is a tricky place to accually post photo’s at. Because they will be used alot for fake profile accounts among other things.

    I am not here to interfere with all of your personal wars against each other. I am accually facinated by all of this. And i do agree on some points and disagree with other points. But i keep my opinions to myself.

    So this will be my last comment on this blog i think, so i can watch again from the shadows as i did before. Untill maybe there is another new item on this blog that isnt a war between people. Maybe i will leave some comments again then. But untill then, keep me facinated with the current progress of your actions.

  21. what was the purpose of this post? in case, if you want to be more professional, then objective stories should be posted, like in real journalism, where many different views and sides of stories are represented. this here seems to be one-sided though. Oh, or are you just writing your opinions? oh well then…

    anyway what draken does with her life is her business and her choice…if it makes her happy, then who are you to judge?…or should she stop doing whatever she is doing just to please some people, just to fit in and to live uninteresting life for her?…

    her real life and preferences are irrelevant with her 9d moderation position, in my opinion…she might be unfair or bad mod to some people, but it doesnt mean she isn’t a good person…i mean, if you have a life, then why do you care about a stupid 9d forum and a moderatior in there?

    and if you think liking anime, vampires and loving someone are lame…well playing a mmo can be considered lame too…and what would be an active blog about a mmo then?

    • haha Chick666.
      drakenfyre75 is surpassing the normal limits in front of PC. that is her life. how this impact a moderator life on a forum ? it impacts because you lose your contact with your life, can’t understand how people act, how they do, what their words mean. everyone can be judge by their behavior and what she does says a lot.

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