Zion & the ‘chosen official team’

whyZion was one of the few VGM who was not a kid, a man of performance, who liked the game and help others. I know that we have players capable of reaching the VGMs team, we pay with coins our protection,we should not be afraid of those who breaks the rules, but all it is a lie.When someone capable enters,she or he is the first who is banished, because some of the old ‘trash’ who can’t stand competition.Now everything is reduce to coins,you don’t have coins, is bad for you.

In officical team are some honest people too, but few. All respect for honest VGMs or moderators. They are rare. The rotten ones, protect and defend themselves.

[VGM]Zion after was out of VGM team, shared some thoughts…

” I was one of the oldest VGMs. Most are 18-19 years old or smaller, some are good but some had done things that doesnt fit a Vgm, like Manic shes a very good VGM, doesnt done anything bad. But X-Ray, he admitted sharing accounts to me. I don’t think that fits a VGM and its all about who can suck up on the other TL (TEAM LEADER) the most. When Strider left, I made that possible btw… they would choose a new TL and the other TL’s have to choose… they have to vote.Me and X-Ray were the candidates, but X-Ray got it, not from hard work, but from sucking up on the others and the GM’s, so its all about sucking up at Acclaim. “

Yes, Acclaim have some ‘great’ promotion methods. Who sucks more, gets the job. Acclaim is affraid of honest people, people with dignity and intelligence. Why? Because they really can change the things.

“Also the most of those VGMs likes to show off in BP.”

The Hefei spammers can wait. Showing off is more important.

“We heard that Acclaim stop the VGMs to post on this blog? It is true?



-Acclaim Acid because of drakenfyre75. She influence him. Draken is a coldheart bitch. You remember [VGM]Enishi? She made a mistake on Asura.Anyway draken demand her to apologized on forum. I asked draken to remove the topic, she refused until Enishi apologise to her.”

Acclaim Acid, I think you don’t have the right to do that. And you have no right to let someone else influence you, especially a player. You should be neutral. I thought you are a good GM, but now I doubt that. Who is drakenfyre75 to demand to a VGM ? She is a moderator. We have on forum so many topics in which they said VGM and moderators are different and they don’t cross to each other. It is a big lie. In fact many moderators have VGM characters and Acclaim change their name after they were discovered.

We are in same ‘sad black hole’. Some of the official team is well protected by Acclaim officials and some no. That is why they are divided in groups and some can do everything because have their ‘back’ insured. Some just ‘go at first mistake’, others stays forever making mistakes all over again. In official team exist discrimination.What about us, the players?…What we can say about all of this?Personally as player I am disgusted.

“Btw a nice detail. Head VGM Iron doesnt even play his own game anymore. Pretty bad for a VGM.He thinks it got boring.”

He said good-bye :


But still it is the head of VGMs in Acclaim topic :



29 responses to “Zion & the ‘chosen official team’

  1. I found sad for a good VGM like Zion to be forced to leave. For a guy like Acid I had big hopes, but I am disappointed. I learn a new thing : VGM team is divided. Thanks for sharing. Zion I wish you luck in the future.

  2. drakenfyre75 you better quit. More and more I see from you…is a big shame on Acclaim face. Death, get over yourself and stay out of the gossips. Was a big mistakes what you told to VGMs. One way or another, things will reach the surface.

    Zion, I am proud you told some of the things that are happening inside VGM team. I hate the fact they are not feeling equal.

  3. the dirt still stays and that is stupid. many players come and goes in official team and that is call instability.

    i will insult again draken, calling her noob. she is. she made so many mistakes and is not kick out, but Enishi did one and it is out.

    if you are a child, under 18 years old, like to kiss some @@@ and say ‘ Acclaim is awesome’, you are welcome as VGM. and more, as VGM you should say sorry to a moderator. this sucks, it is not for people like me…

    peace out Zion.

  4. nice interesting post! it’s good to hear exactly what’s holding the great official team back from someone actually working!

  5. Personally as player I am disgusted too, when I see all the mud behind closed doors.

    In today’s work life with Acclaim as official team should one suck up to them to get promoted and is there no importance of individuals who are hard working and at the same time don’t make a fuss about it ?Of course some people do suck up and get ahead. But if that’s all they have to offer, they eventually get stopped in their tracks.

    • Hard working, intelligent individuals will never be promoted in Acclaim. They need kids who are easy to manipulate and non life internet users to do so ‘call good job’.

  6. … masquerade goes on… I will comment : hat down for Zion. Thank you for sharing some thoughts with us and tell us some things from Acclaim inside.

    • Well ty Wei and all of you. Acclaim is going a very strange course these days….

      So wanna thank u for ur nice messages.

  7. Sad, to see good people leave. Just crap stay there. At least Zion told us some infos before he went.

    Seriously, it’s time for drakenfyre to leave the Acclaim team… We should force her to leave. But how?

  8. Sweet Angelita, Acclaim said many and did few. 90% of the things they said is a lie. Don’t believe all about VGMs and moderators. In most of the cases we have to deal with lies.

  9. seems like acclame is just getting the retards to its crew …
    and then saying to not insult them for taking dumb ppl -.O
    cya someone who i know =P and gl =)

  10. Thanks Zion for all the informations you shared with us. It is not easy for a good player to enter in official team, be disappointed and share .

  11. Btw i was reading ur piece…and one part isnt correct:

    -Acclaim Acid because of drakenfyre75. She influence him. Draken is a coldheart bitch. You remember [VGM]Enishi? She made a mistake on Asura.Anyway draken demand her to apologized on forum. I asked draken to remove the topic, she refused until Enishi apologise to her.”

    The part about draken isnt true. I checked my chatlog with Sed about that and it isnt said. Only that she a coldhearted u know…thats what i said.

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