Support just for paying customers on a Free2Play MMORPG!

When we saw this message, just some minutes ago, we could not believe what we just read:

Dear Players,

To better support our premium players, we are changing our e-mail support to only be available to Coin buyers.

— Effective October 8th PST onwards, the e-mail support for all games will be limited to the coin buyers only.
— All the users who have bought coins in last 6 months will be eligible for the e-mail support.
— Players, who haven’t bought coins in last 6 months will have access to the Knowledge base, FAQ section and Message Boards.
— The players having issues with buying coins, registrations etc will be able to contact e-Commerce support at
— The list of the coin buyers will be updated regularly and any new coin buyers will automatically be added to the list.
— The e-mails sent to the support IDs after 8th October by non coin buying players will not be answered except to which coin buying/registration related issues can be sent (any e-mails related to game specific issues by non coin buying players to will be unanswered)
— Players who earned Acclaim coins in any contest etc will also be eligible for the e-mail support.


Acclaim Team

Acclaim made many mistakes in all these years, but this one is the biggest. In the last few weeks, Acclaim did a good work. They showed to their players, that they do want to change something for the game. But with this decision, 9Dragons and The Land of the Clans will die soon.

Even a VGM was not happy about this decision. I quote [VGM]Subzero:

Wow… Even I am surprised at this.
After a few steps in the right direction…
They turn around and start running in the complete opposite direction…
Well.. can anyone say Ad bar 2.0?
I am complete supporting all non paying players.
Even though I pay I believe this is unjust for the non paying community.

This post is sadly already deleted – What a wonder, probably by their own moderators. And he also saw it:

Wow… its seems as though I have already been censored
Yes, even as VGM you have to shut up when Acclaim want.

The times are getting indeed worse on 9Dragons. And I predict, they will destroy this game, which we all love. They will rape this game like a pervert old man.

Listen to my words, 9Dragons players & customers:
This game will go to hell, if we don’t force Acclaim to do the right thing. I got already an idea about a demonstration against Acclaim.

If you want to know more about that, stay tuned.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


EDIT: The discussion goes here further:
Nice to see some VGMs which are also against that.


16 responses to “Support just for paying customers on a Free2Play MMORPG!

  1. I think it is discrimination. I mean the Acclaim games are free to play. Where we have that now? Free access to all resources for all, except the coins ( which you buy).Ridiculous anyway. What can we do very quick? Maybe a petition.

      • I am not talking about petition to Acclaim, we know the results, let’s do one open, online.

        Right now we don’t have so many choices : online petition, go to trial, plead for change of TOS, open letter to N California state departments to check the players rights.

        I try to identify the terms of this issue. So, let’s see…
        GAME = free to play
        TOS = no mention about the gamers/players services ( what kind of services they benefits )
        TOS = no mention about premium users, their services ( except coins )
        Acclaim staff = accessible for “pay” players
        Services = pay a “feud” to get access, limited
        Players who don’t give money = slaves, subject of most abuse, without answers to their concerns, without fair justice ( GMs suppose to be neutrals, no access now)
        Players who give money = nobility, the class of players that has everything due money. Also, we will see many abuses of the ‘slaves’ in the future.
        Game environment = not stable, lack of content, bugs and now social moves from the community.
        Surgery = none was made to see the players views in this issue.

        My view : if you want to make something to get more money, you have to add something new, for a few to afford to become the ‘secret circle’, not to take a general service ( know as one for all ) and make it for few. This will be follow by a big issue : 9Dragons will become a segment game on social base of community, more conflicts will arise, the gap between the fun and money will become more deeper and the community will be divided… don’t know if will last or will destroy the game.

  2. “– Effective October 8th PST onwards, the e-mail support for all games will be limited to the coin buyers only.”

    So not only 9Dragons. Take this to someone higher, not just 9D people.

    • May be that it is for all Acclaim games. But to be honest, I don’t mind the other games. I am just a 9Dragons player, and I am sure on the other games are also people which can help (or try to help) like I do, so I just talk about 9Dragons.

      Now I really fear that 9Dragons will die. The other Acclaim games – probably too.

  3. All the rubrics on 9dragons forum regarding this issue were closed. I belive this it is. No more democracy and players rights.

  4. Initially they thought Acclaim will return to innocence. Ads bad decision repeats in this one. I thought there will be a solution for this but there is none. I am a premium user, but I can’t think only about myself.People who don’t have money will be discriminated a lot because of this decision.

  5. Well, as i have said and i have done, i don’t possibly understand why a decent reasonable player will keep buying coins, feeding a company that doesn’t respect it’s customers.

    And the hipocrisy of it, this is an excerpt from my conversations with Steve Altman about my DONT BUY COINS protest and other things:

    “Rallying players to not use Acclaim coins and slinging abuse will not help, and it’s quite selfish. The majority of players are playing for free and we’re happy to have them. We offer this game for free while other publishers charge a monthly fee they cannot afford. If we did charge, we’d have 100x the resources, and a lot less of the heart. We wish to keep offering the game for free to those players. The meager amounts we receive by those who can afford to pay allow our staff to keep the game running. If what you propose were to occur, it would not force Acclaim to fix anything, it would force those who work for us to lose their jobs, and the game would stop dead, and than all the innocent players would lose their free game. Or else they could go play in Korean with Nexon.”

    My opinion on this is justified it seems:
    “About the FTP system, i can only see this as an extended trial version of PTP games. This game looks and feels great indeed and can even be enjoyed for free in the first quarter of the levels. You say that you offer this game for free, but still that is not the driving force behind any business (except a NPO). While it indeed does not charge for monthly fee, 9d is in many aspects more expensive that PTP games for even the average player. These free players you are talking about, after they do indeed start loving and enjoying the game and their friends made here, soon realize that a normal progression further upon the level ladder and having a decent pvp experience (even against their own class) is conditioned by the use of item mall items. I don’t want to get into this right now, as you have all the right to ear your buck, even if sometimes the ethics are questionable (introducing a form of online gambling wih the mirrors and fortune box, having some outrageous coin event promotions and so on). All i am saying is that Acclaim is no charity organization like you described it in your pm, it is just looking to make a profit.”

    Oh and btw, it seems they changed the previous announcement that rendered supprot service to those who purchased coins only in the last 6 months to this one
    — Effective October 8th PST onwards, the e-mail support for all games will be limited to those who have purchased or earned at least one Acclaim coin for the User ID that requests support.

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