[VGM]Savage xerox man


idea_bulbxpuffyx aka [VGM]Savage is coming back to my attention with a copy event after Bardo, ZaTaliban drop event. In 9Dragons the time for changes has come. Official team rethink their positions and try to fill up the “creative hole” of events.

[VGM]Savage inspiration was on edge, his “muse” left him so he search the forum to see what kind of events hit 5/5 stars. He found it : “Bardo drop event” made by ZaTaliban few months ago. This event gather over few hundreds players and had a lot of popularity. Also, it is an event that can make you know as player on server.

[VGM]Savage knew it is not an original event, so he choose to do it from his avatar character, xpuffyx.




He posted like was his idea, without writing the credits and who was the original author of the event, ZaTaliban (tali86). I will remind Savage, who is also from Romania, there is  intellectual property. Intellectual property is a form of legal basis that allows the holder to control the use of certain intangible assets such as ideas or expression.

Well, such situations are common in particular because usually people who do so go unpunished. I think this happen to many players from 9Dragons. Many great ideas from players with talent got ‘stolen’ and promoted by others in order to promote herself or himself.  Savage it is from Acclaim official team, so a common player world can height much more? I think yes. Prove that you have a superior view of things compared to the one that stole it and you can exploit this idea fully or you did it.

PS : seeannuhh dear since when you give assurance about players not beeing a VGM ? You suppose to don’t know. You are just a moderator and VGM informations are confidential. Guys and girls don’t make me laugh more.


36 responses to “[VGM]Savage xerox man

  1. just browsing 9d forum when i sow sed reply to puffy. i knew will come a bomb. poor puffy, no chance. puffy mistake is to take zataliban idea as his own. he should have write that drop event was made on Bardo .

  2. you broke puffy feelings, not he don’t deserve it . its is a thief and a arrogant one. darkfiregoth came to his assistance so only confirm he is Savage. what a bunch of brainless.

      • http://phpbb.acclaim.com/9dragons/viewtopic.php?t=116076

        Where does it show puff taking credit for this event and claiming it as his/her own ?
        It dosn’t.

        Yet you lot take it as an insult just because he/she decides to make life easier for some low lvls.

        So what if it was done on bardo first…..it’s just a player event, there’s no infringement of any copyright on it, so all this E-laywering about “stolen” ideas is ridiculous.

        All i see from here is seb as usual attacking acme ppl to fulfill his/her own silly war against them.
        Why waste all this time and energy on it ? go do something usefull with the time and effort you put into it instead of a pointless vendetta againt a company.

      • Nollock, he didn’t quote the other author idea, didn’t he ? It is like claiming and assuming. I would not be writing this if he would have the decency to said that event was made on Bardo and he took it from there.

        So what if I debate their actions? It is freedom of speech. As for Acclaim, in this post I don’t see any attack, just writing about some of “official teams” members who are not Acclaim.

  3. Where is Sed is…it is fire and I love it. I am disappointed in darkfiregoth who took a thief side. All Acclaim official team steals ideas from players and present as their own ones? Shame…

  4. Close topic. A big question sign ? I can have a conclusion : darkfiregoth and seeannuhh lied. This is not nice : to lie to players. Like Cora put it, SHAME ! They protect each other even someone stole something. To go further, they are capable to do bad things to cover up.

    • how can be seeannuhh so stupid and get involve for nothing? i had a good opinion on her till now, time to change it, after all she is just a dancer.
      they both lied.

  5. I find this utterly ridiculous. Even is puffy is VGM, why do you have a problem with him? I never saw Asura complain from VGM Savage, so I assume s/he is doing his job fine. Ofc they will deny, if a VGM gets exposed, he can’t stay in their team. And about the event…c’mon…the guy just wanted to do smth nice and maybe gain some popularity. Is that so bad? I just think you all are overreacting to a small thing…

    • Myste don’t come here and give moral lessons. You mail me to “deconspire” VGM Matrix from Asura, chris0power. You know what? I belive you are also a VGM in Asura and din’t have a place because of VGM Matrix, or more because of his good relation with GMs he would become the chief of VGM on Asura. This makes sense.

      I don’t see a overreaction in someone who wants to stole someone else idea. It is something moral and not acceptable.

      • Hmmmmm, interesting way to handle people who give you information. I guess you thought there is nothing more you can get from me. Now you can be sure. About Matrix, I just concidered the special treatment he got unfair to both VGMs and players. But you are free to think whatever you like.

    • As vennus show you, it is simple to make presumptions … Don’t counting you are the only one that give informations. Is a network web. It is not about judging his VGM job or no, it is about a think he did. Let’s not be hypocrites.

      • This is the last thing I’m ever gonna tell you. You might think the “snitch’ is the lowest person ever for betraying those who trust him, you might think he is easy to replace. However you should never let them know about it, because you never know how that is going to backfire. The only reason I said that is because I don’t find what he did bad enough to attack him like that. This entry looks like some personal vendetta.

      • I don’t do nothing personal, IT is about avatar world. If I would do it person would be ‘hell’. So son’t think like something personal. It is an analytical opinion over a fact.

  6. AI Project:
    “Nollock, he didn’t quote the other author idea”

    Do Tali have copyrights on it?
    Was it made offical event?

    This is not a book or a product …

    AI Project:
    “I just point out you took another player event as yours. This in not hate, it is fact.”

    -Nope , it’s just you looking for attention

    General Wei

    “Close topic. A big question sign ? I can have a conclusion : darkfiregoth and seeannuhh lied. This is not nice : to lie to players. Like Cora put it, SHAME ! They protect each other even someone stole something. To go further, they are capable to do bad things to cover up.”

    -Pure presumtions , prove it don’t say it ..
    I can type that 12345 is a VGM because he posted with an
    ABC is his post or because they have avatar of same color or any thing similar , put prof on the table not typos.
    You can all presume as you wish that i am or am not a VGM
    i have nothing to gain or loss if i lie if i am or am not,this is a game not real life,have nothing to loss or gain from it.
    But the problem is that Sed has gotten to much into it and
    can’t get enaf of the “fame” made over pointless/nonsens
    topics about Acclaim,people don’t like the game don’t play it,and don’t start the “I put alot of money into that game” well no one asked you to …so don’t come up with that as an excuse.

    -As i pointed on Acclaim forum , Yes i did see a similar event happening a few months back,so instead of selling the items i had , i distributed it out to players who have need of it..what do you think i had to win from this ?
    I distributed items of a value over 800 mil.To get some popularity you say ?Popularity for what?Please explain to me what do you gain popularity for and what use it is for you or any other player of 9 Dragons?If your popular people bow to you ? do people say Hi to you ? do people say oh hail mighty king ? do people who random pk wont kill you ? or do you get a prize ? maybe a medal ? Well hmm,i presume not 😦 .Is making new people happy a crime?If so please do tell me.Unlike you who waist his free time writing non sense like this i help others in game.

    PS.Had nothing better to do so i posted too 😛

    • xPuffyx don’t twist the corner, you are a VGM. You got yourself blow up in many times. Now go cry to Acclaim to give you another name. This will solve your problem no?

      xPuffyx you are just another screw-up individual in virtual world, one that can’t get a hold on reality. Now your real life story is up : ” fighting with your dad, he wanted to kick you out of house because you play 9d all day and don’t have a major source of gaining.” How you gave money to Acclaim? From your gf allocation? I heard she is minor.

      Cut the act down, I know you are Savage and as sedbona said, the thing that matter it is that you took someone else idea to make it your own and gain over some popularity in a server who reject you.

    • What I do xPuffyx on my blog it is not your business. I suggest to check up your life because you have a serious problem now. And everything what is written about you on this blog it is true.

    • Puffy or Savage whatever, if u are [VGM]Savage u are violating one of rules now. By posting on this blog. He has forbidden every VGM to post here. So ill mail him about this ^^

      • Its not about that Sed, its about acclaims policy, they forbidden every VGM to post here.

      • They post it…not only him, others also. To forbid someone to defend himself or herself is really stupid. I give all possibility to do it, as long their IP address are not in spamm base, blacklisted. If Acclaim did this, they break one of the fundamental right of people, but we all kinda used with their stupids ideas… all I can say it is a typical form of “inculture”.

      • Perhaps another of Historian great ideas. He can’t do it. Stupid idea ever. Or, draken cry a river again…

  7. I don’t see anywhere on the topic puffy said he created topic. And maybe if so many people say puffy is not VGM, why cant it be true?

    You thot to ask darkfiregoth or seeannuhh for ips in pm?

    What people do outside of 9d doesnt give your right to label them one role. “after all she is just a dancer” haha anything else? you read in ask staff thread she say she take many classes? You know she isnt just a dancer from there

    • I don’t see he said it is someone else idea, so we are even. darkfiregoth or seeannuhh took puffy side because he is a VGM and they were instruct to cover up. In any way, they were sided again. But we on this blog already knew this.

      seeannuhh if it is a dancer should stay one, not trying to “dance” on forum. She like others more are in a area that they don’t have a clue what is all about.

    • a dancer…entertain people. to moderate a forum is something else. when you work with customers, you must have people with qualifications. a dancer will remain a dancer.

  8. Uhm, actually the very first ideea of that event was MINE 🙂 I refined it with the help of tali and then it was OUR event. Soon so many people joined that it became BARDO VETERANS event. 😛

    I think it was one of the best events, because many people contributed and it was a drop spree all over hefei. Tran dropped over 100 bes at once if i remember correctly…

    Anyway, the fact that the official team is out of ideeas and recycles old ones says a lot…

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