Where can you find help on Acclaim?

acclaim Where can you find help on Acclaim? That’s a really big question, almost a myth…

However… Some people remember my thread on Acclaim’s official 9Dragons forum, with the question for everyone, what would YOU want for a better 9Dragons.

This is the link of the thread:

How expected, the moderators did not keep an eye on my thread and did not cleaned all the spammers and posts which were off-topic. What a surprise… The most moderators don’t like people like me, which say clearly what they think about them. If even moderators don’t take a look there, how can I expect some feedbacks from a Game Master?

But I tried to send my message to Acclaim. This was a petition about “A better 9Dragons”, so which E-Mail would be better than petition@acclaim.com? So I sent them my message… As response:

The petition process if for the review of banned accounts. Please only send emails if your account is banned.

They did not had the big idea to lead my E-Mail further, to the right place, like a professional person would do. So I had to try it further by myself. I did not wanted to send it to the 9dsupport@acclaim.com – really, I know how they handle their things, that would be a waste of time.

So, I went to the Live Chat Support. Eddy was my supporter. I explained: I do not want to send it to 9dsupport@acclaim.com and the E-Mail adress petition@acclaim.com is not the right adress for my petition…

Answer: Send it to petition@acclaim.com
I tried to explain again… Answer: Send it to 9dsupport@acclaim.com
I tried to explain again and asked, if there is a better E-Mail adress. Answer: Send it to petition@acclaim.com

After some really boring minutes, he just ended the conversation. And that was not all. He put the Live Chat Support offline. After some minutes it was online again. I tried to go online again and wanted to ask what the problem was. I waited exactly 57 minutes – Then the Live Chat Support went offline again. Too bad I forgot to make a screenshot…

Next day, I went back to the Live Chat Support. My luck: Eddy was there again. And here’s our conversation:

Well, he excused himself. Now I was alone again with my petition. What could I do now? My idea: Send a Private Message to TheHistorian. If somebody would listen me, then TheHistorian. BluFlash would never answer me.

On 2nd Aug 2009 I sent to TheHistorian this PM:

Hello Historian

I already tried to send my petition to petition@acclaim.com but they sent me the answer, this email adress is just for banned accounts. I also do not want to send it to the 9Dragons support, but directly to Acclaim Games.

I also tried already to ask on the Live Chat Support. But when I asked if Acclaim does not have an email adress for this, the supporter Eddy ended the conversation without any messages. I did not offended him and nothing. I just asked for the right email adress. Even when I tried to go back to the live support, it was offline. And when it was online again I waited 57 minutes, and then it went offline again without to talk with me.

However, that was just as information for you and is not my petition. I did not found the right email adress for this, so I will send it to you as PM. Please, take a few minutes to read it:

Dear Sir or Madam, dear Acclaim

Many players and customers of the game 9Dragons are not happy with the currently situation of this game. Many players already left the game or changed to another 9Dragons version.

It is easy to complain about it, but it is not easy to say what one really want. So I started a topic in the official 9Dragons forum, where the players and customers were able to think about, what they really would want for 9Dragons.

Many people listed there already what they would enjoy. And from time to time there come new posts. The biggest point is the communication between Acclaim and the 9Dragons players.

Please, take a few minutes and check the topic:
http://phpbb.acclaim.com/9dragons/viewt … p?t=107827

The whole topic is full with lists of the people. Many things are really needed, some not. However, I would like an official answer from you, about this.

Also I would like to offer you my help. It seems, nobody in the Acclaim 9Dragons staff can communicate with the players. I can communicate good and I am neutral. If I see an error of Acclaim, I am against that. And if I see an error of a player, then I am against this player.

I do not want a boosted character, or more forum rights, or something else. I want nothing. I just offer you my help to be the communicator between Acclaim and their players and customers.

Maybe I should also tell, that I am trying to change something on 9Dragons because I really like 9Dragons. And many other does so.

Please, give me an official answer about this topic, if you want to change something, and if you want to work on it.

Thank you for your time.


Sincerely yours

Screenshot: http://img195.imageshack.us/img195/5307/historian1.jpg
What a surprise: He did not answered. After some days, I sent him a new PM, on the 19th Aug 2009:

Hello Historian

I’m sure you remember my last PM to you, about this thread:
http://phpbb.acclaim.com/9dragons/viewt … p?t=107827

This thread got 8 whole pages where your players list what they dont like or what they would want for a better game. I asked you then for an answer about that issue.

At least you could answer me if you are considering this…

Screenshot: http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/131/historian2.jpg
On the same day, TheHistorian sent me an answer:

“At least you could answer me if you are considering this…”

There seems to be some confusion. This is something that the developer would have to consider, we are only the publisher. We’ve communicated these and other things to the Developers, we can only wait to see what they do.

Screenshot: http://img246.imageshack.us/img246/1171/historian3.jpg
On the 26th Aug 2009 I sent him an answer:

“There seems to be some confusion. This is something that the developer would have to consider, we are only the publisher.”

I know you are only the publisher. but if you take a look into the list, you will see that a big point is a better communication between acclaim and their players.

Screenshot: http://img246.imageshack.us/img246/9909/historian4.jpg
After this PM, he did not answered again. So I sent him on the 4th Sep 2009a new PM:

Hello Historian

I’m sure you got better things to do with your time than to talk with me. But if you would take care about the 9Dragons community, we would not have the same problems. However, I still would like an answer from you, at least about the point in the petition “Better communication between Acclaim and their players“. If you forgot the URL, here is it again:
http://phpbb.acclaim.com/9dragons/viewt … p?t=107827

About the other points… You say that’s not in your hand, that’s Indy21’s thing. Well, we could discuss about that, if you, Acclaim, really could not answer about those points. I know it is not like you say. I know, Acclaim tell to Indy21 what the next points and steps are, which they want to have in their version. But it seems you don’t want to talk with the community about the other points and put the blame on Indy21.

This is again a fail about the “communication between Acclaim and their players“. However, I will not keep asking you for any feedbacks about those points. But I want to have a feedback, from you, TheHistorian, about the point in the petition “Better communication between Acclaim and their players”.

It is also sad to see that I was not able to send my petition about a better 9Dragons somewhere. The 9dsupport@acclaim.com was not the right E-Mail, weirdly also petition@acclaim.com was not the right E-Mail, and even the Live Support kicked me out of the conversation, although I talked normally and just asked for the right E-Mail adress. All other acclaim E-Mail adresses were for the other games and for e-commerce support. At the end I had to write you a PM on the forum… Again a fail on “Better communication between Acclaim and their players“. Nobody from Acclaim really wanted to help, everybody sent me back to were I was already, everyone said something else and at the end they wanted to shut my mouth and kicked me out.

This, dear Historian, makes the situation on the 9Dragons community every day worser. And BluFlash, he might be a good person in real life, but as Game Manager he do his job really bad. Almost everyone hates him, because he can’t communicate with his players & customers and almost always answer with arrogance. Even I would be a better Game Manager, and I think I would do a bad job.

I am meanwhile almost 3 years on this game. This game is the first game where I was so long time. This should mean, I really love the game, the game story and all. But please believe me when I say, your ways will not end good. I have to be honest, I put my last hope on TheHermit, when he returned. I still know who he is, and I know he will try to make this game better for the players, because he also love this game. Please, talk more often with TheHermit, he will do it better.

And still, I want an answer from you about the point “Better communication between Acclaim and their players“.
Thank you for your time.


Screenshot: http://img242.imageshack.us/img242/2905/historian5.jpg
After this PM, TheHistorian did not answered anymore. I still don’t have any answer about that today.

Conclusion: TheHistorian may be a good person in his real life, but he can’t communicate either. He may use his time for other Acclaim Games, but as Game Manager you just have to try to communicate on such a PM.

The most important thing happened already: BluFlash left 9Dragons as Game Manager. Many people did not liked him, and he was not able to communicate.

Pictures like this are hard to forget:

However, a lot changed on Acclaim. The way is getting better. But as long the highest can’t communicate and staff members of the VGM team uses their power for own interest and gain, 9Dragons will not get much better than now.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


18 responses to “Where can you find help on Acclaim?

  1. I also have some old “fights” with petition team. I had to send for 2,3 times till I get an answer.

    “We must receive the petition within thirty (30) days of the action on your account.”

    Acclaim Petition Team

    ME :
    “I didn’t recive the confirmation so I send till I recive one.
    Hmm, now I wait the answer.”

    “7 days from my original petition already passed, wonder why I didn’t get any answer…”

    “Well, 7 days already pass and I got no answer…”

    No answer in the end.

    They need to work harder on the public relations. Petition is an important right of humans. “The right of petition means that individuals, acting alone or as part of a group, can freely send written criticisms or complaints for a correction or repair of some form of injustice without fear of punishment for doing so.”

  2. BluFlash ad will make history in 9d. Seriously we tell them in so many times to change, to give us answers, to stop acting arrogant with us, to listen us, to talk with veterans, but they will open the eyes when a bomb will explode. AION. AION game took so many players out of 9d and will take many others.

    • When I sow that picture, I was like ” Are you for real BluFlash? You marking me ?” I think he believed was funny. It will not be easy forgotten.

    • I found a quote : “According to a job listing, Acclaim Games will be the first US major brand to bring some of the most successful online games in the world, specifically designed to meet the community and multiplayer experience that the 36 million U.S. tweens and the 41 million European tweens want. (Tweens are typically defined as children aged 9 to 13.)”…now you guys and girls should understand Acclaim policy.

      Marks about key stats for Acclaim’s free to play games:

      For example, profitability is often measured through average revenue per user (ARPU). “Most of the time ARPU is $30-$40 a month,” said Marks. “A month! Not just one time.”

      “The next thing is percentage of uniques,” he continued, defining “uniques” as players who spend money on a given game. “We’ve found in Asia, in Korea, we’ve found that 10% of people will spend money! I think it’s great! In the United States it’s less, more like 5-10%. But we’re getting there.”

      The average lifetime for a player in the free-to-play space is 3-4 months per game, less than what is generally expected for a more traditional subscription MMO.

      That statistic leads to churn rate, which describes player loss per month. “It turns out you lose a lot,” admitted Marks. “You should be prepared to say, ‘I only brought in 100,000 players this month, but only 10,000 stayed.’ That’s okay! That’s okay. Some of them will come back, and you can always get more.”

      Some of them will come back, and you can always get more… he said. A big question mark.

      • “(Tweens are typically defined as children aged 9 to 13.)”
        I say lol.

        Now MMO market splits between WoW and AION.

        “Most of the time ARPU is $30-$40 a month,” said Marks. “A month! Not just one time.”

        They calculate mall prices after that in 9dragons. Now makes sense.

  3. Historian is cache between the old 9d and the new 9d. He can’t detach of the old legacy. He must find new people to improve 9dragons, players with communication skills.

    Where can you find help on Acclaim? Everywhere and nowhere.

  4. “dead tired” the last 2 words. if he needs help, why not ask? forgot. none worth it.

    Acclaim petition = social service of SOON.

  5. Lack in communication was a major flow in Acclaim and still is. It is a big shame Legend, that Historian didn’t want to change ideas and thoughts with you.

  6. I hope TheHermit will do something. I wish you good luck Legend in communicate with him. Hope he understand what Historian failed to understand.

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