BluFlash in 10 steps

bfgdwmHello all,

Since I largely consider 9Dragons to be my “first” game here, I wanted to take a quick moment to say goodbye to you all. I will be moving on to an opportunity outside of Acclaim. I just wanted to let everybody know how fun it was working to make the game better for you all, despite what some have felt were setbacks. Since old habits die hard, I will most likely be lurking the forums on one of my private accounts for a little while.

Good luck and have fun with your adventure in 9Dragons! I leave you in the very capable hands of TheHermit.

This is the goodbye from BluFlash, community manager for 9Dragons game. Because, to be a community & game manager it is not a easy task, let’s see where BluFlash did wrong.

First step as CM,  is to say “thanks” to the people who helped you to get there, members of the community, in particular. Usually around the CM appears people of circumstances that flock where ‘mass is rich’. Therefore places around CM should be filled by people loyal, checked and willing to work in all conditions. He didn’t select the right players to work with,he was surrounded by opportunists.

Second step as CM, you have to build communication “bridges” with those who do not support you, those who are against. CM must appear in front of everyone, including new players like a strong man, supported by the whole community. Blu made a huge mistake, he left to widen the gap between him and those who didn’t agreed with what he is or did, ending in a war.

3th step as CM, you must select the ‘intellectuals’ (players with brain) from the community to help you with communication, messages, events. He didn’t do it. In fact he deny the help, maybe because he felt threaten or because some who were near him teach him not to do it.

4th step as CM, you must speak with volunteers groups of moderators , VGMs, players who have fan-sites. You need to make a cohesion between them, to work better in the interest of the community. He spoke only with some, was “mother’ for some, for others “plague”.

5th step as CM is one of the most difficult moments and that is “answer” and report to the community. CM should have moments of sincerity and answer community questions. If you didn’t answer sincerely and focus on the main point of problems of community, anything you say or how you do things can be distorted in a “dark” way.  Blu started well, he communicated with the community, answered questions, but he lost it, in the process. I do not know what happened in reality … maybe he tried a different approach and failed, the fact is that the community turned against him.

6th step as CM  you should familiarize yourself thoroughly with the game theme, story, team, community issues, management, to building your messages for diffusion. CM needs to show understanding, patience and understand what “refreshing” is. Blu didn’t understand what is associative function for Acclaim and the community.

7th step as CM you must answer to all who put you questions. You should be ready to answer on any theme. Every question should have an answer. It is very important to have a theme agenda about the community issue and try to answer them. Jokes are welcome from community members and others you enter in contact with. Passion for game & humor… was a big lack on BluFlash agenda.

8th step as CM is to prepare the virtual’s outlook and conduct. You can’t use the same ‘habits’ you had before.It is necessary to remove  eccentric behavior, arrogance. You need to be clean as a newborn. On a blank sheet you have to start writing CM code. How you type, act , talk is how you are perceive.The perceive of BluFlash variate from player to play, he didn’t have a unity image.

9th step as CM is to choose wisely the roles of your team to perform. It  is a common practice at Acclaim to choose the wrong people in the wrong places. The same thing  BluFlash inherit. When he should have said said ‘stop’, he didn’t do it. No players were identified as opinion leaders. Many of the examples on the blog shows who had BluFlash in his team.

The last step as CM… you should be a leader not only a manager. Even if you have good professional skills, you can’t perform if you don’t t have the pleasure and the ability to adapt to the community environment, to descend into their world of “day by day” life and see what happens as there is, who we owe what happens . BluFlash just preserve himself in a safe tower surrounding by a web of lies from his “camarilla”.

Conclusion : To be CM for the sake of becoming known is wrong. However, if you do not do it well, the figure “loser” arouse contempt and mistrust. To be a community manager loved by the community is not only a knowledge of the value you have, but also a major responsibility.


19 responses to “BluFlash in 10 steps

  1. Finally he’s gone, seriously… I wish him the best wishes, but I’m happy that he’s gone.

    The new Community and Game Community Manager is TheHermit. Nobody would be better than him. If somebody can make 9Dragons and the community better again, then he.

  2. I like the conclusion.

    “BluFlash just preserve himself in a safe tower surrounding by a web of lies from his “camarilla”…” well said.

  3. I sympathize with Sed thoughts. You have some good points out there. BluFlash didn’t know how to communicate with us, didn’t reach his target so he had to go.

  4. thinking is hard work. that’s why so few people do it. the same thing goes for Blu. now he is a player again. when you are a player, rather than just playing, also take a look at what your mate is doing right and wrong. learn from their strengths and weaknesses. Blu should have done it.

    • I agree with General Wei. Now BluFlash is a player again. He must observe the community in all the aspects it have, to try see his errors and mistakes. It is a great opportunity fro Blu to meditate on some strategic point of a virtual community.

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