VGM event, the secret negotiation behind closed doors

ww11-secretMany of the players from all 3 servers already talking about the arrangements behind the VGM event of yesterday. On all Acclaim servers it is know that some of VGMs characters in game got TGW epithet.

VGM event was another compromise event for players. As we got used with events and competitions, behind the players back, some arrange the things in their own interest.  VGMs have each other on MSN so it is very easy to communicate. Alliances were made : “I help you in Bardo, you help me in Asura, I help you in Nirvana,you in Bardo”.

The question “can exist power without corruption?” is a rhetoric one. Under one form or another, those “in power” tend to abuse it and this is another case of official team abuse of power.

The beauty of the event grind made some players blindness. In this case, in the form of event made for players, VGMs takes players chance for getting TGW epithet. Certain VGMs takes the key idea of the plan of one and apply it. They helped each other to get for their game characters TGW epithet.

Why Acclaim did not forbid for VGMs game characters to participate in TGW epithet hunt? Was an event made by VGM and for them not for players?

So abuse of VGM power for what purpose? The word “private purpose” hide a trap again. Is not explicitly made “privately”. Would they work so hard for the event if they would propose “the satisfaction of serving a common interest”, the players one? Formula with “personal interests” is an often used cliché, but (perhaps because he is not a cliché to think carefully) it has sense. However “private interest” can serve as a benchmark for their actions.

And it is true, [VGM]Matrix aka chrispower got TGW epithet. So what GMs will do next in this issue? Check all VGMs characters who took TGW epithet and kick them out? Or nothing?


22 responses to “VGM event, the secret negotiation behind closed doors

  1. why i am not surprise by something like this ? in clan base 2 TGW were spawned.some already knew the position of them, one was hidden and only few could hit him. blah, so shameless.

  2. VGM event was made for them to get TGW epithet. 1 TGW for players, 1 for vGM characters. i guess they thought we will not see it and go alone with 2x, 6x event.

  3. Maybe I should begin to “love” Acclaim and show them “how much I like them” to be able to join the VGM team one day. Then I can get the TGW epi easily for my Vagabond and leave the VGM team again 😀

    • That would be a solution. TGW epithet is a slayer and hard to obtain epithet. Now everyone has it. It is not an achievement anymore.

  4. Sent the same info to you too. You seem more like the person to get the best out of it. It’s not alot, but I think it’s fairly interesting.

  5. chris0power is not even in high school. How can he answer questions to players? He didn’t even know how to speak, in high school you learn english vocabulary.

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