Medusa, Asura disambiguation

…this is the story of Medusa,a beautiful girl who became a monster that turns her victims into stone.

medusa400x600v2Asura is the home town of Medusa. She began to play in 2007 as a healer, than a nuker.But, her speciality is to “steal” accounts using her sexual services in front of web camera. She is very “naughty”, attracts the victims in MSN, than show some of her “extremitys” and in the end, she ask the accounts details. This “naughty” girl was in official team (kick out from her main) but again in, from others accounts.She likes in there a lot, because most of the stealen accounts are from veterans and then applied for VGM position.

No one knows her real name, because always wears others face. Some said she is know as Viv, Ama. One time she is a girl, another time a boy ( her real self pretend it is that boy sister and the scam continue ).

She choose her victims very carefully. Only M sex for now. She only takes accounts of the people who said “good-bye” to 9dragons.People who don’t want to come back or choose another game.

How come boys are so sensible in front of a piece of “skin” ? The sexual tension it is so deep even in front of a camera that you can’t deny something?

Sexuality was always a sensitive subject.Was even used by secret services as a blackmail. It is true that yours sensors are more open when you are ” sexual excited”, but this can be your doom.

Temptation…hard to resit. So who is to blame ? She, who use it, or he, the one that can’t resit? In virtual world, lots of individuals with different problems and real life lacks gather. To be nutrish by a girl with some feelings and see what you never sow before and keep wispering you sweat words…is heaven. But that sweat heaven can become hell, few time after.

This “Medusa” girl as some players said, had a close relation with ex [VGM]Strider from Nirvana ( his main is from Asura ). Strider was from the good guys back than, but time and relations change it. Temptation took him.

So, be carefull and keep that “thing” in the pants.


16 responses to “Medusa, Asura disambiguation

  1. i know who is Medusa, Vix. she is obsees with sex and i heard something about accounts. temptation is in acclaim rules?

    • If this enters in scam category, but prostitution and politics are the oldest jobs in this world. Maybe the account is the price you have to pay for her services.A new TOS?

    • My question is how Acclaim protects childrens from something like this to happen. In a web of lies, a child can be harm (+13). She is a bad influence and on top of all she is in official team. Who is now ? I don’t know.

  2. the mistake of men is that they are not half as good looking or smart as women. i know i sound rude, but players who give away accounts like that deserve it.

  3. In the nature of the men is it written, they have to give their semen as much as they can.

    In the nature of the women it is written, they have to choose their sexual partner very well, the best one wins.

    Many women can’t see why men react like that. The biggest problem is: They can’t handle different.

    What Chick666 said is true. Women are mostly good looking. Humans made often a godness with the perfect body of a woman.

    But… lol… seriously… The most men look like apes.

    With this facts, a woman can have almost every man she wants. She don’t have to search.

    A man still have to search. And if he get a nice woman in front of the MSN webcam and can see her body, then his instinct tells him, he found something.

    I have to admit, if she would offer me something like this, I don’t know how I would react. Maybe I would think on my Vagabond and keep my account. But maybe I would lose my mind and do what she say. Men can hardly controle that, and I can’t say how I would react.

    However, that’s a ignoble thing, what she does. She fits perfect in the team of Acclaim.

  4. Yes Legend, she fits perfect. I like something I read a long time ago, Cicero’s Six Mistakes of Man :

    1.The delusion that personal gain is made by crushing others.
    2.The tendency to worry about things that cannot be changed or corrected.
    3.Insisting that a thing is impossible because we cannot accomplish it.
    4.Refusing to set aside trivial preferences.
    5.Neglecting development and refinement of the mind, and not acquiring the habit of reading and studying.
    6.Attempting to compel others to believe and live as we do.

    21st Century and those mistakes are still here…

    • I belive in bad and good genes, depending on the other genes around them and the environment you live in, can fail or not.

  5. I am not on dark side. I am a monk, muhaha. All those boys when they added her as friend suffered from negative friend selection.Trolling for a girl.

  6. Sex is a full time obsession for many people in a game. You can engage in various acts and indulge your most secret fantasies on a web camera. Sex is used to sell everything, why not trade for accounts? How many can resit ?

  7. Well, there are many web-cam services that tax your credit card for the thing, she charges accounts 😛 Joke aside, ofc this is not ok, and on Bardo we have our Shakira aka pufy aka many other chars. Only reason she doesnt do the same thing is because “she” is really a “he”. Might work on some sexual minority of players though…

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