Experiment Twitter

The value of a social network is defined not only by who’s on it, but by who’s excluded.”  Paul Saffo


twitter_bird_follow_me__Small__biggerAcclaim started to experiment virtual social network with Twitter. Wiki page describe this services  : “is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the author’s profile page and delivered to the author’s subscribers who are known as followers.”

Let’s make a comparison between two games  companies and two games : Acclaim vs NcSoft , 9Dragons and AION. The difference is notice with open eye.



Community managers :



I like Sebastian aka Ayase replys ( Game Manager for english community ) :

” Thanks for wanting to help out 🙂 ” Thanks for the reporting everyone 🙂 ” yep, we’re on it! 🙂 “



For AION, twitter seems to work fine. Questions and answers. Growing and growing. But for 9Dragons seems to stagnate.Why to make a virtual social network if you don’t want to develop ? 9Dragons page has 1 tweet. On BluFlash twitter, he didn’t even bother to add for example…. 9Dragons promotion from yesterday 30% off experience cards and drop cards or whatever. Maybe the “lucky tricket event” from yesterday on Bardo should be added to 9Dragons twitter. Why is not? Why one entry only? For me it is hard to understand how Acclaim  representatives thinks.

Poor communication on forum, poor communication on twitter. Sounds familiar?

Well, as many sociologists said : ” the future of social networking will not be one big social graph but instead myriad small communities on the internet to replicate the millions that exist offline. No single company, therefore, can capture the social graph.” It is just the game COs build up virtual network in virtual network. Really worth ? Yes, if you want ‘make-up’.

As a tip for Acclaim, when you want to build a virtual social network you have to drown up the opinion leaders first. They have follows so others will come.

PS : even you block my tweets, I don’t care, already got used to this kind of  treatment. Become a habit.



17 responses to “Experiment Twitter

  1. Well, BluFlash only cares about the money he gets from ActLame shameless promotions.

    I guess everyone would be more happy if there would be a real 30% off for ALL ITEMS or a 50% off for all , not only xp/drop cards , Dragon Scale/Tears and separators =/

    Now I guess they will make Biggest Spender promotion in every weekend….shameless promotions -_-”

    Answeing to Legend’s question : No , a person like that shouldn’t be a game manager , who isn’t managing and playing its own company games , but playing other games -_-“

  2. I made a twitter, but I will erase it. Just for fun. This post hit the main point. However, I was entertaining myself with Historian love affair. It is like a soap-opera, web-novella.


    “hair cut and dyed,nails done,no where to go..”
    “@Historian tweets a hello, lover”
    “@girlie_diva Actually coming to see you since I have to go to “the bank… Headed out the door now.”
    “lunch in bed. thankyou love.”

    Why this show-off ? Do I need to know if Historian was in “priest’ position in bed last night or ?

  3. Facebook, Twitter are spammers services.The majority of people on Facebook or Twitter make as many friend requests as possible, as though accumulating large numbers of online friends were some measure of social desirability.

    Nice one van down.Laugh a lot.

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