Acclaim’s Communication

img2_big (3)9Dragons – A great game with big potential. Just the US & EU version from Acclaim seems to have a bad image. Acclaim try to lead this game since more than 3 years. Since more than 2 years the people complain about how bad Acclaim handle their things.

Instead of trying to understand their players & customers Acclaim just ignore them. The only people which don’t complain about Acclaim are either their own moderators, VGMs, newbies, people which never saw professional business or just people which moved already to another game.

I am since the year 2006 on the side of the 9Dragons game. I was not always known as “themystery” or “Legend”. Just a few really know who I was in the past. In all this time, I saw a lot from Acclaim. I saw many good VGMs which tried to make 9Dragons better and which left again, because they were disliked. I saw many VGMs which made profit for their own character by trading with other VGMs from other servers. I saw how Acclaim tried to lead their things with MSN conversations, I saw how 3 different supporter replied to 1 E-Mail. I saw how Acclaim were confronted with hard facts and I heard how they said “ignore them”. I had a big patience, tried to talk always normally and to tell the facts. I tried, to be understood. I wasn’t. I was even accused that I flame on the moderators and on the GMs.

Now, after so long time, I still try to see the good and the bad things. I can see, Acclaim try to make it better. They get TheHermit back to 9Dragons – He shall lead the whole thing into better times. Even if I am one of those who put all my last hope into this person, I’m not sure if he will bring that, what the players really need.

Last weekend, Acclaim tried again to make a special event. When I did read what the event will be, I knew already: This will fail. Many people will complain. What happened? Acclaim could not lead their things how they should have, and many players are very angry now – once again.

People are talking about demonstrations against Acclaim these days. They did already long time ago, and I tried to defer it. I hoped, Acclaim will learn – they didn’t.

One thing is clear: If Acclaim don’t change their handling very fast, Acclaim’s 9Dragons version will close soon. And I’m still here to try to help, that this will not happen. Even if the moderators laugh about me and the Game Managers don’t listen. I offered already my help to BluFlash, TheHistorian and TheHermit. The only one who answered was TheHermit, and that’s why he got my biggest respect; because he still can communicate.

However, I am recently an author on this blog, and I will write from time to time some new posts, with my own opinion. I will try to show to the 9Dragons players, how Acclaim is and how they handle their things and lead the game. This may help somehow to change Acclaim’s minds.

My next post in this blog will be about the great communication from David “TheHistorian” DeWald.

Stay tuned.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


16 responses to “Acclaim’s Communication

  1. Welcome as author and congratz for the first article.

    Communication was always Acclaim weak point.Communication is all about conveying your messages to other people clearly and unambiguously. It’s also about receiving information that others are sending to you. Somewhere in here is a breakdown. They try communicate with us with different methods, but the message end up to us bad. We try to communicate with them and what we say ends up bad as well. It is misunderstood and misinterpreted.

    I am glad at least TheHermit accepted your help. Seems some guys are avoiding and don’t took in consideration the good intention of helping. Their lost !

  2. The essence of Acclaim is selling your strengths. Tell me, as briefly and interestingly as you can, why they can’t listen ?

  3. A good example of Acclaim’s communication is BluFlash door to us.???!!!??? Acclaim communication is reduce to money or coins.Lost of track from there.

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