Episode : VGM reveals

[VGM]Matrix aka chrispower

emo-angelAfter being ‘choosens’ the new VGMs, was a great happiness in some camps.Whites and blacks have begun to make counts. In one of the camps, chrispower have 2 characters : a healer and a nuker. Many from Bardo knows them well : chris1, the beggar healer around HM and chrisOpower, the nuker around CS-GL.

In reality, few know what lies behind the characters, who are those who play them.

chrispower began his career at ‘Acclaim’ by translating the game in german language.After he saw his pockets full of coins and the translate ended ( 2 times ),  he said “it’s time for a little more advanced: VGM.” Said and done.

But the pacts habits do not die quickly.In game his characters jump from league in league, seeking opportunism and various  benefits. Many players characterize him as an opportunist person.

When you’re dealing with a character with a high ‘ego’ you know he can’t help himself to say who is and what he does.After few time, chrispower revealed to many players from Bardo that he is [VGM]Matrix and now powerful leagues should feel very honored if he would be a part from one. From the ‘beggar’ who sick to enter in powerfull bands for epithets, items and whatever, he belives he become someone important.

He was so excited by the fact that he is a VGM that in many roars he talked very informally with GMs.I remember the roars for a certain GM , calling him ‘O’. O ‘up’, O ‘down’.Yes,  it is a GM name name but few players know this fact. In fact only those who have him in msn or have some connection with GMs.From that point on, he busted himself up. He even post this in his signature on forum.

It is like showing : look guys who I am, I have connections.No worry chris, I know you show that because you can’t show nothing else.

Now, because the old habits die hard, after he sow himself on VGM position he try to jump on his old ‘enemies’ how he likes to call some of the 9d players,who expose his true face to others.These attempts from his VGM account are useless and didn’t succed because his VGM character was already compromise. Those people only stood back and laugh hard,  leting him make a fool of himself.

As he likes to say “owned” !

E : I edited GM name and took out the ss ( I think chris already got scold and will remove from his signature that GM name)  because  they must remain in the shadow. It is better, but I think some already sow it…


40 responses to “Episode : VGM reveals

  1. One by one goes in the dark.
    It was clear he would become a VGM. Most of translators aim for VGM place. chrispower is no exception. Now we know who he is.

  2. Knowing who he is, will have a clog start. The endless roar of questions will begin : he helps his friends, his bros, he is on one side, he did that because…
    Klar this affair will noot have a happy end.

  3. This is a great lesson for all. As VGM or someone from official team you should be modest, help players, be nice to them, have a decent behavior and never tell others “how wonderful and powerful you are”. You will get what you give.

  4. is wordpress down? i try to post comments, i see them, than no.

    this had certainly taken an interesting turn of. he has a terrible start. but it is his fault.

    • One lie will attach another. His character is very low. He lied to get what he want. That is why 9d is where it is now.

      • Well, many people around him know. I just wonder why Acclaim doesn’t check the age of VGMs. I recently found out that another VGM was under 16 when he joined them.

    • Yes, they knew. One of the reason why chris jumped from band to band was for TGW epithet. He couldn’t have it so this was the only way he could get it.

  5. ah so the this was the lie I asked on other post.

    Chris is always opportunist and like to show off

    and btw his nuker is HM, not CS-GL anymore.

    heee? magimay was Enishi? o_O

    if that so then unsurprisingly she know some VGMs around…

  6. Well venus, when I was VGM u hated me, now im not anymore and it seems like you “like” me…

    If you hate Acclaim – ok, but VGMs are just normal players.

    You lied so much in this post, like I jump from league to league, what a lie.
    Anyway, I will think about it. Maybe I will mail u with some things, let’s see.

  7. I don’t hate or like, I am on a road to search for the truth. It is nor about being a VGM or ex one. Active VGMs also send me informations.If you consider that I was wrong you have the possibility to comment, you had it when the article was on also.

  8. well Chris, I know u re enter elites for at least 7 times, and others just keep saying, what he again -.- and so on.

    well I have time to post because Bardo is down anyway xD

  9. “Active VGMs also send me informations”

    And that is what I knew… this VGM(s) gave you infos, about me too, but in the post you made it look like I shouted around that im a VGM.

    > “After few time, chrispower revealed to many players from Bardo that he is [VGM]Matrix and now powerful leagues should feel very honored if he would be a part from one.”

    >”It is like showing : look guys who I am, I have connections.”

    Anyway, check your email, I wrote u something.

  10. chris finally you decide to share with us some of the things that are going on behind the “red curtain”. I will wait for tomorrow to see how you sow your VGM experience.

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