The event : fun or income

left_banner_events_tcm42-5019There was a time in which events entirely were lacking. There was a time when they were made and have been criticized …

As one of the persons involved in organizing an event in real life, I can make some deductions about the event that took place yesterday : 2x for 3 h and 5x for 1.30 h. As an event organizer you must plan everything to the smallest detail. The event was announce on forum :

But the time changed. Many players do not read the forum for various reasons. A big event (plus change) should be announced in game. When was the best moment? On  Bardo, the European server, Wednesday night at Lucky Tricket when most of the players logs.

Continue to be a little  ‘bad’ I will think in financial terms. Bardo has the highest rate (crowded). On this, I stake as a source of gain. For example at a concert (idols) organizers often postpone the arrival of the ‘star’. Why? Inside the ‘stadium’ are some selected companies that sell different products (companies that have sponsored the concert or commercials). During the waiting, fans increasingly buy more products. It is about a load of psychological and consumer behavior …

Coming back to 9Dragons,  involuntarily while awaiting you consume more experience cards, pils, drop cards. Like I said, as organizer you know the statistics. You know how many players read the forum, how many will read the ad in lancher, how many will ignor it.You base your calculations on that.

On  Bardo,  happened liked this: I logged at 17.00, and a big surprise: I sow in the third village from Icy a great mass of people who did not know what will happen. They put questions about the event, many of them did not know when it will take place.Lots of discussions : will be official war, will be svs… They logged  3-4h before starting to find a source of information.

Was present ‘the spirit of the herd’. Some came after buffs than go grind. After 1-2 h of painful waiting (players shot for party, buying experience cards, drop cards and so on ) VGM Bella of  Twilight logged and roar : ‘event will be postpone 1h and 45 minutes’. Than…roars…whining and crying as the official team members likes to say. VGM Bella roar with typical attitude that we are used till now : ” it is an event, if you don’t like don’t participate or go to sleep”. She or he forgot something : this event overlap the normal 2x event and if you make an event that overlap the normal one you do it for all players to be a part in it.

What happened next? Some logged off, some went to grind using exp cards and others, some waited in the village, some debate the situation, hero leagues made plans for war or svs. In this nebula money were made.

Delaying the event, they realise that at 5x time, few people would be online to consume the cards & goodies ( for my country would be 12-01 at nigh ) so they move it for today… tehnical problems. And they even state it is ‘compensation’. They word ‘compensation’ state for something you lost. But what you lost ? Hours of sleep, hours of clubing, hours with family… ?

In fact it is about money. They would loose more if the 5x would continued on Bardo at that hour, than many of the players.

Also from health aspect of view, staying in front of the PC 2x of 3h, 5x of 1.5.h and the waiting hours, when VGM Bella roar, 1.45h and the ones that some log before it, 2-3h. A sum of maybe 8h… bad for eyes and body.

So fun or income?


13 responses to “The event : fun or income

  1. CoraM :
    They need to survive so it is income.

    I didn’t wrote there, but tonight is also AION release (those who preorder).Maybe, would be a measure to keep players in 9Dragons also.

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