negru, Asura bad boy (1)

“I had to fight all my life to survive. They were all against me… but I beat the bastards and left them in the ditch.”(TyCobb)

devil-may-cry-4-08aA.I. : Since when you playing 9d, what you like in this game?

negru : 2 years and 9 mounths and I like the community.

A.I. : You like Asura server?

negru : Now it’s at all just disgusting.

A.I. : What you might say to people who starts 9D on Asura?

negru: To use the xp cards as they take pk xp nonstop.

A.I. : How would you describe your experience on Asura?

negru:… I was the ‘chief’ there  for 6 months, best hybrid , till they put 2 seconds para in pvp and  made the nukers best pvp role.I was respected and I met people there that I liked.

A.I. : What you think about how Acclaim management the game?

negru : Beat the game in dust.

A.I. : What do you think of VGM’s and moderators? Help the players?

negru : Moderators are full of them and help only some players and  VGM’s helps if they are new .I know only one who can help.

A.I. : What should  do Acclaim to change the situation?

negru :  Sell  the game to N.C. Soft or Ubisoft or invest the money from player to win 9 D community.

A.I. Are the prices from mall high for Romania? What do you buy from mall?

negru : Prices are rather high for a f2p. I buy deco and premium when it is reduction for about 30 euros for 3 months.

A.I. : How do you see 9D in Romania? What do you think of translation?

negru : Translation is done by some people who does not know english.I participated in the translation, I didn’t translate every word in English to Romanian like McDonalds generation.9 D in Romania is another game when you sit bored.

A.I.: Do you think it will adapt to Romanian realities? Be better promoted?

negru : It will never adapt to the reality of Romanian. Even you promoted it will be like nothing.

A.I.:How did you describe the character you play?

negru : Pfff …this is good. The truth it is that I put money on items and the character is very good. But the role is decided by Acclaim and hybrids have not yet find themself in 9 D. They don’t have nothing to do in there as hybrids.

A.I. :You like the community on Asura? What about the wars in there? How are there people motivated to play?

negru : Now there is no community on Asura. War was over when many left in 2007-2008. It’s just random PK. Characters come and kill lvl 180 vs lvl 50. Hardly find a friend to say why you play.Asura is the only motivation for a nuker, if you beat them all great…

A.I. : They grifing the low levels?

negru : Is more than grief. It is like cleaning.

A.I.: You must be a strong character to play on Asura?

negru : Must be at least nuker CS and have premium.Without a premium you have no chance in there, only if you are kamikaze and like to die from 5 in 5 min, x3 x67 does not matter.

A.I. : What do you think about SVS? Participate often?

negru : The last one was… a long time ago and I was killed by my allies for envy.As for the SVS you have to buy the item mall for at least 50 euros to have a chance.

A.I. : Why do you think in 2007-2008 many players left Asura?

negru :Many left when they gave a bann to Arara because of Acclaim .I heard bad management . Anyway I know for concrete, people from official team helped a band to take items from bosses and stuff.It happened on my skin also. They kill me in dc’s and tried in many ways to get me out of game.

A. I.
What do you think is the adult-child ratio in the game?

negru : Most are between 15 -20 years . In Romania  you could say it’s adult at 18 ,19 years …with all that has changed, more.


3 responses to “negru, Asura bad boy (1)

  1. i remember when those players left Asura. it was because of VGM interventions. those VGMs were removed, but was already too late.

    • Chick666 :
      i remember when those players left Asura. it was because of VGM interventions. those VGMs were removed, but was already too late.

      Was too late, but all knew what happened.

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