negru, Asura bad boy (2)

13_by_engelszornA.I. : How behave childrens vs adults? They give or take more pk ?

negru : For example in America people of 18 years are like romanians, 7 years kids. For pk, age does not matter ,only to have second roller nuker .All give pk . The majority now in Asura are from Korea .Before there were many indians and vietnamese, although Asura is U.S. server.

A.I. : Why do you think?

negru : They stop to play versions of 9D Korea and VN .There is no gameguard , it is x5 24/24. They came on Asura because there is nothing  to pk. Funny thing is that, I know 3 players who left the game and were EC-CS and were back after 2 months with characters LM or Hermit .I belive those are characters generated by GM.Everyone knows that 80% of Asura now are characters of GM / VGM and now many characters are Korean and Vietnamese. Koreans became VGM’s on Asura also, I sow how they type in english. A Korean teenager spend about 14 hours + in front of computer and a teenager american about 6.8 hours, U.S.

A.I. : Would you leave Asura for another server?

negru : With the earliest opportunity…

A.I. : How are the band masters on Asura?

negru : The old ones are indifferent and the new ones, I don’t quite know them.

A.I. : It’s a challenge to have a band on Asura? How many of the old bands have left?

negru : Is almost impossible to make a new band on Asura …there are no people . From the olds, left TVM and Elite

A.I. : Say a few words about the man behind the character… What does he do in real life?

negru : Someone who don’t have obligations.

A.I. : What  important moments did you had in 9D?

negru :  griding to FD 1 – CS 1 , 1 year in the Brotherhood of Steel and another 6 months when I was chief of the Server .While I was in BOS was the most beautiful time …you, Astaroth, chichoque, and yet few . When I came home, I just wanted to play because of the friends…. and Musio who died…all love him.

Also I beat in pvp CTK and I was the only player on Asura which has managed to disband  DKJ ….3 months nonstop pk and beat Wat… only BachLong could kill me ….In the end there were about 10 active palyers in DKJ. I showed what Romania can do.

A.I. : If  you would be a GM what would you do for 9D?

negru : Permanent ban to half of the server . No deal with hackers. Once Ray Ray had major pen and his LF  was live hack .I gave shout and GM gave me instant chat bann That one uses LF with major pen and I took a chat bann… Here money talks …Welcome to Asura!  If you think you could give a report when catch a hacker you should think twice as you can get a permanent ban.I would give permanent ban to hackers until Acclaim bosses would catch and kick me.

A.I. : You think there is a policy of Acclaim’s to don’t give permanent ban to players?

negru : If you spend more than 20 $ per week you do not get any warning .You can do what you want, while paying for company, stuff …everything .GMs look who spends more in Item Mall .Ray Ray, Wayne, Wat, and a lot of Korean boyband are or were VGM’s .

A.I. : What advices you have for hybrids ?

negru :  I have some advice for hybrids : max ess, ck ornaments dodge yin, yang, soul, body ornaments weapon premium deco, item mall all atributes pills ,kg tigrams and can no longer take so much PK. Or somewhere 2010 wait for the new pvp patch.

A.I. : If you take it from the beginning, what role and what clan you choose?

negru : Beggar hybrid because of the shield mastery.

A.I. : Thanks a lot.

negru ss :


5 responses to “negru, Asura bad boy (2)

  1. Asura is a hell now, thanks to pvp mess. i don’t think that server will be alive again, unless the pvp issue will be fix.

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