Asmo StorM : Spirit-Fists, part 2

storm_within_epiA.I : What characters did you play? How would you describe them?

Spirit-Fists : In all my time in 9D I only played 3 different chars.  Onslaught (Warrior) was my first char, and during his peak time, was widely regarded as one of the toughest chars to face in PVP, utilizing a variation of mixed PVP builds.  Once Onslaught was level capped at CS1, I started work on Spirit-Fists (Hybrid) who became one of the toughest grind chars ever to grace Bardo.  Spirit hit each level cap as one of the top 2 chars on Bardo, it wasn’t long after that I got bored at CS4 killing 4 mobs for 0.01% and left the game for three months until Icy Palace map finally opened, I returned a few weeks after it opened to find myself over taken by many players, so I got back to grinding and soon took back my lead spot as the highest White char on Bardo.  Orisi (nuker) was created when Spirit was stuck at the LM level cap, this time I refused kill multiple mobs for 0.01% so I started on a new char called Orisi, but I didn’t enjoy nuker as much as the melee chars.  It was fun to start with, reaching CS2 within 6 weeks of creating the char, thanks to the two Xmas and New Year 2XP events, but got tired of nuker, and once again left the game for about three months until the level cap was again raised.

A.I. You were The Master of StorM_RiderS, how was your experience? What did you learn? What was SR for you? What is your legacy?

Spirit-Fists : For me SR was all about respect and honour.  I am proud to have been in charge of so many players who shared my dream of helping others and uniting the White Clans for the benefit of all whites and not just ourselves.  It was no easy task, at one stage we even kept ourselves away from PVP for months at a time to push ourselves in level and strength before returning to the fold and showing the true power of SR in PVP.  My legacy, so to speak, is that SR continue to uphold the beliefs that the league was founded on.  Respect, honour and the ability to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

A.I.Did you have any downtime, or you were constantly bombarded with members questions or others players as BM?

Spirit-Fists : Sometimes it was hard to concentrate on my own game.  SR was the largest and strongest league on Bardo for a very long time.  I would get questions and messages from many inside our league as well as many from leagues that were friends of SR.  Thankfully I did not try to run SR alone, that would have killed me very fast.  I was happy to be the figure head of SR, which made sense as my char was one of the highest chars for most of my life on 9D.  After creating the SR league, I basically shared the League Master position with Yoink as an equal, and we had all the other Band Masters as deputies, which worked very well.  SR was systematically run by 5 chief players instead of one player ruling over everyone.  Then we had a good group of Band Leaders who were all chosen upon their principals and the manner in which they showed themselves to others.

A.I. :  Playing on Bardo’s  white side, what you think are the difference between the whites and the blacks? What they war for?

Spirit-Fists : The main difference I found between Bardo’s White and Black sides was the ability to work together.  SR with the help of a few other leagues were able to bring the majority of the White Clans together, working towards the same goal and showing each other respect.  The Black Clans on Bardo didn’t manage this at the time because there was too much fighting going on between themselves, this meant that they found it harder to work together during Clan specific events such as War and SVS.

A.I. : What is your opinion on Item Mall prices? Mall stuff creates advantages for your character or not?

Spirit-Fists : The Item Mall is a great place to upgrade your char, but it has become over priced as of late.  Deco’s and Premium packs are a must for those that want to compete seriously in PVP, but not everyone can afford to throw money at Acclaim, so it creates an imbalance.  Just look at the recent change in making XP Cards tradable, it has destroyed the already fragile market, and made Nukers even more over powered now that they can level as fast as any other class.  I personally feel that Acclaim or Indy have spent too much time thinking of new ways to make money and not enough time on fixing bugs, some of which are well over two years old.

A.I.Now you play AION. How do you find AION in comparison with 9D?

Spirit-Fists : The contrast is huge and really shows the difference between pay to play games and free to play.  Aion is the total package.  As of this date, I have only come across a very small number of bugs, and most of these don’t interfere with the game play.  Although 9D is free to play, I believe most of the mid-hardcore players will still spend more money per three months on 9D than they would playing Aion for the same time period.  All you pay for in Aion is the monthly subscription, all the rest is done with ingame gold.   The PVP in AION is much more balanced, yes it is based on level, but as there is far fewer levels than 9D, this doesn’t create a huge imbalance as it does in 9D.

A.I. :  Why do you think that many players of 9D went to AION?

Spirit-Fists : Many of the 9D players now playing AION have found the same issues with 9D that I have.  The most obvious one being the total imbalance in 9D PVP, why bother to make any class except Nuker unless you have already reached the level cap.  The amount of bugs still unfixed on 9D and the continual lack of communication from the Acclaim team is a big factor.  Another big factor is the running costs of playing 9D if you want to seriously compete with others, some players spend obscene amounts of money in the Item Mall and it is hard for those without this kind of funding to compete at the same level as those with seemingly unlimited funds.  AION is a breath of fresh air to those of us that have put up with Acclaims incompetence (for lack of a better word)

A.I. From your experience, what would you share with the others players?

Spirit-Fists : Be good to yourself and to others.  Treat others as you would like them to treat you.  Remember RESPECT is not easily earned but can be lost much faster.

A.I.: Thank You.

Favourite Spirit ss:


8 responses to “Asmo StorM : Spirit-Fists, part 2

  1. Many good old veteran players are leaving 9Dragons… I was happy to talk with you, tran, Yoink and others of SR. Were not long talks, but I enjoyed to talk with good and respectable people, which can think before to talk.

    I got a big respect to SR league. Too bad I never knew you guys better than I did. Maybe, because I am Vagabond.

    I really hope Storm Riders will keep the same honorable way like until now. And I hope to see you one day back on 9Dragons.

    You got the best wishes from me. Good luck on everything. You and many of SR will be respected forever by me. You will be missed on Bardo.

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