YOINK, acid storm, part 2

aa_the_last_samurai_9A.I. : Tell something about the real person behind Yoink.

Yoink : Not much is know about the real person . I keep my seperate lives seperate : work, home, play nowadays, a child is often diagnosed with such disorders as ADHD. When i was growing up, i was just referred to as  naughty. My life as such, has often been a struggle to fit in and learn to live under societies rules.A bright mind without direction is a terrible thing .

A.I. : Do you belive in virtual love?

Yoink :  I believe in virtual love, it kinda reminds me of waaaay back when letters were the rule of the day and the automobile was not a commonplace thing  people “corresponded” to get to know each other. They knew each other from an indistinct picture, maybe even a drawing and more often than not you can say things in a letter, that you may struggle to put into words face to face, so we are seeing amongst the virtuals communities, true love stories in a world of divorce and single parents, where people have come to love the personality, not the face. When you fall for someone this way, possibly find your soulmate , the picture may come second because you get to see what is inside a person.

A.I. :  What about the boys who plays woman characters and vice-versa?

Yoink : I’ve yet to decide about some of them for some it seems a simple matter of personal gratification. They would rather look at the back of a woman , than a man.Others, take it a little furthur, for fun or potentially, they are confused  in a world where genders are often blurred mmoland is a perfect place to live out those fantasies.

A.I. Talking about love and characters my mind made some connection on a story. So, what you think about 9Dragons story? The line of the narration suits the game content?

Yoink : I love the game, I love the story, as do many others  it will forever be seen by me, as I move on soon, with a deep sadness for what Acclaim has done with their version.

A.I. : The return of  TheHermit will change something?

Yoink : The game holds so much potential. I hope so. I’ve seen a real change in attitudes, but is it too late, a month before the big killer “AION” is unleashed upon us.Everywhere I go, communities are discussing their plans for it.

A.I. : You was on at the last webinar? The problems debated  there were resolve ? You think webinar has a good feed-back?

Yoink : Nothing happened. We talked and talked, and I don’t think they listened. It was important that they publish the webinar, for all to hear and people need to hear the community managers passing the buck onto Indy21.

A.I. :  Why do you think they didn’t published it?

Yoink : Because if it turns out, that it is Acclaims decisions with this version, and not Indy21 all along. Then we have discovered the real killer behind 9D Acclaim. We have yet to hear, from the horses mouth, Indy21’s version of events.

A.I. : Now you play AION and littel 9D ? In september what you will choose?

Yoink : In september I choose AION and 9Dragons will remain on the back shelf until I am fully committed to AION. I miss the community, but after returning for this last month before AION release, I realised that it is just grind grind, grind with the current unbalanced pvp end game, I am not grinding for a purpose anymore.

A.I. : You see any difference in the community of those two games?

Yoink : It’s too early to say, but the AION community has been growing for 2 years now, even before anyone could play the game the content is there, to keep us all happy and content for a long time yetour only waiting game, is to see how the community managers handle any issues that arise over balance, etc.

A.I. : In 9Dragons community how you think you are seen by others?

Yoink : By my friends……a man of his word who can be trusted with anything. By my enemies…a grudging respect, they know not to underestimate my commitment to a cause.

A.I. : You are in charge for SR external relation. How did you find the others hero leagues BM’s and leaders?

Yoink : On the whole, fine I have been able to deal with most leaders. But now and then, I will come up against someone with the same stubborn resolve as myself.

A.I. : What was the hardest task?

Yoink : The leader of NP is my hardest task: trying to persuade him to work with people and not just his own alliance.This has even caused problems within his alliance. As some members have seen the wisdom in my proposals, he does not like being told what to think, or do and he sees my suggestions as orders.

A.I. : What advices would you give to a new leader?

Yoink : Do not take up the position, unless you have the time to devote to your members  even if this cuts short your own game time. When a reasonable request comes your way, drop what you’re doing and help out a leader leads by example, whether they like it or not. If your band/guild begins to displease you, then it’s something “YOU” are doing wrong, not your band/guild and above everything else, whenever your decision affects someone else ask yourself the question”how would i feel on the other side of this”. I live my life by this rule.

A.I. : As the last question, how you see 9Dragons future?

Yoink : I dare not think of it’s future, because many friends remain there  and I don’t want to think of their dissapointment. If 9D has a future, it’s how Acclaim chooses to fulfil this.

A.I. : Thank you for your time.

Yoink made a special collage for this blog :
not much is know about the real person
i keep my seperate lives seperate
work, home, play
nowadays, a child is often diagnosed with such disorders as ADHD
when i was growing up, i was just referred to as
naugh ty*
my life as such, has often been a struggle to fit in
and learn to live under societies rules

8 responses to “YOINK, acid storm, part 2

  1. One of the very few people i have respect for in the game,unfortunately “very few” i might say,even regarding our raunts and conflicts which date back in the days where even time machines cant reach and NP leaders were still doing cof runs in full parties :)..well spoken..always admired you as a human being and as you are/were a great leader for your people and ,funny i might also say, hated you as you are/were one of my number one enemies…a model to follow for all those in game who lack authority sence and also social skills..

  2. why Acclaim did not choose people like you to represent the players?you have so much potential. high standards people are always left aside and sewers takes their place.

    • They need people easy to manipulate, people who live in virtual word and have few needs to be motivate to make something.

  3. I got a big respect for the most Storm Riders members, especially for the masters. And this are the reason for it.

    They can talk normally, act always correct, and they show respect if you do it too.

  4. Yoink is from few people in this game who gain my respect. SR gather lots of talents and is like more of spirit state than a band.

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