Sifu of beggars : tran1234

If a man dwells on the past, then he robs the present. But if a man ignores the past, he may rob the future. The seeds of our destiny are nurtured by the roots of our past. (Master Po).

107241-bigthumbnailA.I. : When you started to play 9Dragons?

tran1234 : April 2007.

A.I. : What made you play 9Dragons for 2.5 years?

tran1234 : I really like that old China Kung Fu style which  combines the true China history.

A.I. : You lead a beggar band, and you are the Submaster of STORM RIDERS Hero League. What SR means to you ?

tran1234 : Yup, I am. SR is my virtual family. We spend together so much time so I feel them like my family and won’t find any  people like them in other games.

A.I.: How would you describe tran1234 as 9D character?

tran1234 : Hmm… a helpful character , likes to answer others questions.

A.I. :  Speaking of helping others, how you find 9Dragons the community of players on Bardo server?

tran1234 : Well, most of them are good , if you ask their help you’ ll most likely get it without them asking anything as reward.

A.I. : What about the official team of VGM’s?

tran1234 :  They are trying their best , some of them they do it pretty well I could say but if they could be more often online would be great.

A.I.: What is your opinion about 9Dragons forum? Helps players? What about moderators?

tran1234 : It does help players. You can find so valuable information there….about Mod’s I think they doing their job good but the lack of the game at the moment and the repeatable posts by players which actually is useless and they have to lock it makes them look bad  to community.Not all of them. Some of them just lock the topics and piss off the community more.

A.I. : If you would be BluFlash what would be the first thing you would do for 9Dragons?

tran1234 : Give the players what they want : information about top issues in the game.Since solution is still under development by Indy the only thing we can give to community is the information.

A.I. : You are a ‘beggar” leader, what you think a band master should have as qualities?

tran1234 : Responsibility , consider every possible solution before making a decision and talk with the rest of leaders. Helpful.

A.I. :  How would you describe yourself in real life? You are like your character or no?

tran1234 : Yes, I am . Personally I find it unusual… act diffrent from what you are in real and in an online game like RPG’s, since you actually communicate as you do in real life, but you just do it via the keyboard or microphone.

A.I. : Playing on Bardo on white side, what you think are the difference between the whites and the blacks? Would a peace be possible in game?

tran1234 : The side doesn’t  make up the person , we are just happen to be enemies in game, we can’t have peace , thats the storyline if we could have peace what’s storyline for?

A.I. : What about the ambitions of both sides?

tran1234 : Well, everyone like to be the winner .Same is happening here every side trying to win .We all like being in a higher stage than others. Only way to proove this is by defeat him, talking for the game part, ofc.

A.I. : You play AION too. What you think  are the difference between AION and 9Dragons?

tran1234 : There is no way someone could compare the two games . You got a f2p vs p2p.You have a fantasy vs old material.

A.I. :  Many of SR members left to AION . Why ?

tran1234 : Better gameplay , less real money is needed, fewer bugs, much more better service and much more to do in game.

A.I. : What was your favorite day in 9Dragons?

tran1234 : The day I took my TGW killer epithet. I was just yelling : I GOT IT ! I GOT! So nice ! Back then was so hard to get it.

A.I. : You have a PS beggar warrior, what you think about this role? Is hard to level ? What about pvp?

tran1234 : It was hard to level , many new skills and items has been added last year and made the grind very easy. About PvP, a grind build warrior hardly can PvP,  with all those new  items a nuker 24+lvls lower can still kill him.

A.I. : What you doing now, since you reach level cap?

tran1234 : Looting in the dungeons. helping lower lelevs to get their epithets and TRYING to PvP as much this is possible.

A.I. : Tell me some words about the human behind tran character.

tran1234 : A low profile guy which obvious likes to spend much of his free time in front of his PC but also going out.

A.I. : What about girls? Do you belive in virtual relations? Do you have any vitual relation in 9Dragons?

tran1234 :  Nah , you might get closer with someone in game, but actually to start a virtualy relation don’t think so , it’s bad, you  can’t really express how you feel. I would try this kind of relation, in case, there is a chance too meet her in real life.

A.I. : What about the boys who plays girls characters? What you think are their motivations?

tran1234 : Some might want to hide their real ID behind the female character , others just like to play a cute female character like they would like a real woman who knows…  we can’t jugde.

A.I. : From your experience, what would you share with the others players?

tran1234 : I’ll tell you about my league mates, we all share the same thoughs, help the rest, respect the rest if you want them to respect you. They all are so kind and helpful, hardly you can say something bad about them. When you need something, they will be there.

A.I. : What you wish for the future of 9Dragons?

tran1234 : A fixed gameplay out of bugs and with a balanced PvP.

A.I. : This is all. Thank you.

tran1234, favourite screens :

My virtual family
we spend together so much time so i feel them like my family and wont find any like those people in other gamesResponsible , consider every possible solution before making a decision and Talk with Rest leaders, Helpful

13 responses to “Sifu of beggars : tran1234

  1. [… others just like to play a cute female character like they would like a real woman who knows… we can’t jugde.]

    a good one.

  2. i don’t think this game will have a future if will keep like it is now.
    how much time you took to be PS1 ? griding time.

  3. hey hey boys and girls , im glad u like my answers 😛 Dunno how much time i spend to make PS mate i been near to cap 3 times , CS 1-5 grinding with 0.01 every 5mobs! on LD then hit Hm 12 9.xx% after a while new mobs and LD dungeon been added so we could reech PS , my join date is April 2007…. and i mostly grinded with the OLD exp rates which was lower..

  4. ahahahahaha.. i just found this interview.

    [… others just like to play a cute female character like they would like a real woman who knows… we can’t jugde.]

    so, u mean… erm… then, how about Ons?

  5. wish u, Ons, oink and other SR good luck at AION. u guys made a right decision for choosing AION. well.. 9Dragons is getting worse day-by-day since there are so many kids and big-mouth players who like to insult others like a bitch.
    i miss the time we kill each other in war at bp and grind together happily at Samaurai when LD is out. XD
    well.. there’s no such things now. these were all left behind in the past. i guess the main reason of changing player’s attitude is that ‘Unbalanced PvP’. many kids and/or retards created nuker and they like to insult other players as their level grows up since they thought they are the strongest after playing nuker roles… haha!
    well, man… i just wanna say gd luck to all old SRs at AION. as for me, i’ll stick around at 9D just to find out what tibet map would be. ;p

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