Healing hands : CinCang

“The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.” Hubert.H. Humphrey

15_07_2009_0424228001247643689_mario-wibisonoA.I. : How did you start playing 9Dragons ? Why you like this game?

CinCang : I start to play because of my brother and his friends in his internet caffe. Back than I was recovering from a car accident.  I was back home after 2 months of hospital recovery. I  waisted some time in his net caffe, than started to play some games. After few time my brother ask me to join him in 9Dragons and making healer character to support him.

A.I. : You played on Asura back than, how you found that server ?

CinCang : My brother and his friend Thor played on Nirvana. After Asura opened they moved there and I joined. After couple of weeks of playing I enjoyed the game… yea, you know… I grinded with my bro like crazy.

A.I. : Now you quited 9Dragons. Why?

CinCang : First time I quited because everyone was leaving to other games and second time I quited because I was bored and had real life problems which needs time.

A.I. : Well, how many friends did you made in 9Dragons? Do you keep in touch with them?

CinCang : Maybe like half people on Asura server. And yes, I still keep in touch with them, but not much. I got arround 20-25 ppl from 9D rite now in MSN/YM and sometime chat with them.

A.I. : Do you remember why your friends left back than?

CinCang : ‘Coz’ everyone was bored. Another game ‘Cabal’ was out. No.no.no. First, Rohan than Cabal.

A.I. : What was your character like, back than?

CinCang : Uhmm…cool I think. I liked to help people.

A.I. : What is you opinion on the management of the game?

CinCang : For true, they are good in manage money in item mall but in game / server they not realy good. Example like patching items/map took almost 1 year for asura or 1 years ++ for other map.

A.I. :  9Dragons back in 2007 was better than it is now?

CinCang : Old 9D… before they made all change to character/skill was better. I mean better old 9D with new map than new 9D with new maps but lot of useless change. I hope u can understand what I mean.

A.I. : Are you thinking of coming back in 9Dragons now? Or maybe in the future?

CinCang :  I tihnk not…hehe. 1st, because, I am busy at work.,  not having much time to play games and 2nd, I live in small town with sucky internet connection…not like in Jakarta, my hometown. ‘Cuz’ internet  ‘sux’, I dont play anything like facebook or twiter. Loading 1 page need like.hmmmmmm 3 minutes >.<

A.I. : Back than whites dominate Asura server. Any idea why?

CinCang : Its like ping pong effect .. in first place,  black dominate white..then all white united, grind together till they could take over black power .Same thing happen rite now..

A.I. : What was your funny moment in 9Dragons?

CinCang : Oh, killing GW  alone was funny. CTK and PEPS guard me from attacker… hehe. Cave raiding was funny too. I have a photo album which I save from Cin noob, till I quited.

A.I. : What about real life? How is it for you? What person you are? What you doing with your time?

CinCang : I’m a simple person, like other people. In my free time I usually read E-book or watching movie/drama. In holiday I go vacation, usually to sea (Bali) or Singapore.

A.I. : 9Dragons did change anyhow your real life?

CinCang : Ah not much… err…actually..because of 9Dragons I’m not back to school hehehe. Sometime I played till late at night, expecially when I was doing party quest, because of different time between my country and others.

A.I. : Few more questions .What you think about 9Dragons forum? You visit it offen? It worth to spend time there?

CinCang : Not much.Even when I was an active player, I didn’t visit the forum a lot, ‘coz’ too much hate words on forum.Also that time I put some pictures in forum, in screenshoot area, but moderators delete it. So I stop login on forum. I forget…. but that time I think I put pictures on ur post about Asura history. I put some pictures when Cin was with Chopstick players / Cin with yahel and DB / Cin and BoS ppl or Cin with /after killing boss, but moderators delete it.So  I stop login… broken heart.

A.I. : Say some words for the healers.

CinCang : Healer should be active on war, not only buffing, then hiding in corner. Not realy need to pk / hitting, just focus to heal attackers on war.

A.I. Thank you. That bring some old memories.

CinCang photo album:


for true
they are good in manage money in item mall
but in game / server they rnot rly good
example like patching items/map took almost 1 year for asura or 1 years ++ for other map

15 responses to “Healing hands : CinCang

  1. for healers to focus on the warriors and others roles to heal is a good, most in 9d now, pvp is an individual task, maybe the fact that nukers are overpower has something to do with this. joining a team in pvp is fun.

  2. wish i could play on Asura, but the time for events it is not good at all for me. i like the interw. very much.

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  4. hi Darling kontol jelek cin :D, nice interview,I miss the old times too, but its evolution, if you dont evolve you die, there is a new generation of MMOs, one of them will open 22 September, why some ppl still playing the prehistoric good pk system of 9d? hi all and hi Carol

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