drakenfyre75 and the trolls, part2

15_07_2009_0430248001247643689_mario-wibisonoThis week I was reading a great book ” How to become smarter than you are ?“. Basic, it is all about how to manipulate, from the perspective of words. It is just some people have the gift, some don’t.

Browsing the forum, I  found this :



You know we get back from doing this??? NOTHING BUT GRIEF we dont get anything special from the GM’s, we dont get anything from the VGM’s, we get nothing for doing this but the grief form the community.

You all seem to think we get paid for doing this :NEWFLASH WE DON’T!!!! we log on to be a mod because we want to help the community here in the forums rather than the game itself.

This is a typical outbreak.drakenfyre75, I have some news for you : for doing something you need a motivation. If the grief is the reward than means your motivation and the way you act are bad. Making a cause you should understand the effect. Your logic is twisted : if the game would not exist, also the community, so in the end we all help the game and Acclaim.But you were choosen by Acclaim, so that mean the game is on the lay-out.

As for the rewards, there are some things you get in return :

– power and fame : everyone on forum and game knows who you are and you have the “lock”, “delete”, “edit” …

-controling some things like contests, giving rewards maybe in favouritism way ( there are some nice rubrics on forum about some contests where the first places belongs to friends )

– favours…beeing close to Acclaim team, for sure yours “pleads” will be answer more quick and in favour. This is call “attachment” , well the kids in “the house” are serve first.



As for your “alt avatar theory” these ARE their avatas, if they use an alt like you claim they have no access to lock, delete, split the forums or anything…

Finally, she confess. They are using their alternative characters. This was not official till now. The implications for the community using those alts are not about ” lock, delete, split forums”, it is about imposing something as majority (when it is not) and hunting players. Clear as water, as many ex.’s on this blog, when something is not according “to your wish or the official one”, the big “mechanism” is put into move.  They want to manipulate the community posting from several accounts making sound as it is majority ( players don’t have the acces to account information, but they are not blind). Also that method applys when they start hunting players which indulge contrary or criticism. There are so many ex.’s on forum about this.

As the time pass by, the community (at least the intellectual core) start to react after they sow how the mechanism work and, drakenfyre75 start to redrow and ” the one who wants to make our life a hell” ask  help ( well, well, and she said she didn’t recive nothing in return). The ” shining prince of Death” close the circle :



Lately after the critics, I notice  drakenfyre75 try to show her ‘humanity side’, posting some pictures from her real life, trying to debate in another manner, ocelot character stays in the back, her posts are more rarly .Changing is not something you do in 1 day…

Why drakenfyre75 and the trolls you may ask? They make  the powerfull voices in the community trolls, when in reality, the trolls are them… In the end, the circle of alts is open again…



24 responses to “drakenfyre75 and the trolls, part2

  1. nobody belives they get 0 in return.
    it is not fair for us to use many accounts to put us in a corner or trash our ideas.

  2. One question: do you count yourself to the ‘intellectual core’? If so, I need to go shoot myself.

    Secondly, you failed, you failed in your conclusion ocelot is an alt of Draken. You can easily prove yourself that you’re wrong. I leave it to you to check it, be creative!

    Thirdly, why do you still believe in VGMs & Mods do get something in return? Reading might help (hint: VGM recruitment section).

    And the last thing: it’s hard to find an answer, but who’s more disturbed? Personally I found my answer..

    • First of all, I count myself as I am. If you have a problem with that feel free to get alone with it.
      Secondly, your conclusion that Draken has not having ocelot as a alternative, it can’t be check. If you have something to share, please share.
      Thirdly, I already said what I belive the rewards are. They just love that too much to step down. None of them have enough ‘blood in the vain’ to do it.
      And the last thing, I am glad you find your answer as others found theirs.

  3. the one who failed is you shockedfellow. if you would be in the ‘intellectual core’ you would read what vennus said: ocelot character stays in the back. vennus didn’t said it is alternative. ocelot account was hacked and in game when i meet her nuker, i ask what you doing draken, and she said ‘fine’…

    i am not naive to don’t know what is behind the official team. many ask helping and many of them get coins, mall objects, helping their friends and making false reports for some players who are their enemies.

    players already knows this so the image of official team is full of dirt. vennus said something : they can’t manipulate the intellectual core because they are too stupid to do it.

    i am glad that someone finally said that to them.

    my conclusion :
    – some people are so dump that they can’t see it

  4. this blog makes my day.mods &VGms speach is for 12-13 years old kids.
    i agree with vennus9d, they try to said to us we give them GRIF, when they behind our back gets the rewards.drakenfyre75 said they cheat the community posting from many accounts.

    it is cool to have the eyes open.

    [They make the powerfull voices in the community trolls, when in reality, the trolls are them…]

    agreed 100%.

  5. Ermm… Hi.. ocelot190 acc wasn’t hacked sis.. that’s my forum acc. My personal acc yes it was hacked because i logged in my sister’s computer meanwhile mine was getting fixed and she had a keylogger in her computer (we both got hacked and my sister several times) Anywho Why would you ask My nuker if i was draken when only the hacker logged? I mean I have logged before you could actually have asked me.
    I mean its fine with me that you guys think w/e you want about the official team, that they get stuff when they have said several times they don’t, but when Sed started calling me puppy etc etc that im draken, her alt so on when its not true.

    Sed sis.. you’re the one that uses atl even in this place.. remember your Olix and Savage thread? well… check the comments.. Vennus… you are her.. since its the same name you’re using to make this articule. Vennus 9d…

    Here is a SS : http://i30.tinypic.com/b54678.jpg

    And.. About me been inactive in the forums its because I don’t really play 9dragons anymore.. when you lose your items and you can’t get them back.. and lose more stuff for just a game it makes you don’t like that game anymore, at least when you have wasted money and to much time in it.

    Anyways.. GL..

  6. Shadowcat, because you tend to operate in a childish manner, I will answer as it should be.You link shows nothing.Are just comments posts by avatars. I comment to another comment reaction. For your information, I am not vennus9d. vennus9d is a smart girl who join as author the blog. Your imagination, didn’t pass the Mensa test. As many said before me, intellectual core is not for everyone.


    If you are so inactive on forum, how you find so quick this article? Someone inform you ? Who? You are inactive on forum and active here? Drop the act down. “Puppy” is just a metaphor use with some deep meaning…

    What avatar is next?

  7. lol, shadowcat got pawn again. i didn’t said i ask you ‘how you doing’ when your account was hacked, i ask that nuker in one moment of time that question. if your account got hacked, it is not my problem.

  8. lol inactive means not posting in forums, it doesnt mean I don’t read it. And ofc I check your blogs Sed like everyone else. Sure they are other authors. Pardon me for that “misunderstanding”.

    And Chick666 I don’t care what you said. Im just making clear the information you were gaving about my nuker since you were saying that ocelot’s acc was hacked and that you have talked to my char. I personally don’t care about 9d anymore ofc there re always some matters than have to be cleared like this one. I really hope that the other ppl involved in this articule posts with they real avatar’s names and you posts their ips and emails too Everyone can see that I’m not any atl of anyone.

    Also I’d like to say that the personals atk or “flames” should be saved. Since “lol, shadowcat got pawn again” I mean this kinf of comment can be saved since is not very mature to start a flaming war when is not needed, but hey that’s your opinion and I’ve to repect that as I’d like to you respect mine. Im just saying if you have that kind of comment to myself just save it.



    • Only starting to communicate the problems and misunderstanding can be solved. This is an avatar world so most of the time it is a fake one, but as long as we can distinguish what is the real world and what is the virtual world is should be fine.

      As for flame, there is not legally term to define it and no punishment.And besides here, we talk about avatars. I guess Chick666 can answer you. Maybe she/he post it like irony.

    • what information you clear ocelot? a hacker post on a website that he hacked your account. why to post under my account name from 9d? i am not so stupid. i will be hunt if i do it.i sow how they do it with the people who stand against them. i know too much infos :).

  9. I for one don’t think that the little underlings of Acclame (mods, vgm’s) get anything out of it (coins, ban favours or so on). I mean there really is no need to offer them anything besides the power they have over a “regular” player. An analogy with the situation of the traffic cops into Romania comes to mind. While in US the comissioner punishes an officer by sending him to “dirrect traffic”, here the traffic cops are soooo full of themselves and consider to be Gods only because they graduated a lousy 2 year post highschool training and they have the law and the uniform on their side.

    It is a know fact that vgm’s/mods don’t have a great gaming experience in 9d, as they can’t for example to have the time to both know the game/grind to high lvls and to do their “jobs”. That creates a contradiction, as in order to serve&protect the community they must have extensive knowledge about the game.

    Anyway, in regards to margeman, is enough you read the comments he made here:
    to have an ideea of how his neuron works. 😛

  10. For me, OP is right when speaks about the power and hunting of players. On 9d forum every day is war. War between the ‘troll’ team and community of players is going deeper.Now, the troll team is bigger and you have to know how to get even with so many people.We need moderators, not the ones we have now, but not VGMs. Why we have PAB? VGMs double the PAB. PAB is buried for good. To make structure over structure is bad.

    drakenfyre75 fails to make her job and with her superiority airs only makes players unhappy and makes them go far away from the forum. I quit already to write on forum, it is useless. When you say what you belive, you get deleted or locked.drakenfyre75 makes the dirty job to clear up the forum for Historian. What he don’t like, she deletes or locked. Now she is already like a robot, makes it from her own will.

  11. By drakenfyre75:
    “You all claim that youy can do a better job at doing this, but surprise suprise not a single one of you has even talked to me or Acclaim Acid about being a Mod”

    Well, that’s what I call a lier. I think I can do a better job as moderator than the most of them, and I already sent an application to draken. But “surprise surprise” she never answered me.

    Why not? That’s very easy… I don’t like how especially the moderators talk to the community sometimes. And they know very well, if I would be a moderator I would help the community more than Acclaim, at least until Acclaim does a better job. And the last thing they want is an official war between two moderators about the community.

    “Surprise surprise”…

    • players who comment against Acclaim are disqualified from the start. maybe we need to write to discrimination authority, you never know what we will find 🙂

  12. I think Acclaim don’t need people who wants to do something for the community, but people who are willing to ‘take their side’ and do what they told them to do.

    Maybe community needs to elect their own spokesmen in the jobs like moderators, VGM’s. If Acclaim open a democratic election, I am sure things would be different.

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