Manipulative shortcuts on 9D board


To start with, this is my first post in here. I will try my best not to disapoint the hard work before me.

Let me ask you a question – and I want you to try answer it.  So… How many eyes does a man have on his face? How many on 10  faces?If you think like most people  the answer will be “2” and “20”, the first answer is correct, and the second  is wrong. This  is call a shortcut, one of simple ones, called conditioning by association. 1 man – 2 eyes on a facec . 10 faces … And then some smart … guy or girl came and built a trap.

Anyway, where is a manipulation on 9D boards?

Think .

What does a normal man (girl) do? What? Staying on a internet board lots of time?! Get out!

There are few types of mental shortcuts, some of them can be created (we show a nice ‘face’ to the community -‘Acclaim’s goal is to create a fun and safe environment to play our games.’ ), while ‘violating any of these rules could mean the temporary banning or permanent banning of your account(s) across all of our games and forums. In your mind. Installed by Acclaim and ready to be used. Will go like this : our rules- me, the customer- net, all people place. But, the slogan “customer is king” or “customer is god” or “the customer is always right” indicate the importance of customers to businesses. Why not adjust the rules after the customer ?

So-called reciprocation rule

Works like this : “if someone does you a favor, you owe him a favor in return”. This is a “preinstalled” rule, which means you learned it when you were a child. Something like “always return favors, or people will dislike you”. A very powerful belief that almost no one questions.

And of course, it can be used to manipulate people. Have you tried to moderate for free a forum? Wait a second! Acclaim  just gave you a job to do it for free – it can be qualified as a favor! What can you do in return? Job free, favour?  You think you do  a favour and it is your free time ? What you get in return ? The power to control the community ? That is a manipulative power, but you must be smart to use it. From your point is free, from Acclaim point is free so where is the deal?

The deal is that Acclaim will never use smart people to control the community. Will use only people who can be control and manipulate for their own purpose. For example, in the links above, we have BluFlash answer (topic closed) and moderators answers ( margeman2k3, drakenfyre75, darkfiregoth ).

They are very similar, no personal stamp in it. I would speak about generalization, deletion and distortion by now. Now, compare this:

“Would you like to have fun playing a game for ..$. money?”

To this:

Would you like to try this free game? (It is not polite to decline, right?) And then – “Would you like to keep it alive by buying coins and play by our rules?” (by saying “no” you will refuse to return a favor).

By the way, the “rule” does not mention the size of a favor. Should I do same amount of “good” in return? Not necessarily. So it is possible to do a small favor and to ask for a big one in return. Just like this one:

Hi, I would like to present  our 9D board ( GD, PHP, SS, Off-topic…)

Thank you, I do not…

No, no, please look at it…

Ok… Thanks…

Would you consider playing by our rules and don’t post nothing bad against us, even yours thinking is against us… What waits for you? A hell of locking, deleting?

How can you censor people minds? It is against a free mind principle.Why you delete his/her topic when he/she put so much effort to write it ? A new manipulative tehnique? Delete or locking for not trying again ? This is a shortcut for a weak mind.

now comes the important part – we usually do not realize that we are using shortcuts. We just do them. Automatically. No thinking involved. Of course it makes us vulnerable.
Don’t take me wrong. We need shortcuts. They are very valuable. They help us to make decisions fast, and with minimum efforts
The important part – we usually do not realize that we are using shortcuts. We just do them. Automatically. No thinking involved. Of course it makes us vulnerable.. They help us to make decisions fast, and with minimum efforts. But, don’t let them use it for you…you willl be a doll.So, dear friends, locking, deleting, posting from many accounts are just shortcuts used for manipulative meanings. Don’t let them get you : rolf!


18 responses to “Manipulative shortcuts on 9D board

  1. wow, first to comment.
    you did a great job in writing it.

    (( I thought Mods are volunteer? )) i sow that quite often in anti-Acclaim posts. why they always posts from other accounts to leave a lame reply ?


    ((moderating also doesn’t mean going back and having to edit other players posts ))

    really? job of moderators should be defined clearly. in many topics has been seen that they influence the opinion or they try to make the opinion where as they should only run the show .if they have such desire to write then they should quit the job.

    draken should locate ocelot posts and cut it xD.long time no posts from that account.

    manipulation works as charm. lie is a part of the team work.

    a VGM lies that he was in Hawaii. what a team!


      Looks someone already post my thoughts on 9D boards. All I can see in there are small mind tweaks from the moderators. They can’t access the level of the post and try do some community work.

      drakenfyre said :
      “I dont quit becuase that wil show that you guys are “right” and that the mods are “wrong” I’ve said before Im here to make your life a hell.”

      That sounds like a 12 years old anime reply. The right one is*I’m Here To Make Your Life A Living Hell*.

      drakenfyre said :
      “that “so-called’ blog that is nothng more than a witch hunt of the VGM’s and Mods”

      Day after day it is spreading and they become smaller. That is a typical reaction of the weak ones. The challenge posts were all lock or delete. This time is different. On this blog people have the power to think different, to think for them.

      Oh ya Chick, manipulation works as a charm. The team work closed the topic as always.

  2. no nice words for mods? why? they do great work from time to time.let’s not forget that. i don’t like the locks or delete of posts, but players makes mistakes. life is not easy for them.

    love warda. she was a nice moderator. the best till now. some moderators should look on her posts and try to do the same.

    peace…shake hands.

    • warda was eaten alive by those hyenas. she had enough.
      players makes mistakes when they are push to make them.
      BluFlash has a big part of guilt on how mods acts facing comm.

  3. Why those topics are near anime ones ?
    Magicl Girl Lyrical Nanoha
    wats your favorite anime?
    Anime experts look here >.<
    Kakashi gaiden ( only fo Naruto Fans)
    What they try to hide ? Oh common… General Debate subjects moved to Off-topic. Strange no? Good-bye posts are off-topic. Stupidity or manipulation?

    I agree with you Chick666. BF has a big part on how they do things on 9D boards.

    "The deal is that Acclaim will never use smart people to control the community. Will use only people who can be control and manipulate for their own purpose."

    Good to reflect.

  4. i see some trolls there

    drakenfyre give me your position. i am much better than you. you want give us hell ? Paradise rings a bell ? you have too much arroganc3e. everyone can be replace, no big deal.

    as people said, we don’t need to speak with Acid about mods job. we all see how lousy you do that job. look in a mirror and see how you are. than see how warda was. ………………………….1% of nothing.

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