Mods, the bugs in the system

15_07_2009_0456432001247643689_mario-wibisonoWith moderators using fake names as avatars, handles and screen names, you do not even know the source of the information they provide,  or their credentials or experience levels or even they have the legal age to conduct a community. Also it is under suspicious the fact that, in Acclaim TOS, the voluntary are not mention and in rules of conduct the attributes they have are not written. If they are not even worth to mention, what is the reality ? Where they stand ?

Moderators are individuals (or groups of individuals) whose job it is to look after the running of the forums from day to day. They have the power to edit or delete posts and lock, unlock, move, delete and split topics in the forum they moderate. Generally moderators are there to prevent people going off-topic or posting abusive or offensive material.

Question :

Could forum owners be held liable if harassment from moderators occurred?

Yes. The owner could be held responsible if they “incited” the defamatory remarks or if they selectively edit or delete the comments. They do incited in 9Dragons forum from the alternative avatars. Moderators of internet forums are liable for content posted on their sites. Also,  as  Frawley staded : “established case law suggests an employer can be liable for even unauthorized publication of allegations by an employee when that publication occurred in performance of an employee’s authorized acts”.

The fact that the  moderators chose an improper method of performing the job does not shield the owner from liability and certainly this logic can be applied to forum where the owner has encouraged legitimate discussion of reliable businesses.

Ex :

Love the ~facepalm~. Now we have phisical violence on forum and comes from a moderator.

A typical case of alternative avatars which can’t debate :

First reply from Ebisumaru is not even a grammatical answer.

margeman2k3 did not even notice that Ebisumaru is off-topic and post directing the anger. Why he didn’t notice that Ebisumaru answer is spamm? Because he knows who is Ebisumaru and on that ground he let him free.

[VGM] Strider could not hold is back, acording to his past and enforce the reputation card, which has 0 value in a virtual world. In his mind, the player who is against the mods and VGMs system will suffer from bad reputation because as it is obvious in this topic they will try make that image for the player posting from multiple accounts.

The standars are so low, that I put myself a question : they have the legal age to conduct the forum ? As I said they are responsible even they post from alternative  avatars on the webside owners name.

    This is from 9D forum : mods

drakenfyre75 [Head Moderator]
smoothru ,coolmanx2 ,seeannuhh ,darkfiregoth ,margeman2k3, raprapper713

Now use the search button on each forum and see the contribution they made. In most of the cases, the weapon used to enforce something : the alternative avatars, the ~off-topic~ argument, ~you attack me~ ( lock, delete), even you attack the ideas, the RofC spamming, which is vague, because spamm is not even define in RofC.

Questions : Are this people in their right mind to conduct a community? The coalition agains players (multiple accounts from same mod, VGM, the alternative) is a social online virtual phenomen of the weak minds? Is Acclaim hold responsible for their behavoir? Having no know legal base ( we don’t know the background), they can be held responsible in the Court of Law?


18 responses to “Mods, the bugs in the system

  1. Hit the jack pot. Myself belive mods are under legal age.My eye side sow the ‘weak’ minds of them in many topics. Someone should make them pay for the mean of force threat of players.We pay Acclaim money on mall,Acclaim must have educated ‘personnel’ to answer us, not some kids who sicks revenge.

    I wish to see them in a Court to answer ‘ Le juge’. They need alienist ‘cure’.

  2. Are this people in their right mind to conduct a community? NO

    The coalition agains players (multiple accounts from same mod, VGM, the alternative) is a social online virtual phenomen of the weak minds?YES

    Is Acclaim hold responsible for their behavoir?YES

    and another thing : margeman2k3 wants drakenfyre75 place. he said to someone close to him.

  3. Lol. I got another one, bwuhaha.He was hacked and help by his friends mods.He was the only one left to post about his ban on forum. The others rubrics from players were locked.

  4. I’m shocked to read how someone can carry out “phisical violence” on forums in a virtual world consisting of Bit & Bytes, Nulls and Ones.
    I’m scared …

    • Because avatars on forum don’t have live gestures, that does not mean that those gesture can’t take other form.

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  6. Why would marge need to post from an alt to insult you?

    We can all do it from anywhere.

    As for facepalm, that’s an action of taking ones own palm and hitting into ones own face, out of sheer amazment at your stupidity. Sort of like an act of disbelief.

    As for your arguement about what deserves a lock and what deserves a deletion, this may suprise you when I inform you that I won that fight months ago. The Mods and Acclaim staff are reveiwing the entire rules currently(slowly because a lot of debates are occuring) and when it’s finished they will update everything, so your constant I need love posts are retarted.

    The only time a mod has overstepped his bounds it was ME that backed YOU up, and called smoothru out on his overstepping. I also reported him to draken and then he took a vacation afterwards. So clearly you have some kinda mixed up idea as to what is actually happening on the forums.

    • Let’s start. Read again my post. It is not about X person in essence. It is about the way they do things. If it was in a post where I reply, I analize it. There are X topics in same manner.

      I hope the change will be good for the community and not only words, but facts also.

      Why do you think that I need a back-up? Did I ask you to do that? I don’t need special treatment. And I don’t like to own things to nowbody, so you should post who are you.

  7. very interesting comment from Your a moron : mods can take a part? … heck even a monkey can run a better site than them.

    smoothru is one of the old players.he play since beta.he and sakura were GM helpers in game. you sure you say the true? smoothru is very childish, i know…

    if you haven’t noticed, the moderators added the “intangible” crap to the rules.

  8. Why don’t gave kids what they want ? Toys…Seems they don’t want to understand. I found on internet some words for that job :

    Staff Powers and Responsibilities

    A. Powers

    A moderator is allowed to use the powers allowed in their account to the full extent necessary. Using your powers in ways detrimental to the board, unfairly harmful to a member, or breaking the rules while using your power is an abuse of power. Being able to see Invisible members online or the ability to ban people within reason is NOT abuse of power. Banning for no reason or for personal conflicts can be abuse of power. If a staff member is found to be abusing power, they will be issued either a warning, a strike, be put on probation as a staff member, or lose their position all together.

    B. Confidential Information

    Information and discussion posted in private staff discussion forums is to REMAIN confidential. It is posted in private staff areas for a reason. Staff is NOT having parties or gossipping about other members behind the members’ backs. They discuss such things as board issues and what to do about policies. Any staff member found to be leaking information will be issued either a warning, a strike, be put on probation as a staff member, or lose their position all together.

    C. Responsibilities

    If you are on the staff, you are expected to do your part. If there is an issue in your section of the board, please deal with it. If assistance is needed, notify another staff member and ask for help. If you are not willing to do your job, there is no reason for you to be on staff.

    Where is that on 9d forum? We don’t know what they do. In the quote topic is clear as day they have something personal with a player.

    Above all, since this is a volunteer , a moderator should enjoy helping people. Having fun and enjoying what you do is a requirement.

  9. When you have the power, you need to take the responsability. The internet boards are a public place so everything you do or done can turn against you in a minute.

  10. If you don’t like how the forums are run, why don’t you just leave the forums and create your own so that you can do what you feel like doing. Cause all you are doing is making grief for everyone else!

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