[VGM]Savage & [VGM]Olix the romanian duo from Nirvana

jade_empire_zeng_120x90By and large power struggles are a result of a X avatar to attempt to satisfy an unmet need.  VGM’s who feel a sense of power and control, are making progress toward their goals, are supported by the Acclaim have avenues to share concerns, and are given choices and not backed into corners by harsh directives will be much less likely to feel the need to engage Acclaim in a power struggle.

[VGM]Savage on Asura server aka xpuffyx (his alternative avatar from forum) or [RO]Zsolti(erased due nuker fault…?) from Nirvana and  [VGM]Olix aka lantza (his alternative avatar on forum, the romanian translate manager – wonder if Acclaim give him this job to get some coins for his efforts as VGM ) or aka adrian123 from Nirvana.

This duo, in the power struggle, in genere and in private (who can put down sed avatar, showing some gratitude to their owner)  put a “nice show” in some of my posts from the forum, beeing a littel drow to the ege when I said I can’t “stand the stupidiy”. But that show had one purpose only : “my amusement”. adrian123 even post it from 2 characters  : VGM Olix and lantza. Multiple posts from same person ? It is that fair for the players on forum ? Why they are allow to post from 2 avatars? When a players do the same, it is  against the rules and so on, maybe, can be banned.Yet when comes to the official team, no rules apply.

[VGM]Savage with his xpuffyx avatar continue his personal attacks over my avatar ( I answer in same manner), till I got this :


Btw  [VGM]Savage got a warn from mage or no on his alternative? I guess not…

My answer :


That moderator deleted the post so no more evidence . Poor of them, enter the power struggle with no real weapons, except the gossips. The funny thing was that some of my posts on forum, a player from Nirvana pm on Bardo : sed, you know [VGM]Savage said that  [VGM] Strider “put you on your place” at last webinar & so on. “Laugh”…that guy never spoke to me on webinar. The last webinar was quite a nice show yet was not posted to see who gossips. I recorded also.

Advice : quickly move it into a private, one-to-one interaction.  A public stage will put the avatars in a position where they must defend their image, and put you in a position that you feel the need to demonstrate your power…

Now, you can imagine the connection between the power struggle in the leagues (Nirvana) from those 2 characters.You can start click ~connect~ and talk about it in comments.[VGM]Savage is from PoB alliance and [VGM]Olix from Ethernal Legion.

88 responses to “[VGM]Savage & [VGM]Olix the romanian duo from Nirvana

  1. The conspiration will be revealed.How can I give my avatar more power in this situation? should those VGMs ask. Now will be an endless battle for regain what they lost : their power as VGMs.In this moment, when their avatars were reveal they have nothing left.All players community will point on them and will know the reason behind their avatars and their reply on forum, or topics.

    Power struggles often feel like someone has to win and someone has to lose. A win-win solution is where each party comes away feeling like they got what they wanted. Getting to win-win takes negotiation.

    All VGMs identity will be expose or wi negotiation? I want to find out.

  2. This indeed is the case and, more precisely, examine when fairness is an important determinant of human reactions and when it is less significant. To this end I explore what players’s reactions to perceived fairness and argue that although the mask off has reported effects of fairness perceptions on player’s affective feelings. A close examination of the literature shows that these reactions appear less frequently and less strong than one would expect. It is proposed here that this has to do with the neglect in the social psychology of “mask off” of an important determinant of affective reactions: individuals’ propensity to react strongly or mildly toward affect-related events.

    The struggle in those 2 will never end from this day. The reaction of the community will be other now, since those two avatars reply on 9Dragons forum on command and under other identity.

  3. Your logic is flawed. Perhaps you should focus on your own failing power struggle instead of wreaking havoc amongst others.

    • If you have some evidence please share it. If not please rephrase from direct logic deduction. I don’t fight for power, I fight for the truth.

      • You say you fight for the truth. Yet the information you did have and now have are false. Your mob of supporters think they are helping you. In truth, they are only hurting your campaign for “the truth” and you will, if not already, look like a fool.

        Your revolution has not already just begun, but it is already over.

  4. Hey Sed,

    I think it’s not right to post or bring our league (PoB) into your war with VGMs/GMs. Noone in our league has knowledge of VGM Savage nor get any favor from him. So please don’t pull our league into this conflict. Also, Puffy has left our league.


    MoSai (LM of PoB)

    • MoSai, get some facts about your leagues mates. I will tell you this : [RO]Puffy is from xpuffyx account and [RO]Zsolt is from incr3dibl3.His gf is Timicike.I hope this help you. I don’t want to drag your league in a conflict,because I know how hard is to build a strong league, yet those are the facts. I don’t say you get any favour from him, he plays on 2 sides.

      And btw I will not tell more about his real life because it is not my right, I just write about 9D avatar life.

      • Well, first I really don’t care much if Puffy is VGM or not. Also, Puffy was only our member for around 2 weeks or so. The fact when you mentioned him and my league sounds like he has been fighting or giving advantages for PoB HL. Since this is personal war between Puffy and you, all I ask is not to mention our league in this conflict. Thanks.


      • MoSai, sounds Puffy was in 2 boats. That was the only point out of this. I didn’t said he gave any advantages for your league.Did I write that? Your league was mention just because he was there…and as many knows why. You were attack on 9D forum because of your virtual connections and you should guess who attack you and what for.

        What do you thing he did for 2 weeks in your league? Why he was there?

        And btw it is nothing personal between me and him, I don’t take nothing personal on a virtual community. I like to observe how they put up a show and who is behind that show.

        Last, as I said, that should be talk in comments.

    • I am talking about the 9D avatars life and the power struggle, how low they go to get something and what should be the motivations to do that, how 9D become their real world.

      The point : read ~ABOUT THE BLOG~ section.

  5. Great post.

    Please send me a mail to the e-mail I post it here. I have some great info about mist, draken, ocelot account, Strider, others VGMs and many from Nirvana.

    Ex VGM

  6. Great job! they think just becuase they are VGM they have power over us! I’m glad you show them they are nothing. I have a really nice information about mods too and their “atls”.

    Send me an email to give you the info.


  7. Wow , you guys know it’s just a game right ?
    You take all this to serios this aint real life
    and we aint politicians , jeez .

    • We are players…connect in many ways. It is a game, but when you play it, you connect with others and some way that connection change something in the general perspective of an avatar.Who is that avatar? What he wants? Why he reply like that? What is his back-ground?What is his motivations? It is a circle of connections.

      Just as a joke, prostitution and politics are the ancient jobs of all people 🙂

  8. wow that’s funny ~ur the one who takes it serios~
    it’s just a game idk whats the advantage to you
    and first of all i see u got nice infos from devil ..
    Heres the fact for you as mosai told u i dont see the
    need to involve people who have no clue about what ur
    talking about and i don’t see who or what gives u the
    right to dig in other peoples personal life .

    • Did I put something in this blog about your personal life? I thing no. Just said your gf avatar, nothing more. What gives me the right?


      As for your knowledge I got informations from many players.

  9. lol w/e it don’t mater , it’s just a game ..

    i don’t see the point in all this .

    This is just an act of weak people who try to act

    smart and fail by tryen.

  10. “MoSai, sounds Puffy was in 2 boats. That was the only point out of this. I didn’t said he gave any advantages for your league.Did I write that? Your league was mention just because he was there…and as many knows why. You were attack on 9D forum because of your virtual connections and you should guess who attack you and what for.”

    Your previous post : Now, you can imagine the connection between the power struggle in the leagues (Nirvana) from those 2 characters.You can start click ~connect~ and talk about it in comments.[VGM]Savage is from PoB alliance and [VGM]Olix from Ethernal Legion.

    So please do tell me how was is it a power strougle then , u cut ur words by posting another.

    • That is exactly why I put my comments here. You named two leagues that are at war in Nirv, and names of two VGMs belong to the leagues. That will give wrong idea to others. They may think the two VGMs are also involved in the war, and help their league on each side.


      • ‘..in their personal fight they help X or Y inevitable’.. do you have any proof that he’s done that in the two weeks he was in PoB? If he was a long time member, then your statement maybe true. However, for the two weeks as PoB member, I don’t see anything he did help PoB ‘inevitable’ like you said. Please do explain more, and show any proofs that you have.

  11. You know Sed, it’s pretty funny that you keep blocking my comments.

    I must applaud you for that.

  12. Debate,please do define me the word “DEBATE”?And how do you know they help x or y ?
    Any prof of that ? Because all i see there is blur
    words with no back up , or this is a personal
    attack towards the people at hand . If your intellectual matches with the words you speak you should really know that law applies for personal attacks ,or any personal info’s given away to the public
    of any official company by civilians , that you were
    or are a PAB member that don’t give you the right to give out any information/intellect gathered during your time in or within the company or on the project as you must have read it on the rules .
    And it is punishable by law as you know your self about it , and i really don’t see the point of it of getting that personal 🙂

    • Try to read some books on what debate it is. The prof, write to support acclaim for more details. ( hijack this). I am not in PAB… my avatar is not in PAB anymore. On this blog nobody said I have to respect Acclaim rules.Also, it is all about avatars information, no private (individual) informations about the no of house, where he lives, what he do and so on. Your comment only states this : first you said you want some prove, than because you know it is true, you make appeal to my moral integrity and my experience to side with the ~victims~.

  13. Sedbona, doesn’t you censoring posts violate your claim that censoring people from web forums violates their Freedom of Speech?

    • It is not censoring the freedom of speech, it is about manners and some kids who don’t show respect in the way they talk.The posts were” stf, wtf, go fkw and were adress to some comments in here or some avatars”. Have manners and show 6-7 years from the house and you can debate.

      Also the false mails accounts are deleted automate, so don’t post under false mails.

  14. So Sedbona, do you actually have any evidence to support your claims?

    It looks like you’re just blowing smoke…

    Also, you complained that a mod deleted your posts, and now there’s no evidence that you did anything wrong.

    You deleted that guy’s comments, and now there’s no evidence that he was swearing. For all I know, you just deleted them because you didn’t like them.

    • The comments deleted here are supported by swearing. I made a prinscreen before deleting, so if you want them, send me a pm on 9D forum and you can have them. One of them was even post on load-o-meter forum.

      I can back-up why they were deleted or not approve.I don’t tolerate swearings.

      Actually, you mods & VGMs, should learn something from all of this : respect the community which feeds you.Community is not stupid, they can fight back when they are united.

  15. many thanks for the eyes open. i knew they use lots of alternative characters on forum, but as i see now they even fight over it. it is crazy what they do to keep their position.puffy posts are most of them pro Acclaim and he even said bed words to some people on forum.why acclaim let them use alternative names? 2 posts from same person are against the rules of conduct.they don’t follow their own rules, why should we do that then?why adrian has 2 roles? 1 of manager of romanian language and VGM? for coins i belive.

    • I belive the alternative avatars is double personality.They see it like a way to control the community, but it is wrong.

  16. Has it occurred to you (or anyone else, for that matter) that respect is not something that is freely given?

    Respect is something that people in this world must earn, and people like you have demonstrated that they have absolutely no respect for those VGMs and mods.

    The question then becomes that of why the mods and VGMs are expected to respect you.
    If you (and a few other people) do not treat them with any respect, then why should they treat you any differently?

    You yourself have demonstrated a complete disregard for all of their rules (in itself an act of disrespect), and complete and total disrespect for everyone associated with acclaim, so what right do you have to demand that you be treated with respect in turn?

    Oh, and you just undermined one of the main points in your post – that there is no evidence. There’s nothing to say that that mod didn’t make a record of your comments.

    PS. The word you’re looking for is “profanity” 😉

    • Respect is…agreeing to disagree. I don’t follow the rules that they broke. Rigts and obligations are for all. Equal treatment to all players, no matter what position are they in. Write to Acclaim about those accounts owners…

      It is sacred-profan. Read Eliade 🙂

  17. some of hot stuffs :
    sakura and smoothru figts over some things
    vivi is behind strider and she is on all servers
    drakenfyre75 is ocelot
    puffy stole items from a friend of mine account
    drakenfyre75 is jelous on warda because warda is all what she is not
    senilian is moderator and the contests on forum, they vote each other accounts to get the I th place
    smoothru is Ebisumaru
    strider can log aimee1982 and a340captain account
    they all have slaves to level their game characters

    more will come

  18. I will not reveal my identity from official team, but all what OP said in this rubric is true. I am on players side so I will say that many abuse their power and talk to GMS to help their friends.They show a lot of hate when comes to people who oppose them.They are 16 years above, that is why they act like that.

    Now it is on the wave that BLuFlash will be fired.

    Someone who cares about 9Dragons

    • Time will say if BluFlash gets fired.But it is nice too see that some members from official team are on community of players side.Respects to those!

      S Pirus, S.Nick and papa or whatever. You post from 4 avatars on same IP (you give reply one to others…what a big degradation). Comments are mask as spamm.

  19. sed said it in your face official nabys XD
    we all know what is going on behind Acclaim close doors
    we know how you all steal from players and get cover up
    we know you get free coins
    we know you help yours friends
    we know you farm moneys from VGM characters
    we know you use first the bugs that players report you
    we know you shared accounts
    we know how your true face looks like
    revolution XD!

    clap hands for sed!

    • As I said it on other forum, the official team enter in this matrix : “You may not organize nor be a member of any guilds or groups within the Acclaim’s games that are based on, or espouse, any racist, sexist, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-homosexual, or any other philosophy deemed to be hate-mongering “. They have their own philosophy deemed on guess what…

  20. lol am I drakenfyre75?? Chick666 …? and butterfly what do i have to do with the vgms or the mods? that you have information about my acc? I think the only ppl that should have that information is me and acclaim since they have all the information of everyone.
    And how did I get involved in this ? since this is just about made up informations -_-“

  21. I’m not sure which is more hilarious.
    The poor attempts at “revealing the truth!!” that fall extremely short of coming even close, or that so many morons actually believe it as facts.

    Thanks for the good laughs and please do keep them coming.

    • The more funny thing is the fact that you have no authority to say what is the true. Maybe if you would post and official Acclaim reply that those accunts are not related at all, it would be a beginning.Till than I laugh more than you…

  22. lol yeah i read it all over 😛
    It’s to funny to see what people wont do to get some
    attencione to them selves 😀

    • It is funny how many posts you did to try defend yourself, because you are Puffy. If I need attention, why you post in here? You should ignore it…

  23. cool your well informed huh nice lmao .

    1.How do you know im any one the people mentioned ?
    2.What makes you so sure that the u sayed is true ?
    3.If you state some thing you got to have prof ..
    witch is not your case,just blure words 😉
    4.Why do you lie to your self , read over your posts
    you cut your word with another .
    5.If you so hate the game why not just quit ?
    I doubt any one reasenoble will miss you 😛
    6.Whats was the point of this again ? O_o”

    But please do continue your making my days better
    never had so much laugh . 😀

    • I will cut it simple to you, without scientific explanation : every single thing you have done and write is a proof. You are those persons, you can’t prove other way also. Your posts is not appropiate to comment on high level, but you go from personal things to general things ” your fear is about to reveal : you say to me to leave the game…why, because I reveal it ?your anxiety is show in your words one by one, puting some sentence to the ege of simplicity. Your sentence ” doubt anyone will miss you”… is is poor in content and logic, also can’t even shake one muscle on my head. You need to raise up the level to debate it.

  24. zsolti it is very clear you are Puffy.even I a small and humble reader know it.why? sometimes people are put in some equationsyou can be clear in the one of the guilty one.your words betray that kind of behavoir.

    you will laugh even harder when you realise you spend some quality time over a game and all your life is this game. to say in short way : AI factor made fun of you, showing your guilty behavoir and proove the fact you are those avatars.

    this is exciting material

    • I think Vennus refears to guilt psychology and external approval. Your setences show some patterns of your personality. Base on those patterns can say something about the he/she behind the avatar.

    • you are a guys with no study as i understand from your words.what is so hard to put some words in a context and make some brain connections? i belive your brain is at the level where you seek aproval. in your words equations you are guild through dissaproval.

    • i express my ideas according to your words post on the comment.you already jump to another extreme, which only rely on the feeling you are unbalance.

      that is a conclusion you said yourself : you are stupid.but some people may say to read it is not stupid.so you are in a big dillema : which of the two equations will come in hand : how stupid you are or you are stupid because you read.

      now you can’t choose from two. that is where you are stupid or not.

  25. To answere your questions , yes i think i’m stupid just for 1 simple reason … simply for reading this post .

  26. Owned in what don’t make me laugh who losse what and who win what ? C’mon ..let’s get real a sec …this is not politics and it’s just a game but i see you people take it far more seriose then it actually is,and talk about low life huh , funny you 😛

    • I belive she just spoke on your language. From your posts I see you took it more far than it should be. You can’t stop don’t you?

  27. How about answereing to the question sed then stop : Who losses what and who gains what from all this non-sense ? There must be a cause and effect to all this.

    • I have nothing to loose.Who gains? The community of players.There is no cause and effect to this. It is pure observations and the facts from the eyes of an avatar.

      • Its just all false allegations.
        Get your real proof pls.

        *ordering a real life for Bones*

    • concerned citizen i know your life sucks big time
      your comment just prove it
      false allegations ? you? biensur.
      what it is in for you?
      another mr right
      i am sick of it

  28. Vennus,

    If you are sick of it pls dont read my comments. Im just trying to tell Bonesy thats shes taking it a little to far and to serious. You also btw…..

    I think you and Bones are probably friends.

    *ordering real life for Vennus*

  29. i am not her friend, i know her from forum
    as i told you, before looking in others garden, look at you in the mirror.
    it is not mine or yours business what she do
    my job is this life in case you don’t know it

  30. So, if you give so much importance to what is played on the world and what happens in reality …. you wrong about everything you have written, primarily if you get any personal information you don’t have the right to post it and if you do then you can have problems whit the law and think about how stupid is to wast your time like this.

    Sincerely. Tavi

    • Think how stupid was for you to read the stupidity of my words. Ain’t this funny ? You also lost your time.


      • Well, Sed, i respect you because you did many good things for us (9D comunity).. but you are sure that the information obtained is true 100% ..? you can get incorrect information…
        Sorry I have not had time to access ur blog …just today
        I’m upset because it’s hard to believe what I read..:(
        maybe is just another Acclaim lost game, i dont know,
        I think that some lose their identity in virtual life…
        If that Mr Der Generale is someone who cares about 9Dragons why he does nothing? Why support them?
        I expect change, I hope TheHermit, Raven and others in the team (who can really care about 9D) will make significant changes , until then .. im out

      • Yes, the informations are true and are confirmed by many players and some of the official team members and some of the ex official team members.

        I also belive in TheHermit and his power to do betters things for this game. In this virtual reality, people have many faces and makes a lot of stupid actions. I just want to discover that and use it that in the future will not repeat it.

  31. Every investigation has rules and law. I know what can I do and what I can’t. If someone testify or it is a written evidence , than we can go on. And ofc there is one.

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