Nirvana, power struggle

-_+°ŢvŢŢThe greatest asset we have in human existence is our soul growth, but somehow we have that confused with becoming powerful.The struggle for power is a main characteristic in basically all of our actions.In many instances as we can see on 9D forum, cooperation between those people involved in communication with players ( especially the official team) tends to exist as a power struggle, in terms of who will succeed in gaining control or domination over the other person in order to meet their own needs or requirements.

Nirvana server…not the most populated server, yet the first one, where all begins. Most of the official team plays on Nirvana server or have the roots in there. Besides the forum, VGM fight over power, there are the leagues fights. Beeing humans, the official crew makes mistakes in the helping of the leagues they are in or their friends, taking the fight over power in a personal way. The ones who suffer in all the fights are the players. The cases under observation :

-big actors :community manager, GM’s, moderators, VGM’s

– small actors : the alternative characters & friends

– the ones who enjoy the show : players

Have you ever wondered why  Acclaim need to control the community? If this is the case, why players from community in official team try this in the first place? Are they trying to prove something to themselves, in order to fill the gap of something that is lacking? Perhaps they need that extra confidence that they think they are achieving when they are in control of someone else’s AVATAR, making him or her feel insecure as a result of that domination.

The fight from Nirvana goes on others servers and the connotations and relations between avatars are quite a show. But that fight is full of discriminations from others servers point of view.

Next : the show over power and the connections.


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