Human, as lawyerlike entity (II)

In online communitys, we as lawyerlike entity are coerced by rules and TOS. Even, so, rules have the power to assuage the comunity not to enforce the law measures. Rules can become law when all the democracy procedure are apply, if not they are just the creator power to enforce his will. Because he ( the entity who owns the online community) owns it, he is entitle to enforce his own rules ? I own everything so behave by the rules or get out ! Sounds like dictatorship. Yes, it is in some ways, yet lucky outside the computer we have real world system who deals with virtual world also.

Communincating with Acclaim
When communicatin with Acclaim, the use of profanity, threats or harassment of any kind can result in the immediate and permenant ban of your accounts. Sending excessive amounts of email to Support or the Petition Team, will slow down the process. If you have sent an email and you recieved a reply, then we are working on your issue and we will be in touch with you within the time frames we have specified. ( 9dragons rules)

We have the terms “profanity”, “threats”, “harassment”, yet we don’t have the explanation. Threats, what kind of threats? Life one or just “you act childish, so give me back my account if not I sue you”. I would say this situation is only moral. We don’t have laws to protect the morality. It is like, I get a quarrel with X persoan and I say to him  ” child”, “stupid”, “idiot”, “low IQ”. What I have done now? I insult the person. Insult it is not punish by the law, only if the action will go far, ” I take a weapon and point to the person and say : You idiot, you will pay with your life and maybe fire or not…” How can you do this in a mail?  

A player needs to reply to GM / VGM / Mod
You should always try to respond a GM /VGM / Mod when in game. If your character is investigated for issues like AFK leveling, exploits, botting and any other rules of conduct issues and you do not respond your account may be banned.
(9dragons rules)

This has a big flow. VGM can take revenge on X player.Also we don’t know what juridical capacity they have. How Acclaim protects the players from a 13,14,15,16,17 years old VGM for example ? Can he/she decide what is exploits when he/she does not even know that notion, he/she don’t even have juridical capacity.They can lie when they are levied by Acclaim. I don’t doubt the GM because they have labour contract, so you need certain age to labour, but someone who offers voluntary and nowbody know his real identity/age is under doubt.Also if the voluntary contracts are legal, sign by a public notary they can be show to public. Where is the sentence in rules, that I, as player I can ask to see the contracts of them ( if they track me) to feel protected to my intimacy and privacy. Can Acclaim really give on their hands my account informations and IP?

– IP Address : Each and every time you log on your IP address will be collected in order to protect you in case someone other than you is using your account. We provide the IP Address to our advertising partners.(Acclaim PP)

Also, Acclaim give on the hands of the moderators and maybe others partys, on forum the IPs of players, yet on TOS is not write that.  CDA explicitly exempts intellectual property claims from immunity protection. Where is the “Bill of Rights” to my IP privacy?  I should be informed if someone see my IP, I should be able to turn the view  function of IP on and off, I should be able to give explicit permission for moderators to see my IP, I should own my IP information and I should be able to access records of who has been tracking my IP,  when, and how.


3 responses to “Human, as lawyerlike entity (II)

  1. Basic is like this :
    *The majority of MMO players are more interested in social rules than game rules.
    *MMO designers, in the interest of making money, loosen those rules.
    *The majority of MMO players are happier, Designers make more money

    The majority of the players simply disagree with the idea of the “right way” to play the game.A difference between the game rules and the social rules is that the game rules are the same for every one and the social rules are not.But, the game rules seem to have few protectors and fun rules seem to have lots.

    Why should I have compromised?

    • Well, rulers don’t like the game rules?Eliminate those rules. Rules can be change in 1 click, law in many days and after many debates.

  2. Once you go to internet, you will face the privacy problem.But do something is at least better than do nothing.A contract between the gamer seller and purchaser is probably enforceable. The tougher question is whether the contract between the gaming company and the gamer can negate the gamer’s rights in what is clearly valuable online privacy.

    Account informations and IP management should go strictly to Acclaim employes.

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