9Dragons, free kung fu realm

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This free-to-play game and his community started with ”all is kung fu fighting”. “Nine Dragons” refers to the lost heroes of each of 9 clans, as Steven-Elliot Altman, the lead writer and loremaster of 9Dragons said. 9D tend to be  the first authentic martial arts massively multiplayer online game, adapting for Western audience after a korean version. The story, the heroes, the clans, the images shines a lot, yet the ”cultural island” based on the community of players offers a lot of struggles. In my upcoming posts I will study the ”island” based on the rules of game, values and believes.


4 responses to “9Dragons, free kung fu realm

  1. I’m one of those guys inexplicably sucked into FreeRealms, but I know in the back a big marketing MACHINA that sucks money works. I will look forward for the economy post.

    QM:dragons are pets in the game?

    • 9Dragons has no pets system. Regarding economy issue, mall system ( pay items ) play a big part also.True, free reals are no so ”free”.

  2. I will try out the game role playing in 9Dragons and make a comparison with SEO Free Realms. They hit it big time. SEO game it has been focused group-trialled to boys and girls alike, and it shows.

    9Dragons appeals to more mature public. I percive it like that.

    • 9Dragons is for 13+ and kids need parents parent approve to play it. Most of the kids manifests a lot in game rather on forum community

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